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Thread: [Guide] Essencetapping & Aethertapping

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    Default [Guide] Essencetapping & Aethertapping


    This guide contains almost everything you have to know about Essencetapping and Aethertapping.

    First, to raise your Essencetapping and/or Aethertapping skills you have to gather from objects no lower than 41 points from the actual points you already have; let's say your Essencetapping is at level 6, gathering from objects (plants, fishes, ores, etc) level 1 will raise it up to 42, no more.

    You can tell when an object will or will not give points. If its name is grayed out, you won't receive any points, if it is white, you will, example:

    You will not receive points | You will receive points........
    1. To know where objects are located in the minimap, you can wear the hats that are sold in Sanctum/Pandaemonium by the Essencetapping/Aethertapping Item Sellers.
    2. To upgrade your Aethertapping or Essencetapping skills (Yea, when you are at 99/99, or 299/299, etc. To go to the next level), go talk to the Masters in Sanctum/Pandaemonium.

    Sanctum Pandaemonium Description
    Sabotes Relir Essencetapping Item Seller
    Maire Areke Aethertapping Item Seller
    Cornelius Latatusk Essencetapping Master
    Jhaelas Ustarn Aethertapping Master

    1. Essencetapping Items. Also sells Altare Glass Bottle that is required to gather from some nodes.
    2. Aethertapping Items. Also sells Aether Extractor, required to gather from Magical Aethers and Ancient Aethers.
    3. The max level you can reach is 499 (Lazy NCsoft >_>)
    4. Click on the map's name to see where the objects are located at.


    1~75p: Small Vortex  ~ Verteron, Eltnen
    100~175p: Big Vortex ~ Verteron, Eltnen, Heiron
    200~275p: Shining Vortex ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    300~375p: Burning Vortex ~ Eltnen, Heiron, Inggison
    399~475p: Magical Aether ~ Inggison
    1~75p: Small Vortex ~ Altgard, Morheim
    100~175p: Big Vortex ~ Altgard, Morheim, Beluslan
    200~275p: Shining Vortex ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    300~375p: Burning Vortex ~ Morheim, Beluslan, Gelkmaros
    399~475p: Magical Aether ~ Gelkmaros
    Both Races:
    499p: Ancient Aether ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Ide ~ Katalam, Danaria, Idian Depths

