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GamezAION [Update] 05/12/2017

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Carl, May 12, 2017.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - [5.3] Datapack and Core Updates
    - [5.3] Implemented Estima System with CP points
    - [5.3] Added Skill Animation Skins
    - [5.3] Added New Bracelet Item Accessory
    - [5.3] Implemented Atreian Bestiary with rewards
    - [5.3] Added Custom Player skill chains
    - [5.3] Sanctum and Pandaemonium:  spawns update + portals update
    - [5.3] New resurrection point method
    - [5.3] UI and Character Changes
    - [5.3] Added spawns for new instances (to-do implement instances)
    - [5.3] Implemented Anniversary gift for Atreian Passport
    - [5.3] Added New Atreian Passport Reward System
    - [5.3] New Npcs, Items, Quests, Spawns
    - [5.3] The forts in Inggison and Gelkmaros have been decommissioned
    - [5.3] Updated skills
    - [5.3] Bracelet & Estima Enchanting
    - [5.3] Characters will now be able to use Return skills while in flight mode
    - [5.1] New Transformation skills for wind/earth/fire/water elements
    - [5.1] Coalescence(Magical Morph) implementation
    - [5.1] Implemented AetherForging (Magic Crafting) system
    - [5.1] Added New High Daeva skills including active/property skills
    - New Launcher Update
    - Updated Webshop Items
    - Implemented Skill Boosts for High Daeva Items
    - Updated PvP Battlegrounds events
    - Added Weekend RvR battleground event "Gods casemates" (12v12) with boosted rewards for winners/losers
    - Implemented Soul Releasing Magic Stone for items
    - Added New Abyss items
    - Updated/Fixed mail service + fix related packets
    - Added Luna Shop - Karunerk's workshop now available
    - Added Luna Shop function - Open wardrobe slots
    - Position of the obelisks in the capital of each faction (Sanctum/Pandaemonium) has been changed
    - Huge npc stats update for reshanta
    - Updated reshanta spawns
    - Added chance to get a Master Skill Card or Skill Card Bundle to gm boxes
    - Fixed/Updated walkers
    - Added players command .luna for luna shop
    - Fixed Broker crash issue
    - New/Updated Decomposables
    - Increased the maximum number of quests that can be accepted to 50
    - Changed the number of gathering attempts and number of items gathered when collecting materials from material nodes to make it more convenient and standardized
    - Fixed an exploit with broker
    - Added Essence core solutions to all battleground rewards
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