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Mob Difficulty & fixing GameZBD

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Applejutsu, Nov 20, 2022.

  1. Applejutsu

    Applejutsu New Member

    Oct 18, 2018
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    Hello, I have been full pen c20 eva on this server for quite a long time and have grinded and experienced every aspect of this game for several years now. I rarely play much nowadays because the server is virtually dead compared to how it was back when I started. In my opinion, these are the things that need to be changed in order to retain more players:
    1: Reduce mob difficulty to normal so players can kill dark rift bosses without needing full pen armor after just starting the game as well as being able to grind in endgame zones while being full pen c20 (ash forest and crypt, I'm looking at you) during daytime, not even night.
    2: Update more frequently to keep close to what retail has. This one obviously requires a bit more patience and understanding depending on what is going on in the dev's life and how much staff they have to be able to keep up. If there are enough players to donate/buy from the cash shop in the future then I'm sure this will help fuel development faster.
    3: Reduce the amount of Marni's Unstable Fuel required to link a character and put a lower maximum cap it can reach. The price of items is relatively low on this server and once you do it a few times it's basically stupid to relink when you can just buy another PEN and a half for the same price as the link would cost.
    4: Buff harpooning prize catch chance. I think this one speaks for itself, every great game has a fishing minigame within it and the one we got is slacking.

    Other things that may help player retention:
    1: Make it so you can acquire pearls by grinding/gathering/fishing on top of the normal staying online for them. Some people care about PC health and don't want to run their parts into the ground to get virtual currency in a game that is getting lower in population by each month.
    2: Adjust workers to gather 3x or more of materials. This would give lifeskillers more of an incentive to play here instead of just no-lifing retail and getting everything in 1 year. They could just play here and get everything in a couple months. 1 month to get setup and 1 month to be richest on the server.

    These changes may sound bad in your mind due to increasing the pace at which players will be geared but if a player knows what they are doing they can hit full pen c20 on here within 1 month as it is. The way I see it, the true endgame is denied on this server in every way.
    Want to pvp? There won't be enough players to enjoy it as much and you'll get bored.
    Want to lifeskill? There aren't a lot of players so why flood the market for barely anybody to buy anything. You can just go lifeskill on retail and win the game in 1 year with full pen c20 because lifeskilling has always been broken on there if you commit 10+ hours a day.
    Want to PvE grind? It's fun for a bit until you get 317ap kut succession berserker (broken class and spec that's S+ tier in PvE) and get 1-2 shot attempting to grind at one of the three endgame zones.
    At this stage there is no point to grinding... players realize they will be grinding for nothing because there are less players and you can't grind to get your last 2 items because the spots that drop them are impossible even with BiS gear and crystals on an S+ character.

    These changes would give players the ability to experience all of the game without hinderance and invest more time into it because they would want to.
  2. SacredBoobies

    SacredBoobies New Member

    Nov 14, 2022
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    to be blunt the only biggest problem in Gamez imho is lack of creativity from developer. It seems for years (for damn YEARS yes broo) they tried so hard to make gamez "as close as" retail except our custom rate % enhancement, % exp and % drop rate (which I heard got nerfed??).

    Gamez doesnt need to be as close as retail (except some of it's essential area like character stats, general gear stats, PVP/PVE mechanics, no bugs etc.)
    Make custom items, custom event, custom grind spot, custom roadmap of gear progression please, different methods of lifeskilling etc.. (custom bosses are good one, we have that shits)

    Just be creative man, developers.. its your server, please think shits to improve Gamez as private server not as a shitty retail, and stop doing unnecessary nerfs. I login this month and saw the same halloween event last year rip, buy pearl costumes > kill the boss > then auto logoff.

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