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Suggestion END Game in GamezBD

Discussion in 'Contact Us' started by C4SJ, Dec 24, 2022.

  1. Gothicsin

    Gothicsin New Member

    Jun 20, 2018
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    e kolka coin prices most are more than fair and others are kinda silly like the sailing items 300 for ship upgrades is a bit high thats 10 weeks of weekly boss to get one when farming low hours aday for a week will yield the entire set of upgrades. have you ever thought of either loweing the cost of ship items in the shop or raising the conversion rate for the kolk coins to sea coins alot of us here dont pvp so max we can do is 40 per week meanwhile a quick 5 min trade will give 2 to 3 times that just seems like the time needed to make the coins vs item is vastly tilted to one side

    the kolka coins is great fantastic but the cost needs to be reflected on the time it takes to make or get an item path choice grind it this way or grind it that way, 60 coins a week max if you did everything issue is vast majority do just the PVE stuff so that 40 coins why suffer doing something you dont want to do ? forceing people into a mode or zone they dont want to be in is not good. games that force PVP suffer warframe did it and it suffered destiny did and it suffered u cant drop the good shit in a place people loathe.

    the other option is reduce prices or increase coin reward to reflect better for time look at it this way you farm your ass off for green ship parts to buy them off the crow merchant its actuallly faster do it that way then the 10 weeks it needs to just do thew weekly boss for 1 item... that seem a bit rough also consider alll barter items are nonexistent you have to get everything yourself cant buy them at all. the other option if its even possible is to make a NPC that sellls all the random crap you can get from grinding it yourself we dont have the population any more to keep even 10% of the items you can sell on market its mostly empty except for the most valuable items.

    increase coin drops or reduce cost of items
    make npc/bot to sell all the random items u can farm for without feeling like you wanna play frogger IRL in the highway
    seeing the kolk NPC shows us its possible to have a custom vendor to sell low tier crafting mats, this will help people spend money may be attempt makeing a stone or get your feet wet in barter u need a retarded amount of basic items that you have to farm DAYS for to even do one trade route.
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  2. Hirokaito

    Hirokaito New Member

    Sep 29, 2022
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    In my opinion it is a bad idea to add NPC sells rare materials in gamez.
    First, there are TOO many raw materials in BDO... I doubt gamez admins will care or even have time to add and test their price one by one lol
    Second, if player buys from that custom NPC and sells the materials again into marketplace perhaps can add more trouble rather than solving issues

    Kolka NPC is good enough, except several items like @Gothicsin mentioned above needs more attention from admin
    But the way to collect kolkoins is not fun, more like a slavery to do weekly quests. But its not a big deal though

    If the main problem is less and 0 raw materials in marketplace (because players are leaving or migrating to another private servers and retail) that is where Webshop comes handy

    @Kolka sells T9 T10 horses on webshop, he gives you an option either try hard wasting your time and electricity to gather all horse mats needed
    just pay for convenience
    And you cannot sell those horses again on marketplace to make extra silver in game.... fair enough

    There's nothing wrong with that, fuckk those who say this is P2W. You are so petty and dont want to spend single $ to support the server
    Every single $ contributes as donation to server lol which you're probably playing right now freely thanks to players who donated

    And my point is still the same, add those very difficult items in game into webshop but non-tradeable version similar to T9 T10 webshop horses:

    1. Shining Alchemy Stone (Protection, Destruction, Life), either you try hard gather materials and grows those stones by yourself + wasting your time and electricity
    just pay for convenience
    And you cannot sell those shinings again on marketplace to abuse silver gain in game....

    2. BASE PRI DUO or TRI Manos accesories, either Kolka adds these on Kolka npc or webshop, whatever

    3. Khan's heart (Protection, Destruction, Life), sadly only 1 or 2 guilds which still do Khan in gamez NA, bad luck if you're not in those guilds lol, and either wasting your life collecting kolkoins
    just pay for convenience
    And you cannot sell those khans again on marketplace to abuse silver gain in game....

    4. Vell's heart, the same

    5. Carrack or ship gears

  3. Luren

    Luren New Member

    Dec 22, 2020
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    Sorry for my bad English.

    I reread the topic. It would seem that we all agree that alchemy stones have too low a chance, that it would be unfair for the lucky owners of alchemy stones to see the chances of success easier, that there are too many unsold raw materials, etc.

    So why not remove the sale of total alchemy stones? Like none, none. And that the player crafts his own stone from zero, but that the chances of success are 100% each time, provided that he spends an astronomical amount of raw materials for each level?

    Maybe that could solve the problems all in one.

    Edit: For the example, maybe you need 10,000,000,000 or 100,000,000,000 raw materials for just one shiny stone.

    And... Caphras stones, in order to revive the market, can be used on all alchemy stones with an XP rate per stone much higher than raw materials.
  4. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    So first up C4SJ, you put this topic in the "Contact Us" Forum section, which isn't under the GamezBD subsection, where it was supposed to be created.
    This is a minor thing, but it does lead to major problems if not reigned in now. Please post future threads, in the correct section and subsection.

    Secondly, I do like that more players are taking an active interest, in making suggestions and commenting on them.

    However; this leads to some difficult discussions, as well as some misunderstandings. So in order to clear things up, and to find out what is meant, I am now going to use quotations, to gain a better understanding of what is actually meant.

    To all players here on GamezBD, who seem to forget that this is a version, of the game called Black Desert Online, created by the company Pearl Abyss. If you have any complaints about the gameplay, mechanics, or content, you should really be writing Pearl Abyss and not GamezBD.
    The gameplay of BDO has been kept intact, and some added bonuses as well as content are a part of GamezBD, BUT it is still the same game, and if you as a person don't like the basic BDO game, then GamezBD cannot make the game better or different just for you.

