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Halloween Horror Nights

Discussion in 'Aion Events' started by Primez, Oct 8, 2018.

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  1. kawaineni

    kawaineni New Member

    May 5, 2015
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    IGN: Stampede
    Word Count: 869
    Year 2009. We enrolled in an Elderly Univerity. With my sis and cous. So we need boarding house. We had a dark boarding house, but cheap. The owner, the living height. The boarding is solid, but the wood is made up of rooms and decks.
    We had a great room, good for 6 persons. It's the biggest room. We're hiring, we're just around. Until one of us grew, Nicky.
    We are all women. We all love the boarding house.
    Nicky left, but there are two remaining rents. Honey and Ayn.
    2 bathrooms, outside and inside.
    We started to fear that in our room we would care for us. Sofy cries, my cous. growl. I woke up. I turned back, Erah grunted. I just woke up in our room that night.
    One night, we all sleep. I was disturbed by the roar that I heard in the other room. I did not sleep at the top of my desk deck so we only had our boardmate in the other room at the plywood. No sound proof is available. I knocked on the plywood, saying that Mila was awakened because she was dressed. When I returned to sleep, I was frightened. It seems like I can handle it so I can not move it.
    The next day, we talked. Sofy and Erah also kissed them.
    Alternatively. Do not be surprised that there is something different in that room.
    When you are in the room, as you are in the tomb, you can breathe. I was experiencing a nervousness, but my eyes were still small, our room was shrunk until I could breathe.
    My brother was sick. Body warmth. I wash her wet facetowel to reduce body heat. H1N1 did not endure illness, I thought he was hit. I fell asleep as he shouted. I woke up, "why?" "I'm sorry, Sofia's looking at me, laughing at me." Because they're deck. I stood beside my brother. I sleep, I see Sofy, with two friends laughing. I turned my eyes on the room, dimming my eyes. While I was in my arms, I could not move my body. I'm just curling up. My brother woke me up. Asked why, I said no.We did not tell Sofy that he had us in a dungeon because we could die. When a man wakes you, do not let him know.
    Midnight. I urge you. I woke Honey. Also, I first went to bed, then again. I went out asleep. I told you to go to sleep again.
    The next day, Honey asked me. "Why did we cry last night?" "Yes why?" "E bat dika pee?" "Well, I'm going to have to wait for you to come in." "Well, I'm leaving because I'm a bathroom, I say you're in. You say that's because you did not even cry." "Ala, because you're not awakening, you're just screaming. I'm the first one on the deck to lie down." "I saw you followed moko into my room."
    One day, blackout. I fell asleep even though it was dark, obviously outside. That afternoon, there was a light striking the window. I found a man standing at my feet. Laugh. Then I run. As in I feel that I can increase my body because I can not move.
    I fought until I woke up, Sofy knocked.
    The next day, I was noticing walking white when we were sleeping. Sofy goes to bed, until I'm in bed.
    I asked the other room, the one who had been staying for a long time. The woman who owned the boarding house had died. Don in our room, they had their room before. It hurts. Don died. Not leaving. So they rented the boarders because they left the chapel.
    One night, I suddenly woke up. No light. I urge you. I wake up to Sofy to accompany me. I miss the bathroom, he's not in the mood for it. When I left the bathroom, Sofy was pointing to the hallway. We light the candle. I ignored Sofy's dream. We entered the room. The next day, he recounted. He could see something from the front of our room to our room. It's obvious that it's very dark. I know that Sofy saw that time but I do not think that's what it will be.
    Before the dorm's owner died, she made her children promise not to leave that room.
    Shy, do not go to our room. 1PM, their windows are closed and the outside look. They see white to enter the bathroom outside. They wondered. They just woke up at boarding that day, and they looked at the window because they might go out to the bathroom, maybe just freaking out. They think. Nobody. No one went out.
    One night, I was washing out of my head more frighteningly. I'm close to the bathroom, I'm staring at the window they're looking at. They're dark because they're scary, they're not. I was scared. I glimpsed, I glimpse again the curtains, like somebody. It's impossible to wind and close no air.
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  2. Idrilke

    Idrilke Proficient

    Mar 31, 2011
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    Word Count: 1073

    The arrival
    During july 1987, my father got a new job and we had to leave england for the US. At this time he was a writter and his editor asked him to write a new book about slavery

    So be it and my parents bought a new house in Louisianna.

    We just arrived from London and, my brother and I, were very happy to come to the United States, happy to leave the rain and the cold and to discover a new coontinent, a new country and a new town… A new town, not exactly because our house was an old manor in the campaign far of everything.

    At the begining, my father complained he experienced difficulties to find inspiration. He spent a lot of time at the taverns in the villages around, speaking with all people he could met.

    The secret place
    At the same time, my mother seems to be be a bit depressed, but in a few weeks, she would probably get better.

    My brother and I played a lot in the garden and around the manor. On a sunny day, chasing butterflies, we found a sort of tunnel going thru a little hill. We try to get into it, but we needed some tools. So, the day after we came back with showel and pickaxe and we digged.

    After a few days of work, we finally arrived in a sort of room. It looked like a cowshed, some chains were there to prevent the cows to fly away. We got a strange feeling and finally, this place full of mysteries becamed our secret spot... We should have noticed there were nothing to feed the animals or to make them drink,... But we were young and not paranoïds :~/

    The story of bad old days
    Mum's health was getting worth, she had strong fevers which are common around Louisianna swamps. Neither my father and I could really understand what she said during those fevers, but my brother seemed to be close enough to her to make her gets better.

    At the same time, my dad invited at home more some people from the villages around. In the heat of the summer night, dad and them drinked a lot very late in the night.
    Once, I could not sleep, I was on my way to get a glass of water and I heared a deep voice telling a story.
    It last centuries ago. A white master lived with slaves in our house. He was known to be very rude with them and a lot of salves died. Men were beaten to death just because they didn’t cleaned enough the horses of the master or because they got a look upon a woman of there condition.
    But, the girls were outrageously numerous to disapeared compared to men. Nobody knew what happened to them but each week one or two were missing. The slaves were terrified by the master and none of them tried to find out what happened to their friends because the feared their master's wrath.

    One night, the master came very late with a new slave women. She was very beautiful and she became the paramour of the master. After a few weeks, she becamed pregnant. that was strange because the master raped a lot of women and none of them never got pregnant. The girl was so afraid of the master, she tried to hid she will gave birth.
    But one night, the master took to his house a friend of her who replaced a girl who has strangely disapeared the week before. Slaves heard a lot of screams this night,... like a lot of other nights. Finally, the master came with a sword to the slave's place. He took the beautiful girl, openened her belly and extracted the unfinished baby. The new "born" was very strange and scary. His skin was green and purple, probably due to the lack of oxygen. He already had sharp theeth, his hears were sharp also, his fingers and his nails were long and hooked... But the scariest part of this « thing » were his eyes : black like coal, deep as the deepest ocean pit and full of malicious intelligence which made the slaves full of terrors.

    The master let the deceased mother on the floor and left with the baby or,... the evil's creature.

    After that, the master stopped beaten men to death, he gave them more food and even raw meat... Their blood became stronger. Every nights, he called a slaves, horryfing screams suddenly came from the basement during a few seconds and after nothing. None of the slaved who were called by the master and heared screaming never return.

