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GM Application Denden's Application

Discussion in 'Recruitment Zone' started by Denden, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Denden

    Denden Active Member

    Oct 18, 2015
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    Denver Zulueta
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    6-9 hours per day may happen a few days i might not be able to log in but surely im active in forum site :)
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    Spoken Languages:
    English 100%
    Filipino 100%
    Game Playing Experience:
    Been playing aion since 2008 and started this server since 2012 and my first version i play is infiniteaion and NA-aion server. I've learn learnt the biggest part of the game just reading/asking every kind of topic on Aion forums and reading official patch-notes which really helped me through these years (and i'm currently even persisting on doing that). Since the start of my GamezAion (a bit on other servers too) career i've been rolling classes and handled them with every kind of gear in the serverals patches to keep my memory and knowledge alive. About my whole game-playing experience i've payed attention on how MMOs used to evolve during the years and noticed the game systems are mostly equal for all (refering mainly to the game role-classes and then on the system itself) as if there is a sort of copying on the styles and ideas.
    How can you help our server?:
    Beside the fact i'm willing to help on sharing and improving my knowledge with everybody, i even guess i've learnt on how a system is build and what's needed to keep it from collapsing. So mainly i will base my self on the works that old and current staff members have done and if it will be necessary, i'll try to improve/adjust them (as suggestion) to keep the atmosphere fair for all since i know how "Demand&Offer System" works. and i have a lot more experience cuz im playing since 2008 im child and now im 18yrs old
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