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Wrong instance of Fire Temple loaded

Discussion in 'Problems' started by Mystia, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Mystia

    Mystia Deaf to all but the Song.

    May 10, 2013
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    Dear team.

    Since the server is down right now, I wanted to make a quick bug report/request for inspection.
    This report impacts the Fire Temple instance for the Elyos faction. (accessible in Eltnen)

    Current behavior of the instance:
    ・Treasure boxes can't be collected. (Cursor displays a[​IMG] . )
    ・The Shugo that appears in this instance is treated like a hostile NPC. (attackable)
    ➡This leads me to believe the Asmodian version of the aforementioned instance is loaded instead.

    Expected behavior of the instance:
    ・Treasure boxes are able to be collected and their contents examined.
    ・The Shugo that appears in the instance is a green NPC.

    How to reproduce:
    ・Enter the Fire Temple with an Elyos character.

    At the time, I'm not aware of other instances being impacted, but I would like the staff to take a look at this.
    Thanks in advance and best regards,

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  2. katykat

    katykat Proficient Forum Legend

    Jul 11, 2010
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    The NPC Shugo inside FT is only a Asmo NPC, this has been like this since official days and will never be any different, unless Admins edit the npc. I never understood why they did this, but it annoyed me, this NPC actually get stationed in Slag for asmos and is inside FT when their special Shugo that sells elyos skin shows up outside. As for the "boxes" these are part of an asmo quest that they get. The actual treasure box that spawns after x amount of time I haven't seen at all, as i've been trying to get a skin for a friend.

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