    Finally the story teller explained, with unspeakable fear in his voice, as the villagers around haven't seen the master since a few weeks, they came to his house. This one was empty,... no master, no slaves. When they reached the place were the slaved lived, they found the master and the slaves dead since a long time, but the putrefaction didn’t attacked their body. They didn’t have a drop of blood in there body, their eyes had been teared out and their tongue to,... Like someone dosen't wanted them to be able to talk even in the afterlife. No living animals, not even a bug or a spider, was in the room. it was like none of living things wants to stand in that place... Even the oxygen was missing there.

    Fianally, the villagers took the bodies, burned them and they hid the evil place where the drama took place.

    Everythings are getting worth and worth
    This night I couldn’t sleep and I told the whole story to my brother. He laught a lot to see me so scary by a child's tale.

    We forgot the story, but I didn’t like the stranged feeling I had in our “secret place” and I came there less often. Finally after a few years my brother left the house to go to Lafayette school and he cames back ony twice a month.

    One day he was not there, I don't why I went back to our hidden secret place and what I saw there froze my blood into my veins. My brother was there, holding my mother in his arms with his mouth on her neck. When he heard me, he stared at me with eyes red like the fire of hell and the mouth full of my mother’s blood. I rushed on him and pull it far of her. Before I couldn’t say anything, I felt a huge pain in my back. I turned back with difficulties to see my mother with the master's sword,... She just stabbed me with it.
    She was laughting when she moved to stand near my brother. Suddenly, he became green, his hears became sharp, his fingers and his nails became long and hooked, his blue eyes became black like coal, deep as the deepest ocean pit and full of malicious intelligence. He bit his wrist and feed my mother with his own dark and smelly blood. Both laught when my mother plant her fangs in my neck.

    After that I lost my will, then even told me to call my dad and they killed him in front of my powerless eyes. At this time I knew I belonged to them, I would be there thing for the whole eternity... and I couldn't even cry because I became something which was not human anymore, just something else...

    Now I'm not dead, but I'm not alive neither

    Now, I'm not dead, I'm not living neither. I'm just weak, a thing who goes trough the ages to serve my masters who were once my beloved mother and brother.
    Wow ! I cannot belive I'm such a crazy dude to wrote that thing :~S
    Sorry for the bad english, It's no my "mother's language"
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
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  3. Cheonsa

    Cheonsa Stubborn

    Jan 7, 2016
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    Some Where out of your place
    Word Count: 754
    A Creepy Night
    This story is base on my experience , this is a real story that I encounter for my whole life and I want to share it . Actually this story is almost five years ago and I just want it to share . Night of November 1 ,2013 , 10 pm at computer shop were I playing gamezaion and it was so creepy night. My brother asking me to go home now companion with him because its already late . Me: later I will extend more hours to play . Brother : let's just go home now I feel something weird this now and I saw something watching us came from that abandoned warehouse. Me : kuya maybe youre so sleepy already that's why you seeing those things . Brother: okay its up to you just be careful and go home after that . And my brother when home now . me and the daughter of computer shop left in the comp shop and still playing . Time is running and we didn't notice that its already 12 midnight now the night is become more creepy when we heared some creepy sound from outside . So we decided to check it and when we already when outside we heared that someone keep scratched the (trapal) its a plastic roof using to shed . and she ask me why the (trapal) didn't bounce since someone is up there . Me : Chay did you see it ? The (trapal) didn't bounce and someone scratched it from the top. Chay : Yes something weird , let's try to check it. Me: okay I will try to throw my sleepers and I nothing happen and someone continue to scratched it . Chay: why don't you try to lifted the chair and try to reach the roof ,. So I try it and when I'm going to reach the roof a big hand and sharpen nails reveals in from of us . so we started to scream and asking for help , we shouted so strong and knocking on the door of the house of owner of compshop and they didn't here us all the houses near us didn't hear that we shouted to load , and I kick off the door so that the owner will open it and the monster already gone too and I guess she/he got wound because she fly over on roof and she stabs his body on it. After the I kick the door the parents of Chay open when and asking us what happen we told them that someone is going to scared us or its there intention to do it on us . The father of Chay'2 told us if someone is trying ghost us all people sorrund us can't hear us instead those far away from us will hear . After that incident my brother come to me so that I have companion to go home in our house , and his right on what he seeing hours ago. And when the night is gone and its already morning I got waked up because our neighbor is so noisy and talking about the girl who's in the top of sampaloc tree . I wake up and when to the tree where is the girl now and all people wondering how why she get up there since it so hard to climb on that tree because there is so many (aroma) tree where you can see it near at sea side . The girl already rescued and policeman asking on her why she get up there with so many thorns and the girl just answer she fly that's why she's up there . and I'm really scared and thinking if that girl is the one who's trying to eat us or whatever she want on us . My grandmother told me try to look to there eye if your not normal on their eyes it means that they are not like us . I called chay'2 and ask her to do what I did and same on her so we already know now that the girl is the one who's trying to ghost us . After we left already on the tree the patrol car came already and they get the girl and bring them to hospital but when they already near at hospital the girl escape from them and The girl gone now and we don't have any news where did she go or she died because of her wound . happy Halloween Gamez network . its sound funny but this is true
  4. Peach

    Peach ขี้อาย

    Feb 8, 2015
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    ǝʌɐ uooɯʎǝuoɥ
    WordCount: 940

    I saw what he did, in my dream

    I came home sweating because of so much heat that touches my skin, I felt so irritated when I sit on the couch while chasing my breath.

    I was about to fell asleep but suddenly my siblings came out running around chasing each other that's why my sleep was interrupted. I tried to stop them because they were shouting but my siblings are uncontrollable and kept doing what they want like there's no tommorow.

    Late in the evening I woke up because my phone rang and my momma was calling. “I can't come home tonight honey but I did order a pizza for your dinner, wait for it, a delivery boy will come.” she said on the phone and after that she hang up.

    I came out from my room still wearing my uniform and I saw my twin sisters Ria and Mia playing at the sofa. I sit right next to my twin sisters while surfing at my phone and waiting for the delivery boy to come over.. since the delivery is not yet arrived I decided to come to the rest room.

    But then I was in deep shocked when I saw my feature in front of a mirror.

    I was in a man's body? I whispered in my mind and then I heard myself talking in front of a mirror and I do really have the feeling that he's talking to me.

    “Watch me, I'll kill them!” a scary voice came out to his mouth that makes me frightened and then he leave the restroom and start walking downstairs.

    I tried to move my body but I can't.

    I can only do was to watch him walking downstairs.

    When he came down to the place where his two sisters are playing I was shock cause they're not my twin sister.

    he pulled the hair of his sister.

    “Hey! What are you doing to her!?” one of the twin ask his brother madly.

    He just grinned to his sister and then he slap her with his full strength that cause her to faint.

    I felt so much pain and anger when I saw him doing horrible thing while I'm here witnessing everything but I can't help.

    He's so terrible!

    While pulling his sister's hair like a dead animal.

    He put a masking tape on his sister's mouth and tied her neck using a belt and then he pulled it.

    He didn't mind that her sister was choking. He'll going to kill her sister but the only thing I see in his face was a smile while doing a murderous thing

    In any minute I'm going to break down because of what I’m witnessing

    How dare this person do this kind of thing while God has the only one who can give and get what we have?

    When he noticed that her sister is not moving, he start walking to the kitchen with her dead sister pulling the belt that was tied into her sisters neck.