    01p: Inina ~ Verteron
    05p: Cypri ~ Verteron
    10p: Mela ~ Verteron
    15p: Iron Ore ~ Verteron
    20p: Kukuru ~ Verteron
    25p: Ruko Fiber ~ Verteron
    30p: Betua Log ~ Verteron
    35p: Silver Ore ~ Verteron
    40p: Rose Quartz Ore ~ Verteron
    45p: Targena ~ Verteron
    50p: Rubus ~ Verteron
    55p: Liguri ~ Verteron
    60p: Crystal Ore ~ Verteron
    65p: Modida ~ Verteron
    75p: Dado ~ Verteron, Theobomos
    80p: Amethyst Ore ~ Verteron
    85p: Venera ~ Verteron
    90p: Caprauna ~ Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos
    95p: Afari ~ Verteron, Eltnen
    100p: Titanium Ore ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    105p: Lumesia ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    110p: Wiki ~ Eltnen
    120p: Rubashi ~ Eltnen
    130p: Lapia ~ Eltnen
    140p: Koa Log ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    145p: Topaz Ore ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    150p: Fess Fiber ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    155p: Aquamarine Ore ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    160p: Gold Ore ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    165p: Omblic ~ Eltnen
    170p: Umblia ~ Eltnen
    180p: Ruta ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    185p: Zircon Ore ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    190p: Bacora ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    200p: Adamantium Ore ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    210p: Platinum Ore ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    215p: Garnet Ore ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    220p: Meon ~ Eltnen
    225p: Nepeta ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    230p: Pleuro ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    235p: Sobi Fiber ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    240p: Zeyla ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    245p: Lazuli Ore ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    250p: Ulmus Log ~ Eltnen, Theobomos
    260p: Ormea ~ Heiron
    265p: Megrim ~ Heiron
    270p: Amalil ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    280p: Moonstone Ore ~ Eltnen, Heiron
    280p: Triora ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    290p: Esosa ~ Heiron
    300p: Orichalcum Ore ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    305p: Litrea ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    310p: Ferilla ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    315p: Ruby Ore ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    320p: Mithril Ore ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    325p: Tange ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    330p: Zigi ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    335p: Linon Fiber ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    345p: Egrasi Log ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    350p: Sapphire Ore ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    355p: Ervio ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    360p: Burning Orichalcum Ore ~ Theobomos
    365p: Griffonia ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    370p: Burning Mithril Ore ~ Theobomos
    375p: Perer ~ Theobomos, Heiron, Inggison
    380p: Diamond Ore ~ Theobomos, Heiron
    385p: Lunime ~ Theobomos, Heiron, Inggison
    400p: Drenite Ore ~ Inggison
    410p: Lapide ~ Inggison
    415p: Prolix Fiber ~ Inggison
    420p: Turquoise Ore ~ Inggison
    430p: Zeldt ~ Inggison
    435p: Nenana ~ Inggison
    440p: Anevra ~ Inggison
    445p: Plindit ~ Inggison
    450p: Corundum Ore ~ Inggison
    455p: Entrin ~ Inggison
    460p: Malevite Miasma ~ Inggison
    470p: Hintera ~ Inggison
    475p: Feena ~ Inggison
    480p: Nanyu Log ~ Inggison
    485p: Coslu ~ Inggison
    490p: Beshu ~ Inggison
    495p: Elatrite Ore ~ Inggison
    495p: Innesi ~ Inggison
    01p: Conide ~ Altgard
    05p: Pujery ~ Altgard
    10p: Raydam ~ Altgard
    15p: Iron Ore ~ Altgard
    20p: Briga ~ Altgard
    25p: Tikel Fiber ~ Altgard
    30p: Tecoma Log ~ Altgard
    35p: Silver Ore ~ Altgard
    40p: Rose Quartz Ore ~ Altgard
    45p: Kandula ~ Altgard
    50p: Otombliss ~ Altgard
    55p: Krimer ~ Altgard
    60p: Crystal Ore ~ Altgard
    65p: Blueta ~ Altgard
    75p: Horto ~ Altgard
    80p: Amethyst Ore ~ Altgard
    85p: Blicora ~ Altgard, Morheim
    90p: Ringa ~ Altgard
    95p: Kisaki ~ Altgard
    100p: Titanium Ore ~ Morheim
    110p: Wrud Log ~ Morheim
    115p: Gadill ~ Morheim
    120p: Twisp Fiber ~ Morheim
    130p: Theonia ~ Morheim
    135p: Vinna ~ Morheim
    140p: Rabano ~ Morheim
    145p: Topaz Ore ~ Morheim
    150p: Dorado ~ Morheim
    155p: Aquamarine Ore ~ Morheim, Brusthonin
    160p: Gold Ore ~ Morheim
    170p: Hasia ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    180p: Kirka ~ Morheim
    185p: Zircon Ore ~ Morheim
    190p: Chikra ~ Morheim
    200p: Adamantium Ore ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    210p: Platinum Ore ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    215p: Garnet Ore ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    220p: Neunan ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    230p: Rogen ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    240p: Brommel ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    245p: Lazuli Ore ~ Beluslan
    250p: Salix Log ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    255p: Jardine ~ Morheim
    260p: Xilix Fiber ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    270p: Calamot ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    275p: Pressa ~ Morheim, Brusthonin, Beluslan
    280p: Almeha ~ Beluslan
    280p: Moonstone Ore ~ Morheim, Beluslan
    290p: Zeller ~ Morheim, Brusthonin, Beluslan
    300p: Orichalcum Ore ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    305p: Subella ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    310p: Rask ~ Morheim, Brusthonin, Beluslan
    315p: Ruby Ore ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    320p: Mithril Ore ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    325p: Merone ~ Beluslan
    330p: Anathe Fiber ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    335p: Vigen ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    340p: Asvata Log ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    345p: Carpen ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    350p: Sapphire Ore ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    355p: Kukar ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    365p: Grobule ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan
    375p: Cippo ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan, Gelkmaros
    380p: Diamond Ore ~ Beluslan
    390p: Leopis ~ Brusthonin, Beluslan, Gelkmaros
    400p: Drenite Ore ~ Gelkmaros
    410p: Korie Log ~ Gelkmaros
    415p: Poma ~ Gelkmaros
    420p: Turquoise Ore ~ Gelkmaros
    425p: Jurak ~ Gelkmaros
    430p: Manzu ~ Gelkmaros
    430p: Stria ~ Gelkmaros
    440p: Chersnip ~ Gelkmaros
    445p: Plia ~ Gelkmaros
    450p: Corundum Ore ~ Gelkmaros
    460p: Malevite Miasma Ore ~ Gelkmaros
    465p: Gorocle ~ Gelkmaros
    470p: Hoca Fiber ~ Gelkmaros
    480p: Drupa ~ Gelkmaros
    480p: Nokara ~ Gelkmaros
    485p: Liconsis ~ Gelkmaros
    490p: Ralloc ~ Gelkmaros
    495p: Elatrite ~ Gelkmaros
    Both Races:
    499p: Katalium ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Anarium ~ Danaria
    499p: Opal ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Nolan ~ Katalam
    499p: Ceramium ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Pirian Log ~ Katalam
    499p: Pakira Log ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Ponica ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Lym ~ Danaria
    499p: Cenna ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Ridal ~ Danaria
    499p: Rava ~ Katalam
    499p: Menthcrem ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Plucar ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Pepento ~ Katalam, Danaria
    499p: Kucien ~ Katalam, Danaria
    Let me know if someone is missing so I add it up here :>
    Amik | Kyrie

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    Great job on this Guilleh! 2 thumbs up up up!

    AMT Bordy / Bordie

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    this is good !!! i used to google this things when i wanted to lvl my essencetapping and aethertapping

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    Good job my niño malo :3

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    Such a nice guide for the first time Aethertappers and Essencetappers. Go for CEO Akemi.

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    guille for promotion D THNX !
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    in ur heart


    nice, good job as always Guille
    would be perfect if u also put the Macro tutorial for lazy person like me xD gonna be helpful for those who would craft new 4.0 pots

    thanks Dimitra for the siggy and avatar <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by tengenemoo View Post
    nice, good job as always Guille
    would be perfect if u also put the Macro tutorial for lazy person like me xD gonna be helpful for those who would craft new 4.0 pots
    Macro tutorial for gathering? xD
    Amik | Kyrie

    A thousand corpses block our way

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    best THREAD gamez.

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    learn from mistakes, that's the way it made ​​us more mature

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    helps a lot hoho

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