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A Guide to Aion PVP

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by LindaXunee, Jul 29, 2022.

  1. LindaXunee

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    Jan 11, 2021
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    Aion is a PVP game, hands down. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of overcoming another player, right? Read this Aion PVP guide now to prepare.

    PVP in Aion comes into two major types. First is the Abyss, which is a PVPVE area of the game where the battle can be done anywhere anytime. At the level of 25, your will be able to get your first way to PVP. To make a long story short, the Abyss is big, open, and filled with quests, mobs, and opportunities for AP.

    In the Abyss, killing off the opposing side nets you Abyss points which help you rank up. You can also help to take control of The Abyss in Aion PVP by grouping together and capturing outposts and fortresses. You can earn a huge amount of rare loot in The Abyss so it is well worth braving for the rewards.

    The second type of PVP is Rifting. Rifts open between Elyos and Asmodian territories. There are two maps per level range, one is pure PVE and the other has there rifts. In Aion, PVP and PVE are combined into a PVPVE scenario, where players would have to fight with both foes and the mobs.

    Rifting is the less intense form of PVP and occurs when a rift opens that connects both worlds to each other. They last 26 minutes, have level requirements, and can only take a certain number of people. They basically dump you or the enemy into your world, and then a fight kicks off. You get punished if you kill low-level players so it is worth picking on people your own size. You get a variety of rewards for taking part in these depending on both your level and your performance. These tend to be weighted in favour of those being invaded, so if you are unsure then stick with your friends in the homeland.

    You could build your character to be in basic categories: Offensive, Defensive, and hybrid. Offensive builds are where you want to take your opponent out before it takes you out. Defensive builds are the opposite in the sense you try to outlast your opponent threw your increased survivability. Hybrid builds are a mixed offensive and defensive nature. In groups, hybrid builds are useful in that they play an offensive and defensive role at the same time.

    Builds I would advise for classes as follows:

    * Templar: Hybrid, Defensive
    * Gladiator: Hybrid, Offensive
    * Cleric: Hybrid, Defensive
    * Chanter: Hybrid, Defensive
    * Ranger: Hybrid, Offensive
    * Sin: Hybrid, Offensive
    * Sorcerer: Hybrid, Offensive
    * Spirit Master: Hybrid, Offensive

    Some things NOT to do in Aion PvP:

    1. Avoid any sort of fair-looking matchup (e.g. 1v1s) as most of the time the wicked opposing faction will trick you and what looks like a 1v1 is actually you versus 1 visible enemy and 10 assassins in hiding.

    2. Never quick-queue! Quick-queue (also known as QQ) is for noobs! Always assemble a team of like-minded players like yourself. Remember: strength is in numbers!

    3. Never get an e-gf/e-bf because they will take all your kinah and your mansion in the divorce! Just let people admire you from afar.

    4. Never disrespect the shugo race in-game. There is actually a hidden luck stat that goes down every time you say something bad about shugos. The lower your hidden luck state the more easily your gear will break etc.

    Want to read more game news? Follow me now.
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