    He get the stainless steel teapots and put it into the stove. he walk outside the house with his dead sister and he put her on the grass and left.

    He'll surely succeed what he wants to do because their neighbors are far away from their house.

    He came back inside the house straight back to the kitchen and when he noticed that the stainless steel teapots is fully hot and boiling, he turned off the stove and hold the stainless steel teapots unto the sofa where the other twin is still in deep sleep because of his brother slap.

    He pour the boiling water into his sister's body that made her awake and shouted in pain.

    She cried because of the burn that she had.

    He just laugh and watch her sister suffer. He's heartless!

    What will I do? Why am I witnessing this kind of torture?

    He poured again the remaining boiling water all over her sister's body and again, the girl faint.

    He hold the feet of his sister and pulled it outside the house where the other twin was layed and when he finally did what he want, I thought he's already done but he poured a gas into their body and burned them. After that he came inside the house and he face a mirror.

    “Did you you like the show that you watch?” he said while laughing like a crazy.

    And then I woke up chasing my breath and sweating. It was just a nightmare.

    Oh god! And after that dream,

    I did not tell anyone about that because they will only call me crazy and say that dreams are just dreams, it will never happen in real.

    Until one day I accidentally heard the news on our television.

    The nightmare that I encountered in my dream was in television right now but still I never told anyone about that, it remained a secret and the killer who is the brother of twins was living in peace like he didn't done any murderous thing.

    Many years passed but my conscience is always haunting me every night. I don't know what to do. Im scared to tell everything because for sure no one will listen.

    Everyone will just laugh at me.

    I was back in consciousness when I heard a knock

    I peek into the window of my room to check who's knocking.

    I was scared when he saw me peering.

    The stranger standing infront of my door was

    The killer wearing his evil smile.

    To be continued.
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  5. Navved

    Navved New Member

    Sep 27, 2017
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    IGN: Navved
    Word Count: 888

    My Untold Story with a Ghost
    was four years since I saw Berna, the magical girl I met in the woods. After graduation in high school I decided to go home to my parents' summer home. One afternoon I decided to check the woods when Berna returned, it was only midday when I entered the little forest and decided to sit beside the big old tree where I first saw Bernadith six years ago.
    I closed my eyes and satisfied that I felt anything inside the place when I suddenly felt a cloth covering me from behind. I partially opened my eyes and discovered that the fabric was the Berna blue hooded cloak, as I closed my eyes again a gentle wind blew around me and a girl voice spoke in my ears saying, "Long time, grow up, Caleb."

    "Berna? Where have you been these years? I replied.

    "I visit an old friend, and ask for help, I have to move to his place for many years" he said.

    "And what kind of help does he need you to take years to get away?" I asked.

    "There are things like people you should not bother to know" he answered.

    Then he appeared in front of me to greet me and sit beside me, it was a reunion that I did not expect, we spoke and laughed a lot, I told him stories about the past four years, the strange experiences I've had and how I discovered about the world of paranormal.

    "Now do you have an idea of what I am?" he asked.

    "Are you the nature of nature? Like a fairy or a nymph?" I asked.

    "Yes I am nature's nature" she replied.

    The next day we met again and Berna invited me back to her house in the woods, still the same, beautiful and simple as ever. The small wooden house is still surrounded by tall trees and flowering plants.

    "I tried to get back to your house before but I could not find the right path" I told her.

    "Entering my house enters into a new world, only I can lead the way" he answered.

    While staying at Berna's house I feel different presence around the area, far from its flower garden and outside the trees surrounding her house I hear the voices of other creatures and their language is other than me. I told Berna about it.

    "Do not worry about Caleb, my place is a safe place, and when they come in I will know," she said.

    "Why, what happened?" I will ask.

    Berna whispered in my ears and said, "Because some of them may come here and take you, and when they do not have the opportunity to go back to your world."

    I'm afraid that other enchanted beings are capable of abducting people. I often visit Berna for the next three years, his little wooden house became our nest of love.

    Until one day the owner of a small forest decides to cut the trees one by one to use the land as part of his farm. Berna spoke to me saying that he had no other choice but to leave, he was a natural spirit and the forest was his home, now that his home was about to disappear he decided to move to an old place of friends until he finds a new forest where he can build a new home. It was the last time I saw him.
    One like a cold night, after midnight, my father returned home with his bicycle, when he saw an girl in a bridal red with open hair and flowing requesting to ride somewhere . My father saw that it was strange but he had a great deal to help people get out of the way. So he stopped. The girl asked her if she could drive her little. Perhaps and he hopped on. Dad tried to make a small conversation but he could not speak of the conditions that only spoke the direction he wanted to go. After a moment, the father learned that he was guiding him in our own home. They arrived at the crossing where the barricades had a red signal because a train arrived. The girl here gets a bike and tells my dad that it's ok, she walks ahead because her house is just across the tracks. So, my father agreed, putting his bike on his stand and saying he would just stay here until he ran to his house since late. So he puts his bicycle on the stand. A cigar is lighting up and is waiting to pass the train to bring the woman back. The train arrived and the woman passed by train to the cremation ground while my Dad was surprised and frosted on his ground. As he sees his frame slipping away from the silhouette caused by light passing the train and while the train passes he enters the cremation site and gets lost. Afraid of his wits, he throws the cigarette, takes a turn, parks his bike in his normal place and runs a terrified home. He did not say anything at home that night but when I heard about these people later, I wondered what this might be. No harm was done to my father, but he experienced the scary scene.

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  6. Primez

    Primez ~KARMA~ Staff Member Head GM

    Sep 28, 2012
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    You been already received three Black Strike it's means you're not allowed to join to any forum event.
  7. Picex

    Picex Divine Rapier

    Apr 5, 2016
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    IGN : Picex
    Word Count : 867
    Story :

    Pumpkin Guy

    My name was Picex , 21 years old . I was living alone since i graduate from a high school , I was living in a small apartement , working at a mini market , & using empty time to play a online game , just like another , a normal guy , i think .

    Today time 17:00 i was finish my work and walk going to home just like always i do . But today i saw someone stand near bus stop he is wearing a Pumpkin Mask with Bussinesman suit and bring a Sword , i just think he is a freak costplayer or something like thats . After thats someone come over him and talk something and laugh , with no warn thats Pumpkin guy just chop thats guy head . I just think “whats , its f*cking real ?“ , people around just scream & run away from him , i was running too . After i think its already far away i stop , and watch thats Pumpkin guy again , in fact i was curious whats he will doing after thats . He still stand there near someone he killed , not long time after thats i saw him dissapear , like a “wuss” just gone like thats , but thats was not dissapear like i think , he is blinked , now he is just behind me & pat on my shoulder & whisper to my ear “you are next“ & he is gone again . Not long after thats police was coming to clear situation and then i go back to home .

