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Guide GamezPirates - How to Start

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Illusions, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Instant Leveling
    To start off your journey, see Newbie Guide - Serena for some help. Upon completing the first quest, you will be level 65.

    After this, head off to Class Advancement - Shelly who will advance you to your chosen classes.

    Getting Gold!
    At this point, you may want to check out the Gold Making guide posted (click here)

    Merchants & NPCs
    Pet Store fluffy will have a few goodies available for you!

    Starting Equipment - Anastacia
    Visiting Anastacia will give you access to the starting Lv75 Unsealed Equipment alongside a number of weapons. There are also accessories located around Argent City as well including a set of Necklaces, Sealed 85 Rings and more.

    Blacksmith's Disciple
    At the Blacksmith, you are able to buy your own Refining Gems for 500,000g each or get your chosen set of Normal and Unique Gems for free. Remember there are only two sockets so choose wisely!

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