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Cannot retune Sauro Spellbook

Discussion in 'AION Bug Reports' started by Theprior, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. Theprior

    Theprior New Member

    Oct 26, 2011
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    Bug Name:
    Cannot retune Sauro Spellbook
    Bug Description:
    On Monday I claimed a Sauro Commander's Spellbook from Sauro Supply Base. I have not enchanted it, not socketed it with any manastones, and have waited until the Temporary Trade Timer has expired. I am since unable to retune the spellbook to try and get 6 manastone slots - it says "Sauro Commander's Spellbook cannot be retuned". I purchased the Tochiro Mythic weapon retuning scroll here: https://gamezaion.com/page/shop/item/id/166200019
    This is the 'first' attempt at retuning so I have not ran out of retuning attempts. I have tried waiting a few days and logging out/back in but still cannot retune this item.
    How to reproduce/proof:
    I don't have a screenshot, I can grab one later if required.

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