    Coming to home i still thinking about thats Pumpkin guy , time over time i play a online game called “Aion” to forget whats happen today . And then at 23:00 , someone knock my door , i seek from window who is coming and he is a Pumpkin guy . I feel soo scared what should i do , no way to run its just apartement with one room . I cant open the door , i just quiet inside , pretending im not in home , but he still knock the door . I was thinking “why he didnt just blink in here instead knocking my door” , well he still knock the door . And then i call a police , just about a minutes i hear police sirine come over my place , i was feel relieved thats time police has coming . But he did thats this time , he just blink in front of my face , smiling & say “Hi...!” , i cant talk anything to him , i just sit & keep silent in there . Not a long time police knock my door , cant open it or answer it , a Pumpkin guy was in front of me . But thats not happen to long , Pumpkin guy instantly dissapear & police stop knocking my door . I still scare and sit there in my room . Soo quiet .... 1 hour was passed since Pumpkin dissapear & police stop knock my door , i was thinking police has dead already in front of my door or something like thats . Minutes after minutes , i get my guts to open the the door , and what i saw there was “Nothing” . Exactly nothing there , i was soo relieved & a bit scary there , that time i was start thinking “it was hallucinations ?”. After thats i go to NetCafe and play Aion until morning , to clear my mind .

    In a morning i back to home , i skip work today i need a rest , soo many sh*t happen yesterday . Hours after hours i sleep , i wake up in a 15:00 , check my phone , answer some sh*t from my work place , thats time i just noticed i got log call to Police Station yesterday , “So its f*king real ?” i still asking to my mind , whats exacly going on . I try to call a Police again to ask what happen yesterday , but no one answer my call . I try to calm & relax , so i just try to forget it and continue my life like before , i go out , buy some food . But in the road i saw something crazy , a Pumpkin guy covered by blood with soo many police corps near him . I try go back away and walk slow down , i know its real , he is not a human , i hoping he is forget about me , but its will not happen , i exacly will be killed . And then he come blink in front of my face again , with a scary smile i can see behind his mask and say “you are next” , he lift his Sword and ready to kill me , i closed my eyes , then all comes dark ......... “its too dark , i cant see anything , i was dead?”.

    A year a month a week , i dont know how long it is , but i was wake up now , but still in a darkness , i try to scream i can and a sound like echoed , so i was think im in some room , i can feel it , i still alive , i stand try to get out from this room and i found it , i open that door . And what i found there was just small room with a light , and all thing about Pumpkin guy was there , a mask , suit , sword , all was there . And i found a letter i a table with a sentence “You Are Next PUMPKIN GUY”.
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  8. gagoha12345

    gagoha12345 New Member

    Jul 18, 2016
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    IGN: Thevagabond
    Word Count: 685
    On one late night, I was driving in my car towards my house. It will be a long drive since it is 10 kilometers away from my workplace. It was 11 pm in the evening, when I stumbled something that caught my eye on my way. I saw a beautiful little child sitting in a small and sturdy chair. As I park my car on other side of the road, I got out of my car. I shouted at the girl and said "Hey!" and I heard no answer. I shouted again "Hey little girl!!" but still no answer. I realized in my head that maybe this girl is just a lost girl and maybe I can escort her to her home. I slowly approach her, one step at a time to make sure she has no threats. When I arrive at her front, I put it in my head that whatever happens, I will try to confront this girl's problem as I am a fearless person. So I gather up my resolve and tap her shoulders saying "Little girl, what's the matter?". She suddenly shouted at my face with her blank face as I was creep out of this happening I suddenly rushed to my car while she was still there standing looking at me with her blank face. I got into my car and start the engine faster than I anticipated. I realized that my car couldn't move as I lean outside my left window I saw my right wheel where a black spear was injected towards it. I looked outside my left window as she is slowly walking towards me, one step at a time. My heart is pounding faster than I could expect and my cold-blooded sweat was dripping from my head towards my body. As she gets nearer, my body was bathe in fear as well as my mentality quickly drowned in fear. I closed my eyes and take a deep breath and rethink what I should do in this kind of situation. I opened them again and looked at the side in where she was walking towards me and she was gone. I said to myself that maybe it was all a dream. I slowly looked at the back of my car and she was there smiling at me with a killer smile. As I panic, I got out of my car and got to a nearby forest and ran as fast as I could. I hid under a small trunk, I then realized I had my phone on my pocket and I called 911 to help me in this dire situation. The police said that they will be here in 10 minutes so I said to myself that I should just survive for 10 minutes. I put back my phone in my pocket and waited. I then hear two people talking, I saw another tall man with a suit and blank face talking to the girl I saw on the street. I listened to their conversation and heard that the little girl was looking for a young man for her to play with. As I listened carefully to their words. They suddenly looked at me and smiled. I felt creep out again and ran around and around the forest looking for a hiding place as I got exhausted I saw a police siren at a road. I then rushed towards them and suddenly realized that I got back to the place where I parked my car. I then told the police officers of what happened and they said to me that "Maybe you just had a tiring day man!! maybe you're hallucinating things all around you". I then checked my car and the black spear was gone. I started the engine and everything was back to normal. I then drove towards the officers and said "I'm sorry maybe you were right maybe I really just had a tiring day at work." I drove to my home and said to myself that that happening was not true at it was all an illusion.
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    IGN : Cornbits
    Word Count : 703

    The Kid

    “Based from my own experience”

    For as long as I can remember, strange occurrences already happen around me. I can see apparitions of persons, animals, and objects, hell I even saw phantom 18th century houses that people around me fail to see even if it is in front of their faces.

    After I finished school, I worked as a maintenance officer and a messenger for a respectable call center company in the city. The office is up on the 49th floor of a building with an elevator and staircase all the way to the basement parking lot. All Sales representative officers’ and the manager work at night, and that leaves me alone working in the morning shift. After 2 weeks at work, I began to notice strange phenomena in our office premises. I always turn the lights off after the personnel leave the office only to find out later to be turned back on. Doors slams shut even when the windows are closed. Sometimes, a foul rotting stench lingers in the office halls at specific times of the day. Footsteps can be heard around breaking the eerie silence even though the only person around is me. I convince myself into thinking that it must be a draft or the heat rising up through air as the sun rises. I even set mouse traps for the sound of footsteps must be vermin running around the halls. These occurrences and strange happenings repeat every day at random times. Everything seems normal to me after being used to the phantom noises until one memorable day. It was a dark, rainy cold morning, I went to work. Upon arriving and entering the building premises, I was told to use the emergency staircase because the elevator is under maintenance and unusable at the moment. Silently cursing at my rotten luck, I plodded slowly climbing up the dark damp cold unending stairwell. Halfway through it, I noticed a lingering rotten smell around me. Checking my sneakers if I stepped on a dog poop but meh. The smell followed me all the way until I arrived in front of the emergency exit of the 49th floor. After signing in and entering the office, I found myself exhausted from climbing up the stairs so I took a quick rest in the office infirmary. (We were allowed to have a 20 minute rest even during work hours and because I was the only person around). I woke up slowly opening my eyes until I noticed a small white hand holding on to my arm and as I look beside the bed, a little girl was looking back at me with a smiling face with no eyes gripping my arm. I was startled to the point that I literally jumped out of the bed. Looking around in panic, I grabbed the flower vase to my defense and the girl vanished on the thin air. That scene got me all worked up all day and I was very edgy and on my toes all the time. To forget what happened, I started work. I cleaned the pantry first, the washroom, and the office. Mopping the floor was very tiring, and after I finished cleaning up, foot prints littered the wet floor. I was mad at myself for stepping on the wet floor but I noticed that the footprints were much smaller than my own. Cleaning up after the small tracks fast, I hung the wet rags on the radiator room and lit up a cigarette to calm down then the power went out. It was raining hard outside as I looked out the glass wall. Checking up my phone, it seems that the bad weather turned out to be a storm and my boss informed me that work for the day is cancelled. After locking up the place, I headed to the emergency exit and because the power is out, I used my phone as a flashlight. It was a long dark way down and I noticed that someone was down ahead of me a few flight of stairs. I find it reassuring to have companion climbing down the stairs and when I finally caught up I saw something like this
    Filled with adrenaline, I ran past the kid down the stairs and out the exit.
    A few months later, I resigned from work and to this day my old co workers in that building tells stories of a child wandering around in hallways and sometimes in the elevator. Witnesses say that she may be a victim during the second world war when the area was heavily bombed by Japanese planes.
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    Most kids grow up hating the dark. There’s this primal fear of the unknown, of what may be lying in wait for you behind the shadows.

