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Tips on what to avoid on GamezBD

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by loboram, May 19, 2022.

  1. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    I am making this thread, because it has become alarmingly obvious to me, that despite the many attempts, by the GameZ-network Management and developers, to create a copy of the retail Black Desert Online servers, there are unfortunately MANY things, that aren't even remotely like the retail-server experience.

    So I am hoping, that more players come here, and add their ONLY FACTUAL statements here. By that I mean, not just some opinion, or what someone else told you, or what you think, But Actually Proovable (how it sounds) Facts.

    To get the ball rolling, I will start by posting this, quoted from the wonderful site Grumpygreen (https://grumpygreen.cricket/exchange-boss-gear/):
    100% Chance PEN Gear:
    This gear has also been called “Free PEN Boss Gear”, “Reformed Boss Gear”, “Resplendent Gear”, and “Untradeable Boss Gear” although it retains the traditional boss gear names. It has the stats of normal boss gear, with the same names, but has a “Reform Level” not seen on normal boss gear. This is because it requires a completely different method of reaching PEN.

    TOTAL Defense Gear Cost:
    • 29 billion silver ( for all 4 at PEN )
    TOTAL Weapons Cost:
    • 11 billion silver ( for all 3 at PEN )
    NOTE: does NOT include costs of other mats purchased, like Memory Fragments, Black Stones, and Black Magic Crystals which can be purchased on the Market.

    As everyone can see here, the prices involved in obtaining the "100%-PEN gear", are insanely high, at least in comparison to the prices on the GamezBD Central Market. This is the Biggest problem, that GamezBD is facing at the moment. Although many players, will claim that there are much worse problems, it is the one part of the game, that ALL players use pretty much all the time, so having a Central Market that doesn't work, is what I only can imagine as a massive detractor of potential players.

    Oh sorry, got offtrack there, but yeah, you should know that the Central MArket could be better, and more importantly, add your voices to the VOTE: https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/vote-gamezbd-central-market-fix.236592/

    To "recap";
    The whole Resplendent Reform stones, with the Concentrated Boss Crystals/Aura, is pretty much a horrible waste of Time and Silver, at least here on GamezBD, when you could potentially buy, the PEN Weapons for just around 2.7-3.2 Billion Silver here on the GamezBD Central MArket. In the description above, you can see that the cost of ONLY the the Old Moon Guild special material, is around 11 Billion Silver for the Weapons alone.

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