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[Aion] PvE/Instance Drops/Rewards

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DOndee, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. DOndee

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    Jul 1, 2012
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    This suggestion is mqinly to promote PvE content as well as allowing the players to farm both PvE equipment while gearing up for PvP as well at the same time.

    I've done a little crowdsourcing on both sides. There have been complaints about the dungeons not working as intended and that some are just impossible without proper PvE gear. Howevern there are 2 that stood out to me.
    1. That a 6-man instance barely drops anything for a single player or sometimes none at all.
    2. That it is, for the mean time, impossible to gather enough PvE enchantment stones to +15 PvE gear and thats not even considering the enchantment rate and how failing drops the item back down to +0 instead of just -1.

    Ive come up with a few solutions to help and compensate players for PvEing.

    1. Ok. This solution is a little bit more complex for the developers but if it is done/added to the game, I guarantee that it would bring players to PvE and get rewarded generously: Add a dungeon/instance queue where players can either queue as a group or queue solo. There are downtimes for PvP bgs that last for as long as 3 hours where players just literally do nothing and afk while they wait for the next bg to pop. This will instigate the whole playerbase during that time to go and do something instead of just waiting around. This will also allow solo/anti-social (lul) to easily group up with other players instead of having to make a group from scratch. Now to address the instance drops, it would be awesome if all players in the group would receive custom rewards in addition to the boss drops. The rewards could look something like:
    A. Boss drop weapon/armor/accessory box for the (RNG portion of the run)
    B. PvE enchantment stones
    C. Stelliums
    D. Legendary/Ultimate Etiums and Ridiums
    E. Kinah
    F. Some AP
    G. Some GP (upon instance or dungeon completion)
    H. Genesis Crystals
    I. Manastone Fasteners

    2. My second suggestion is to simply just add custom rewards per run. It is pretty underwhelming to completely finish an instance and only get 10 cubic bundles and an ornate box or sometimes, none at all.

    If this custom feature is added, it would greatly help incentivise players for PvEing as well as addressing the current server population. Just my 2 cents though and I know the admins probably have something different in mind.
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