    I’ve always thought it the other way around. The light is terrifying because it tells you that something is there. Even if you can’t see it. Let’s put it another way. Say there’s an abandoned house. Entering the house and finding nothing but darkness all around is pretty nerve-wracking, I’ll give you that. But what if you did find light deep inside the house? Hell, it doesn’t have to be deep inside the house, it could just be a room visible from outside the house.

    You don’t think that’s scary?

    What if you replaced the word light with something else? Like a face, or the faint outline of a figure. Adults might say that someone was squatting in the place, or that you must have been mistaken. Very reasonable and logical explanations.

    Kids, though… kids see something else. Ghosts, monsters, or even murderers like the ones that appear in the movies that our parents never let us see. Oh, sure, shrinks might say that kids have active imaginations, and are prone to making things up. But kids are much more perceptive than people give them credit for. When you’re young, society has yet to properly hammer in the rules of life. You’re more of a wild animal than a social beast, prone to relying on your instincts. And no instinct is more vital to survival than fear.

    There are stories of dogs and other animals reacting to earthquakes before they’re even there. Your instincts tell you what you should be afraid of. Growing up is the process of suppressing these instincts, because sometimes, you just need to overcome the challenges in your path without running away. Other times, though…

    Having lived in an apartment for most of my life, those automated light sensors were an every-present facet of my life. Every time I returned home from school or cram school, those automated lights would turn on whenever I stepped out of the elevator. Or, sometimes, even before. I remember nearly pissing myself back in 3rd grade when I stepped out into a bright hall devoid of any other existence. Now, I realize that the motion sensors were probably reacting to the elevator doors opening. I’ll laugh inwardly and shake my head, and tell myself, dang, kids really do have active imaginations.

    Kids are by nature inquisitive, and once they want to know why something’s happening they’ll resort to all kinds of things to find out. I was no exception, and I was dying to find out just what was up with the lights. I’d walk around the hall, watching the lights flare up each time I passed under them, marveling at what surely must have been magic. They might have taught electricity in schools, but then again, I wasn’t really a model student by any means.

    One day, though, something felt off. As I paced back and forth, I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was being watched by something. But when I sped up my pace and reached one end of the hall, I turned back to find nothing. Nothing but a light at the other end.

    I stood still, holding my breath, waiting for the light to fade, but it just stood there as if was waiting. Only when it finally flickered off did I allow myself to take a breath. Then the light came back on, only this time it was the second last light from the end. Then the third. Then the fourth.

    I ran. I rushed down the stairs, with the lights following in my wake. Luckily, my family lived on the 5th floor, and I’d always been the outdoorsy type. Even so, I was shaking and out of breath by the time I reached the first floor. I ran out the doors and into the streets, finally taking cover inside a convenience store until my parents, worried that I had not come home, came to find me. I remember being grounded and not allowed to go out after school. Which suited me just fine.

    I don’t know why the lights suddenly came on, or why they headed towards me. What I do know is that the kid next door vanished a few days later, and that they never found him. What I do remember is telling him about what had happened to me, and getting angry when he didn’t believe me. I dared him to try it for himself.

    I also know that sometimes, when I look out through the peephole on my door, I can see the lights on and nothing else.

    Sometimes shadows are just that. Shadows. But light? The presence of light symbolizes the presence of something else.

    And I don’t think I’m fully prepared to find out just what that something is.
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    IGN: Lillia
    Word Count: 1999
    On a late night during the end of Autumn, I was doing my usual rounds of hunting down Krall in the northern part of Poeta. It was terrible since I was a novice assigned to the worst shift possible. I went ahead and rent a room near Akarios Village before heading back to Sanctum. When I arrived at the inn, I noticed there was this man sitting at the corner. He looked frail and was most likely at his retirement. I was a bit concerned since the man was shaking but kept a very calm face. I assumed that he might be freezing since it was very late already. The shugo inn keeper gave me the keys to my room. I went to my room to leave my things, when someone was knocking the door. I was a bit shocked because the knocking was so loud that you would find it irritating since it was this late at night. When I opened the door, no one was at sight. I looked to my left to see that no one was startled with the loud banging on my door, or so I thought. I looked to my right to see the old man I saw earlier holding a sack in his right hand. I asked him if there's something I can do for him. He replied to me with a grouchy whispering voice and said "One will know the agony of how life is torn away from existence. There's no stopping the inevitable, young man." I asked the man to leave since it was very late to disturb people. "The blood on your hands will know. The blood shed who keeps the balance. The blood that feeds the Nazgoul." I was a bit irritated with the man and forced him to leave since he did not make any sense to me. When I was about to escort him down the stairs the wind blew hard. The windows at the side opened and some of the glass broke. When I looked back, the man disappeared. The shugo inn keeper heard the noise and saw the shattered glass on the staircase. He asked me what happened but as much as I wanted to explain the only thing that I could think of were the man's words to me.

    I went to the inn's main lobby and told the inn keeper everything I asked what the man said to me. "What do you know about the Nazgoul?" I asked the shugo. The shugo's face went pale and was trembling. Even with fright, the shugo said "The Nazgoul was an ancient deity that roamed Atreia even before Ariel and Azphel ruled the Empyrean Lords. Triniel, the lady of Death saw that there was no need for a deity other than the Empyrean Lords, so she cursed her and trapped her in the human world. But the hatred grew in her heart and she eradicated the live stocks of the human race, she knew that with that they would look for a god to pray on to supplement their needs, but with her heart of vengeance, she did not need their prayers, but she asked for blood. She asked for four children where their parents would have to sacrifice them in front of the Nazgoul. As a normal reaction, the parents denied such command, but the Nazgoul was furious and slit the throat of an innocent farmer and said that she will do the same if she sees another defiance to her request. The parents murdered their children and the Nazgoul felt satisfied that she was worshiped once again, but Triniel saw the chaos that plagued the human lands and she decided to trap the monster to an eternal void in the abyss where no one would be able to enter. The lands were peaceful once again, but the legends say that the Nazgoul's heart is filled with pure vengeance that she will one day return to roam the lands and seek the blood to worship her.

    The next day followed as I was ready to depart to Sanctum to report my daily rounds when suddenly a boy bumped me since he was in a hurry. The boy tripped and couldn't stand up. Courteous as I am, I helped the poor boy but to a great shock I looked at his face to see that he did not have one. I was shocked and fell down myself and the boy ran away like nothing happened. I rubbed my eyes to let me believe that it was just a hallucination of mine. I went on to Akarios and saw a large crowd standing near the flight transporter. A lot of Daevas and other merchants were complaining since they were all in a hurry. The flight transporter exclaimed that he does not know the whereabouts of the Teleporter assigned for today. He was flustered by the crowd since all he could hear were their complaints. When I tried to look closely across the street, there was this little girl who was holding her mother's arm. Then the child slowly faced forward and what terrified me was that her face was gone. I wanted to prove that I was not going mad, so I went to the woman and child to see. The crowd was pushing me back and forth, I lost track of the woman but luckily I was able to tap the shoulder of the woman and in a polite way I told her where her child went to? She broke in tears and said that her child passed away 5 years ago. I was so shocked that I just walked away from the woman after apologizing. I thought that it was just me being paranoid of what happened last night.

