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Discussion in 'Black Desert Guild Hall' started by iFlitz, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. iFlitz

    iFlitz New Member

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Regalia has always been well known for their Golden Shark Head Outfit and also in participating in large-scale PvP. Our goal is to be the best guild and individuals on this server.

    Regalia core is filled with Retail experience players and played BDO long enough to understand and learn what the game is made for!

    Who are we looking for?
    Regalia is now seeking serious PvP focused individuals to join our ranks. We are currently looking for the classes listed below.

    We are Highly Looking for this Classes:
    • Warrior
    • Berserker
    • Ranger
    • Musa/Maewha
    • Wizard
    • Sorceress
    • Kuno/Ninja
    We are Slightly Looking for this Classes:
    • Striker
    • Mystic
    • Valkyrie
    • Active around the times of 6-11 pm GMT-4 / GMT + 8 on most days.
    • 480-500 Gear Score "Main hand AP + DP".
    • Be on our discord to communicate for guild GvG, PvP, and Node Wars.
    • Be able to participate in Node Wars / Siege "When Siege comes out".
    • Be able to properly understand and quickly react and follow precise instructions.
    • Always focus on improving yourself, learning the game and getting better.
    • Pass the Guild Trial
    Who to contact?
    Below is the player you can contact in the game to Start your Trial.
    • Flow3r
    • ZL
    • Xuanwu
    • Foursquare
    This is Flow3r leader of Regalia speaking to you all, If you are that player who loves and enjoy PvP and challenging themselves this guild is for you. We want dedicated members who are willing to stick/stand with us to the end of where ever this journey decides to take us, be it good or bad!
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  2. DarknessBDO

    DarknessBDO New Member

    May 27, 2018
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    im looking to join but no one is online right now that you have listed. here is my discord: BlackStorm#3312

    Character name DarknessBlades 548gs Ninja

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