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Give pearls for seeding the client

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by quietess, May 16, 2018.

  1. quietess

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    Jul 10, 2017
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    Personally I have trouble staying connected overnight, my internet like to DC every few hours due to a weak signal to the street line (live in the middle of the country, so it's a given, called a tech out many times only for them to tell me that there's nothing they can do because my house is very far from the main line). This is unfortunate because when I gain my connection back less than 30 seconds later after my router finishes restarting, my game has already disconnected. So staying on overnight just isn't feasible, and I lose a lot of potential pearls for it.

    So my suggestion is to give pearls for seeding the client, could make a tracker like how the seed to leech ratio sites work, have it connected to your BDO account, except in this case you just give pearls periodically for however long you're seeding to other people. Maybe I would limit it to when the player isn't connected to the game, or now base it on however much GB you can upload, so as to not give people advantages based on how good their internet is. I do DC a lot but I also have 500 mbps upload, so I could be seeding over 50mb/s if there's enough leechers, which could be an unfair advantage to the people who also can't upload that much.

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