    With the heavy crowd in the village, I decided to visit this tavern nearby to avoid the huge crowd and to avoid the hallucinations. I felt so nauseous, that I went to the bathroom to get myself straightened out. While I was using the sink, I noticed that there was a boy standing at the corner of the bathroom. It was like he was staring at the corner for a while. I was very scared to grab the boys attention seeing is that I was already able to encounter two faceless children, so I was not up for a third one. Luckily the boy turned around, and to my ease he was not like the other two I saw earlier. I went outside of the bathroom relieved of the fact that the children I've been seeing maybe just hallucinations until I went to back to Akarios Village that I bumped into a small fellow he didn't trip or fall he just stood in front of me staring at me from below with, the boy was faceless. I tripped over a small rock and was petrified of what was happening. The boy slowly walked away in a straight path. Two Sentinels ran to me asking of what happened, I looked like I was attacked by someone they said. I told them if they saw the child who just walked passed me. The said that there was no child at all. I felt afraid of the fact that everything that I was seeing were all true but I kept myself intact and assured myself that everything's okay and they were all illusions. I told myself that maybe I was just hungry. I went back to have a small snack since the village is still crawling with angry merchants trying to get out of Poeta. I talked to the Inn Keeper and asked for a bowl of zigi soup. I waited for a few minutes before I ate. Luckily, I was seated next to a window, so I could just check out the scenery while waiting for the soup. While checking the crops and fields "Here's your soup, dear sir. I looked at the soup I had and wanted to thank the little lady who served me, but to a frightened stare I saw that the girl did not have a face. I was startled, the tables and chairs were all over the place. The Inn keeper asked if there was a problem. I did not ask if there was a girl who was a server because there was no soup at all in my table. I was so frightened and couldn't even think straight. I was under the impression that I was in a dream. I tried to pinch myself, but I felt the pain. I was so frightened that I was shaking. I sat under a tree, thinking that this day would come to pass that everything was just my hallucinations. I slept under the three to see that it was almost dark. I woke up to see that there was no road in front of me. I panicked and ran as fast as I could. I don't know where I was or where I was going. Every second felt like it eternity I just ran and ran.

    It felt like forever, and then I was able to walk near a lake. The water was marshy and cloudy, so the thought of taking a drink was out of the question. I looked at my reflection and there I saw a black figure behind me. When I looked behind no one was there but when I turned back to the lake I saw a woman, her skin was like wood and that it was peeling off of her face, the seaweeds oozing out of her eye sockets, it felt so menacing that I had to run away, but her huge hands held my head and dragged me down the lake. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and her mouth was opened wide. I froze because I never imagined myself being in this position. I didn't do anything, I just let myself be wrapped up with the situation hoping that I'd just wake up from this dream. I was dragged below the lake until I hit rock bottom and woke up all of a sudden. I woke at the inn where I stayed last night, I was relieved that it was all a dream, so I went and pack my things, but when I thought that everything was ok, blood was flowing on the floor near my door. I panicked and opened it up I saw the Inn keeper's fur drenched in blood. Before taking his last breath he whispered "Na... z...gu....". I looked at the hallway and I saw the horrific woman in my dreams, I built the courage in me and ran as fast as I can to the woman and stabbed her. I stabbed her in the lower abdomen, then made a quick slash on her chest. Taking a great leap I slashed her throat, and when she was down. I stabbed my sword into her forehead. I felt relieved that I was able to take down such a creature. But the creature started laughing as if she won the battle. The woman suddenly shifted and what my eyes saw with my sword stabbed on was a little girl. I heard a few gagging sound behind me so I looked and saw three other children: one had his throat slashed, one had his chest opened, and one was stabbed in her stomach. I dropped on the floor shaking, I lost my mind, to think I was capable of killing children. Then a black mist appeared before me and I saw the woman again, she was talking to me in a foreign language that I know nothing of. She held my chin and whispered "Naaaazgouul" and laughed. I then realized that the object in front of me was a mirror. It was hard for me to swallow, but it was true, I was the Nazgoul.
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    IGN: Celebi
    Word Count: 1395
    Story: Grandmother's Call
    It was around 12 in the midnight, I was about to go home from a friend's party.
    Baron: "Hey.. Jeff come on it's still too early man, come on let's have more drinks!"
    Jeff: Shh.. be quite bro my mom is calling me right now. She thought I’m doing group study at peters.
    Mother: "Jeff!? oh my god are you in baron's house!?"
    My mom never liked baron, she has this image of him as nothing but a bad influence ever since that time I almost drowned because of baron's crazy stunts.
    Jeff: "What? no mom its peter my classmate in high school."
    Mother: "You've better be not lying young man, I'll call your father if you've been drinking again.
    Jeff: "Alright mom, we were just about done here. I’ll just need to patch things up and head home."
    Mother: "Ok one more thing, your grandmother just called and mentioned about losing something important during our last family trip. Just before you go home be sure to give her a visit."
    Jeff: "What? but mom grandma's house is on the other way. Can't it just wait till tomorrow?"
    Mother: "What do you mean the other way? You're at peter's house right? Jeff, I'm calling your father"
    Jeff: "Ok ok mom I get it I was just confused for a bit. I'll go visit grandma before I go home."
    Mother: "Be sure to drive slowly and be safe. Love you honey"
    Jeff: "Ok mom..."
    Mother: "?? Love you honey"
    Jeff: "Love you too mom…"

    I was now on my way to grandma's house. I drove pass an intersection at Willows Street. This place just gives me the creep. It's a long straight road covered with thick trees where you can barely see any lights. While I was driving, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated. Like something has hit me in the head. The air feels abnormally cold, while my body temperature was oddly warm. And for a second, I got this sickening feeling that somebody else was using my body. I don’t know if I had just too much drink or was just something else. Then suddenly, I could hear an eerie yet somehow familiar sound "Baby, baby, baby ohhh~~". Panicked, it was hard for me to determine whether the sound was coming inside or outside the car by the way it reverberates. Anyway I drove as fast as I could then for a moment the sound stop. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the car's engine died…
    Jeff: "Oh come on, give me a break!"
    I was in the middle of the road surrounded with nothing but darkness. While waiting for a car to pass by, I grabbed my phone and was about to call my dad to pick me up but then my battery suddenly died out too.
    Jeff: "Great, just great!"
    Feeling frustrated, I tucked both of my hands inside my pocket as I looked for a nearby resident asking for help. From a distance, I saw an old worn down hut with yellow lights. I walked straight and knock on the door.
    Jeff: "Hello? Anybody here?"
    No one replied. I circled around the hut to check and the back door was open. Slowly I walked in and asked again.
    Jeff: "Hello anybody here? My car suddenly died out and I could use some help."
    Inside the hut was another door. I could hear a sound coming from that door.
    "Chop! Chop! Chop!"
    I was hesitant at first but slowly I reached out my hand to open it then all of a sudden a man came out dressed in a butcher's suit covered with blood and a big hatchet on his right hand.
    Jeff: "Ahhh! *gasped*"
    Man: "What could I do for you young man?"
    Jeff: "Uhm, ah, my car suddenly died and I uh... What were you doing inside that room?"
    I asked shaken, as I watch the blood drips on the edge of the hatchet.
    Man: "Oh this? I was just about to deliver some meat to one of my customers. She's an elderly lady who lives just up town."
    I don’t know why but I feel unconvinced, still with no other options left I nodded.
    Jeff: "So yea, I could really use some help"
    Man: "I have a car stand by just up ahead, If you want I could give you a ride"
    Jeff: "Really? You’re a life saver! Thanks that would be great."
    Man: "Just give me a minute to get change and pack the goods"
    Jeff: "Okay.."
    From that point on, my body feels weirdly relaxed. It's no surprise. To be able to finally get over this long night I felt really relieved.
    The man pulls out a large bag which seems to contain the meat and walked our way towards his car and he put it in the trunk. I went inside the other door and we started heading on our way to the town. Exhaustion finally caught up and I fell deeply asleep...

