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[EU] Roleplayers Union - RP, PvE, Casual RP, AFKing and Life Skilling

Discussion in 'Black Desert Guild Hall' started by LilVentris, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. LilVentris

    LilVentris New Member

    Sep 29, 2020
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    The Roleplayers Union - Allies Welcome!
    Made out of a desire to find and connect Roleplayers Across GamezBDO EU. The Roleplayers Union was born. Black Desert Online is a fantastic, immersive world with plenty of beautiful landscapes to explore. With the ability to travel oceans, deserts, fields, marshes, forests and more! Gamezbdo offers those who may not have the time to enjoy and take in the world at its best The Rolerplayers Union is a fresh new guild with the aspirations to breath life into the world of Gamezbdo.

    Dedicated Channel 2 as our "RP Channel" and having an option to join discord with private 5 man RP rooms. Being able to choose whether or not you are interested in ERP or Non-ERP allowing those who have the desire to play the option and those who don't a clear indicator that you do not.

    Our discord invite can be found here: https://discord.gg/ZBXDEjN

    What have you unlocked?
    Not much currently, This is a new Guild. We are just getting things setup. I am in the process of creating a Guild Logo as well that will be best suited to our Guild. Something that symbolizes the Union of Roleplayers that reflects the creativity and thought of each member. I'm working on it. It may end up being a Guild decision since nothing should only be decided by the Guild Leader in a community home.

    Who are we open too?
    If you are new to RP that is alright, it is understood that you may not be used to what is acceptable and what isn't, we will be happy to teach you the ropes and get you started in the world of Black Desert Online. You don't have to be a hardcore RPer to join the Roleplayers Union. The Guild is open to casual players, PvErs, Life Skillers, AFKers and those who are looking for a casual RPing experience. We do not expect you to RP all the time.

    We are open to all ages, orientations all we ask is you be mature and specify whether you are over or under 18. As I wish not for those who are under 18 to participate in ERP for obvious reasons. I am commited to creating a safe environment for all players. Our rules are as follows:

    Allies welcome!
    Don't want to join the Guild but still want to connect with RPers? You do not have too! If you already belong to a guild you may still join the discord, post character information and be designated the rank of a Verified Ally.

    I'm on the NA server can I still join as an Ally?
    Our guild is on the EU server but you are free to create a character on the EU server from NA to join us for RP. If you live in the NA you will likely see a loss of ping but if you see this as not a problem then feel free to join us. I will still allow you to join us as a Verified Ally as it may help you find NA roleplayers or roleplayers who have characters on the NA server aswell.

    1. Respect All RPers - If you do not like the way someone is RPing please critique their work respectfully and understandably. Do not belittle someone for who they are or discriminate against someone based upon their sexuality, gender, or romantic orientation or use racial slurs. You are playing a character but you do not need to bring real world hate into BDO.
    2. No ERP with Minors or players marked "No ERP" - Our discord roles are setup for specifying if a player is underage or chooses not to engage in ERP. Please respect the players wishes. ERP should always be done in a private chat ingame or in a private channel with consenting parties. Please consent with other players before engaging in ERP or engage with those who specify they are fine with ERP. Parties must consent to ERP.
    3. No targeted harraassment or bullying of players in or out of the guild - Do not witchhunt or target players in or out of the guild. Bullying of members, harrassment and doxing will not be tolerated just as it wouldn't be in the game rules. Please do not do it. Posting sensitive player information will result in immediate removal.
    4. Activity - Please try to keep active, let players know if you do not have as much time for the game. We do not expect you to be on everyday but if you have been active for over 2-3 months without notification to other members or the Guild Masters you will be removed.
    5. Interactivity - Less of a rule, more of a request or suggestion. To keep yourself connected with other members in the Guild or players part of the Roleplayers Union Community please post in LFG if you come online and wish to participate in RP.
    6. Trolling and Hate - I won't even entertain you, You'll be removed from the Guild or Discord with no acknowledgement you even existed. Let RPers, RP. We do nothing to ruin the experience other players in GamezBDO.
    7. Community for all - This is a community for everyone. Again, a place for anybody of all orientations: LGBTQIA+, GSRM and Allies alike are all welcome. Respect each other and make it a fun place for you and your members. You may play characters that aren't representative of you; which I encourage. Characters are far more fun to play when they have depth and flaws. You may play more than one character or switch them out accordingly. We respectfully ask for you to avoid godmodding. Talking to a character with no flaws are unfun to RP with. RP should flow naturally.
    8. Politics - You can't cease political discussions. Many themes in BDO will be political but heated discussions outside of BDO are discouraged. We do not want to alienate rpers. Avoid discussing politics or bringing up harsh themes to people who just want to have a good time. A politics section will be made for discussions to be posted in if this becomes a problem.

    How do I join?
    There are three ways you can join, You can reply to this thread with the below template:
    Main Info:
    Character Name + Family Name:
    Age: [Over18/Under18]
    RP Details:
    Brief Backstory:
    or you can join the discord: https://discord.gg/ZBXDEjN and post an introduction in the "Introductions" tab. If you're anxious about posting your character and not sure where to start, you are free to send me a direct message on discord, my Discord username is: LilVanu#0276

    What happens now?
    You will have your rank assigned, if you are joining the guild your rank will be a Verified Member, If you are an ally who have submitted and joined the discord you will be designated the rank of Verified Ally! Both ranks are allowed to have full access to all other channels within the Discord, so whether you join or not you are still a part of the community!

    Thanks for checking us out, see you in game! - Depending on the feedback we may be recruiting a Guild Moderator to help keep things flowing ingame for when I must return to work.

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  2. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    Hehe...had to happen at some point, although I cannot really understand the combining of Erotic-Roleplaying with actual Roleplaying, since those are VERY different subjects.

    I can at least rest assured that it is for ERP mainly, since my guild is mainly for Socializing, and has the element of Roleplaying added as extra spice, althoug there are problems with how to incorporate the RP'ing into a game session with both RP'ers and non-RP'ers.

    I try to make the RP'ers in my guild feel welcomed and catered to, but it all depends on the mood of a player really, if they wanna "go the extra distance" and do some proper RP'ing, or if they just "wanna chill" while playing.

    In any case, I am in open arms about this, and welcome your guild to our community, also hope this works out for you :)
  3. LilVentris

    LilVentris New Member

    Sep 29, 2020
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    It's more out of respect to allow it. I am Asexual so would never participate myself but I understand why people would choose to do so. If those who wish to do it join it is kept seperate, but again as a union players do not need to join the Guild. We are happy to ally with other guilds who do Roleplay.
    I would be happy to ally with your guild either way and thank you for responding. That said I am open to do RPing I just wanted to enable a community within Gamezbdo that isn't strictly tied to one guild so any number of guilds for RP propping up can only be a good thing.

    I would like to try to advertise to player outside this forum as I am sure that there are many who might not know of an RPing community existing as some point I may do a youtube ad and see if that might not get some attention to this community being out there.
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