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GamezAION [Update] 03/14/2017

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Carl, Mar 14, 2017.

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  1. Carl

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Removed gp loss from guardian event
    - Archdaeva items are no longer destroyed when enchant fails
    - Fixed Idgel Dome instance
    - Fixed an issue with charge Skills
    - Fixed Shield of Vengeance
    - Fixes for arcade upgrade stars
    - Siege times adjusted to better timezone
    - Siege rewards changed to everyone who partipated instead of BG
    - Removed balaur assaults from sieges
    - Updated decomposables
    - Fixed Summon whirlwind / Manifest tornado skill
    - Reduced webshop prices
    - Pet buff fixes
    - Implemented Clouds AI for Iluma and Norsvold
    - Updated npc spawns and stats
    - Fixed npcs combat/flight mode
    - Implemented Creative Points from Quests (80900 to 90819) as rewards
    - Implemented Adma Falls instance (npcs stats, portals + chest, decomposable)
    - Updated portals
    - Fixed Legion search sendlog error
    - Fixed Ice Sheet skill
    - Fixed Mounting Explosion skill
    - DrakenspireDepthsQ instance items exploit fix
    - Updated windstreams
    - Fixed Arena of Harmony
    - Fixed Reroute power skill
    - Fixed BigOrb AI for quests
    - Fixed Quests 30301, 30302
    - Disallow use of expiring items in broker, armsfusion, remodel, private store
    - Fixed Sword Storm
    - Empyrean Aegis fix
    - Class balance changes
    - Legions levelup fix
    - Fixed staggering trap
    - Adjusted mixfight times, map and groups to suit siel/lumiel timezones
    - Updated better mixfight rewards
    - Mix fight rewards now every 10 mins
    - Rift service update
    - Reduced pvp defense for terraskin
    - Fixed an issue for brand
    - Improved FFA top 10 reward
    - Many skill fixes
    - Added .gear playercommand. Usage: .gear list  .gear load  .gear save  .gear delete
    - Fixed Idgel Dome instance
    - Added custom adam fall drops
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