    This seems like a really good idea. However it was pointed out, that the quests are too rigid and weekly. If the devs. add more items to the Kolka Helper NPC, then the quests needed to acquire them, should be tweaked or redone, so as to attract more players.

    This is weird; "takes a ton of time" that's not actually true, since it takes about 5 seconds per animation.

    You spent more than a quadrillion silver, on trying to create the top Alchemy Stone, which has an extremely low chance of success, AND THEN you start complaining about how terrible that was? Then why did you do it?

    Also it is NOT impossible to create a Vell's Heart perfect or otherwise.

    Now you are just almighty and you know what all others think and feel? You Don't know whether there are players joining or leaving, what you know is that someone has told you, that they are leaving, or that someone told them that they were leaving. So this is just lying.
    Central Market being in trouble, that's nothing new, and has been posted in other threads as well. All due to a low population.

    That's what Guilds are for ;) Having enough players to out adventuring with, that's the basic most useful aspect of being in a guild.
    Regarding "guarantee" this is something that only partially exists, and only in commerce. There are zero guarantees in life, and certainly not in chance based games :p

    Yeah, that's the way the game was designed. Not surprising at all. :p
    What do you mean; "all the random crap"? It seems as if you want a NPC, that sells everything you can get in-game, so you don't need to go play the game at all, and can just go buy everything off the NPC? :p
    What is this about? Creating a Dreamhorse requires a lot of materials, and it is hard to get these materials, especially when the administrator, owner and developer, think that it is better to cater this server, towards PvP players then PvE players, and nothing left for the life-skillers. However I've got a Dreamhorse and that wasn't a "waste of time and electricity". If you feel like playing a game is a waste of resources, it seems weird that you come into this forum, and "waste your time and electricity" to tells us how you feel. :p
    Life isn't fair, and games should be fair, but aren't either. :p
    Anything can be "farmed" here, it is just a matter of enough tries. If there is a chance then it can be gotten. :p
    What do you mean by "because of several servers and retail updates"? The main problem is really as simple as low population, and lack of catering to the life-skiller population.

    Are you saying that the game is hard as it is? Because this is Black Desert Online, if you want to play something else, then nothing is stopping you. Are you saying that the end-game gear, has to be sold by a NPC, because trying to get it yourself is a waste of time and money? I really don't get this.

    This is just a blatant lie. I've got plenty of Tamed Horses, and zero Fallen God armour. This is just dumb. :p
    It is against the server rules to advertize other Private servers, especially by name or by special service they may provide. :banghead:

    How Exactly do You KNOW what other players want? I mean are you a GOD? :p
    Yeah as I've said so many times; ALL other Private server projects, that were out there when GamezBD started, have ALL shut down and run away with the players money and time investment. GamezBD is the ONLY server left from the time it started. There are ZERO reasons for them to shut down and scam players like the other servers have done.

    Hence why GamezBD is most likely to stay around, and still be the best service out there, many years from now.
  5. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    Hello there, I can see that you've rarely used this forum account. Yet instead of keeping to the topic, and replying to the content of this thread; you are wasting your time and effort imagining all sorts of things. On top of that you lie, which to me personally is really just a "no no".

    Please for future reference @Jacking, keep to the topic instead of making empty, and childish personal attacks.
  6. Jacking

    Jacking New Member

    Oct 25, 2021
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    I wasted my time, where is the problem? its my time not your, does it affect your life?
    4,299 Messages, who wastes time & plays like they're part of the staff? looks like you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    personal attacks? look at you, what did you write above.
    Why do you always make stupid statements?
    and what right do you give orders?

    I say again so that your brain works "YOU ARE NOTHING & NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL"
    be a comedian clown, that's better for you. This is just a suggestion, not a personal attack :p

    So you liked the replies on the content, even though comprehension skills were below average?
    And I hope this is the last time I debate an underdeveloped clown.
    although I believe you still can't catch the message from what I wrote and only see the writing clearly.
    I'm glad the staff at Gamez don't pay attention to people which seems like who have mental disorders and let them remain like annoying bugs on the forum.
    (Did you know, you've been famous all this time, but as a disturbing red and black clown):clown:
    although I realize people like you can't accept facts:wacky:

    here what u want,, ma clown...

    look, you don't even understand the meaning of the message being conveyed, and you are talking about numbers, who is dumb now? :dead:
    (if someone like you who sees this will definitely say "how dumb that donkey, since 2018 still not having fallen god armor on a private server where the enhancement has been buffed")

    do you know how advertising works? should i explain, how old are you?
    by name? the crimson I mentioned you mean? is the link still alive? is ....
    (oh god are brains worthless anymore), should I explain it again for something as simple as that? :banghead:

    even though I have given input (At least open a healthy suggestion forum to receive input from hundreds of loyal players)
    "I even feel amused to rewrite it and explain it again, but with your ability to understand only that much, I'm forced to do it"
    and you are still asking how? You only read half as much as your ability to think is only half or whatever, I no longer know what is a suitable term for someone like you.:facepalm:

    WHO'S PLAYING LIKE A GOD NOW??? :oldman:

    A frog in the well for sure!!! Have fun in your narrow world & always think that you are right.

    All I can give as a player on the server is to give advice. and the rest all decisions are in the hands of kolka & the staff & i'll respect it.
    A typical yes-man like you is very easy to predict and are always everywhere like annoying bugs.
    Do you think agreeing with all the existing policies will make Gamez better? art/program/novel/journal/movie or whatever without criticism or suggestions will make a work better in next?
    Do you know what people like you are called?
    BOOTLICKER / KISS-ASS!!! :vomit:

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