    Grandma: "Jeff! Jeff!"
    I heard someone knocking on the car's window. It was my grandmother.
    Grandma: "What took you so long it’s already 3am. From peter's house it only takes 30 mins to get here."
    As I woke up my mind feels really blurry and my body feels really sore especially both my arms.
    Jeff: "Right uhh.. I got a bit of a trouble and ah I was.. wait where is the other man who drove me here?"
    Grandma: "What other man? I’ve been waiting for hours… Your mom called and she is worried sick, when I looked from the window you were there deeply asleep. Jesus, Jeff what were you doing?"
    Jeff: "Yea sorry ‘bout that grandma, my battery died out. Anyway my mother told me you were looking for something important that you’ve lost?"
    Grandma: "Oh… right about that, I can’t find my phone. I think I left it in your car during that last trip. I'll try calling it now"
    The eerie sound started playing again "Like baby, baby, baby nooo~"
    Jeff: "Holy mother of Christ that was you!?? That music scared the shit out of me when it suddenly played while I was driving."
    Grandma: "Hey watch your mouth!"
    Jeff: "Sorry, I thought a ghost was following me."
    Grandma: "Silly dear, it’s the same ringtone I used. I have fond memories of this song I remember how it always scares you and made you cry when you were little."
    Jeff: "No wonder it sounded so familiar"
    I searched on the back seat and I found grandma's phone.
    Jeff: "Here ya go grandma"
    Grandma: "Thanks dear, I had a feeling it was there all along. It's late would you like to rest and stay for the night?"
    Jeff: "It's alright grandma I needed to go home and tell mom and I still have class tomorrow."
    Grandma: "Well, alright. Be sure to head home straight and drive slowly dear"
    I closed the cars door and wave at grandma as she enters back to the house. I paused for a moment and chuckled about the things that has happened then I continued driving home.

    About a moment later, I opened the car's drawer and checked my phone for the time. It was 3:45.
    Jeff: "Crap, my mother isn't going to be happy when I get home…"
    A thought came…, something awfully hard struck my mind. I knew almost immediately that something weird was going on.
    Jeff: "Why is my phone's battery not dead? And why am I in my car, driving my car!?"
    I began to breathe deeply, cold sweats started pouring on my head. I tried my best to recollect my memories. I can’t seem to picture out the man’s face.
    Jeff: "Uawhh.. what is that awful smell??" The smell seems to be coming from the back.
    I stopped the car and check what’s inside the trunk. When I opened it, there was a butcher's suit and a big hatchet covered in blood. On the side was a big bag where the smell concentrates. I uncovered the bag inside was peter's dismembered body.
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    IGN: Narrr

    Word Count:885


    The Playful Boy

    This happened when there was a cheer dance competition in our school, all my classmates were eager to win so we practiced after class from 5pm to 8-9pm at the soccer field in our school.

    It was a week before the competition when it happened; it was 8:30PM when we finished our practice so some of us go back to our classroom to get their bags and belongings. Our room is located on the third floor, as we are approaching the building even when we are far we can see that there’s a kid running in the second floor, but we ignored it. As we reached the second floor of the building there’s no one in there, so I said to that maybe it’s just an illusion because we are tired (I’m just trying to sound cool in front of my crush) so we reached our room with little fear. When we are getting our bags one of my classmate said that someone just run pass our room, so I tried to check if there is someone but it was 8:35PM and no one would play in that time so maybe he’s just joking around but he said that he was serious we ignored it once again, after that we left the school like nothing happened.

    The next day we finished our practice at 9:00PM because we are practicing our pyramid. When we are walking I told them that if you see or heard something just ignore it. When we approach the building you can feel that there is somebody that staring at you but we didn’t mind it. And back again in the second floor I saw a glimpse of a boy running in the stairs none of my classmate sees that so I decided not to tell them and cause panic. So we continue and retrieve our bags but even when we are in the third floor you can hear that someone is really running in the second floor you can hear the shoes and a voice of a little boy who is having fun. Everyone started to be scared but I told them that don’t mind it and continue what you’re doing. After that we didn’t experience anything after.

    It was two days before the competition so we are practicing until 9:00PM my classmate bought their bags in the field because they were scared of that building but five of us (Four girls and me) left our bags in the classroom so we walked to get our bags, I started to feel uncomfortable because I can see in my peripheral vision that there is someone staring at us, I’m the only one that felt that way so I didn’t say something to them, then when we are close to the building we heard a loud sound, it sounded like a body falling from a high building or something after hearing that the five of us run and laugh with nervousness. So we climb the stairs and at that moment I’m sure that it is not an illusion I saw a boy standing on the second floor I was so scared that I can’t take my eyes of him then my classmate drag me to the third floor then I asked them “ Did you see that? That’s real right” then they replied “Yes!” so the five of us were very scared, but we really need to go down and go home so as we got our bags, as soon as we got our bags I took a peep to check if there is someone in the second floor and there was nothing, but when the five of us when down the second floor I saw the boy lying in the floor, like his body is broken in every way and his head is cracked and covered in blood after seeing that all of us froze like ice and one my classmate said “that’s real right” no one can answer that question. There is one thing that I cannot forget that night, the boy’s body started to move and crawled to us when he was nearly 4 meters the boy crawled faster and faster like he wanted something from us none of us were able to react then one of my classmates cried so loud and in a glimpse of an eye the boy was gone. I was very thankful that she cried, that cry was like the loudest I’ve ever heard. After that we asked the security guard of the school if he has seen that boy and he said “that boy accidentally fall from the third floor of that building” he said that if you ever see that boy just ignore it because if you give that boy attention he will come to you and will try to push you out of the building. Then the security guard showed us his left arm he said that his left arm got broke because that boy pushed him in the second floor. On the last day of our practice nobody left their bags in the classroom and no one told the teachers what happened.
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    IGN: Bahnoff
    Word Count: 814
    Story: Monday School (Based on my own experience)



    In a quietly, vast and messy room of mine preparing to go to school which probably my "Jail Room" (That was I called back in my days) when I was a 6th Grader. But In that day, maybe 17th of September of 2007 (I'm pretty sure), I was in a deep sleep because of the torrential rain happening in that midnight. Somehow I manage to wake up early morning which I'm expecting to have a suspended class in that day. Foremost, I eat, take a bath and preparing to wait my Mom and Dad to call me on the ride. I was a funny, silly boy which I'm becoming annoying on some of my classmate but that day, I'm quietly and I don't know why I'm afraid of. We arrived in my school which describes as a gloomy,obsolete and hell (for me), My Mom called me after, saying:


    "Son, take care of yourself today because we have bad weather and needless to say call me if something happens bad. Mkay?"
    *Talking while she fixing her bag*

    *Nods nervously and afraid but she didn't know *

    So fast forward on that day, it was 12 NOON and the rain has gushing, having a rapid winds breaks the trunk for the trees. Falling down apart. So I was talking to some of my classmate and a unexpected to pee myself so I told them:


    Hey, I'll gonna go to the bathroom first
    *Jumping slightly which my bladder is gonna explode in a second*

    So bathroom located on the 3rd floor on my school which is a Chapel, So ran off quickly as possible as a I can and when I reach on a 3rd floor, Things strange starting to happen. First, The Piano played by itself and I was not terrified by that, I'm thinking there was bug or animals on inside, I neglect that happen.Second, while the rain is pouring down, there was an old balcony which we're called a Lost Floor because it's full of crap just dead plants which it me terrified when I saw that floor. Lastly, which is I'm afraid more because it's supernatural, and has nothing to do with some physical things.

    It startled, shaking and terrified which the scenario describes as disturbing because this happens when I was washing my face, looking on a mirror many times. And a last look on a mirror, something A black shadowy figure blazing right behind me, so I was talking right after that terrifying moment:

    Is there anybody? Don't prank me guys...Yo seriously.
    *Nervously terrified while I'm talking and slowly moves on the stairs*

    Kid? Is everything alright?
    *He heard my voice on the 3rd floor*

    *Teared and gushing down on the stairs*

    Before I move down in the stairs, I glanced again on that bathroom once again. But this time, the ghost lady staring at me one eyed from the bathroom, slightly the door open while the ghost staring at me which has a pale face, horrified body, a deceased body and have a red eyes. So I go down with the janitor and the janitor vanishes constantly. Once I reached the ground floor the rain go away, and has a little pickly sun glaring on the entrance of our school. So I rush in the classroom and It was nothing. Nothing is there, even my classmates aren't there because I spent an hour on that floor realizing it's already suspended. I was terrified once again, walks onto my desk and get my backpack. I saw something a note noted on blackboard while I'm walking away:

    "I hope you see this note: Kid, I know you're afraid right now. Remember the black ghost you saw on the 3rd Floor? It was a pastor who committed suicide due to lack of finances back in the days to build this school. I know it's hard look it and I'm sorry if you're afraid right now. Not only you who saw that black thing. I'm deeply sorry, Best wishes before you go -Janitor"

    I was utterly and shocking moment when I saw that note and I jump the crap of me. My cellphone rang and my mom told me to go on the entrance and went on the car immediately and I told her an story of mine when I was there. That's is my first time on my life to saw a ghost. Momentary after, the car moves and saw once again the school, This time the janitor standing in the gate on our school, waving like a sort of a doll and slightly smiles.We moved our house, new school and new friends,the rest is history. I don't know where is that school now. It is still there? Is it still functioning well? or is it still haunted?. My answer: I don't know.

    The End.


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  15. Suvorov

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    Czech republic
    Word count: 1508

    At the end of a quiet road, behind a veil of twisted black oak trees, there was a house. A woman lived there. On bitter nights like this one, she sat by the fire and read until she grew tired enough for sleep. But on this night, as her lids grew heavy, she was startled by a sound. A sound she wasn’t accustomed to hearing these days. Who could be calling, she wondered? And this late? She rose from her chair and picked up the phone.

    “I’m going to kill you,” a man with a deep voice said.
    “Who is this?” she asked.
    No answer.

    “Who is this?” she repeated, her hand trembling.

    There was a click. Silence. She quickly dialled the police and explained what had happened. The officer told her to wait while he traced the call. After a few moments he said, “The call is coming from . . . inside your house.”

    “That doesn’t make sense,” she said. “How could someone be inside my house?”
    “He probably broke in,” he said.

    “Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense.”
    “And that’s not everything,” he said. “I’m not a police officer.”

    “You aren’t?”
    “No, I’m the killer guy from before. I never actually hung up.”

    “But I heard a click.”

    The man made a clicking sound with his mouth. “Like that?” he said.
    “Wow, that’s really good.”

    “So, are you really inside my house?”
    “Yeah, totally.”

    The man’s breathing grew heavier. “I like your hair,” he said.

    “Wait, you can see me?”

    “Wait, you like my hair?”
    “It’s really nice.”

    “If you can see me, then what am I wearing?”
    “Looks like a blouse from Banana and a skirt from . . . Anne Taylor Loft?”
    “Wow, you really can see me.”
    “I can also see—wait, what the hell is that?”

    “There’s a person, a ghost hovering near you.”
    “It’s sort of hard to trust you after the click thing.”
    “No I’m serious, over by the couch.”

    The woman turned and gasped, “Oh my god, I see it! I knew this place was haunted.”

    “Jesus Christ. Is it a kid? Eww, he’s all translucent.”
    “Looks like a little boy.”

    “What does he want??”
    “I think he wants to play. He’s holding a kite.”

    The ghost boy floated closer and spoke: “Play with meeeeee.”
    “Oh my God, he can talk!” the man said.

    “Play with meeeeee,” the ghost boy repeated.

    “Um, no thank you!” the man said.
    “He can’t hear you,” the woman said.

    “Put me on speaker.”
    “Hold on,” she said. “Try now.”
    “We don’t want to play with you! O.K., junior? Just run along.”

    “Why?” the boy said, cocking his head to one side. “Playing is fun.”

    “No it isn’t!” the man yelled .
    “Who are you?” the ghost boy asked the woman. “Why are you in my house?”

    “Oh, I’m Ellen. I actually live in this house now. And the voice you’re hearing on the phone is . . . I didn’t get your name.”
    “It’s, uh, Douglas,” the man said, reluctantly.

    “Douglas is hiding somewhere in here to kill me, right, Douglas?” Ellen said.

    “That was the plan,” Douglas said .
    “And you guys are scared of a kid with a kite? Jesus,” the ghost boy said.

    “A dead kid with a kite!” Douglas said.
    There was a heavy silence for several moments. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

    “Expecting someone?” Douglas asked.
    It rang again. Ellen walked over and opened it. Standing there was a hulking man in ratty clothes, barely concealing a bloodied machete behind his back.

    “Pardon me, Ma’am,” he said. “My car broke down and I was wondering if I could charge my phone in your house?”

    “Sorry, I don’t think so,” Ellen said, starting to close the door.

    The man shoved his foot inside. “Well, I do think so,” he said.
    Ellen stumbled and fell to the ground.

    “Who the hell is that?” Douglas screamed.
    “I’m a homicidal drifter. Who the hell are you?” the drifter said, confused. “Where’s that voice coming from?”

    “He’s a killer hiding in my house,” Ellen said, holding up the phone. “Douglas.”

    “Hiding? Where?” the drifter asked, looking around nervously.
    “He’s in the closet,” the ghost boy said.

    “What in the shit is that?” the drifter screamed.
    “I’m a ghost. I used to live here like a hundred years ago. Oh, and let me guess, you don’t want to play with me.”

    “Hell, no, I don’t want to play with you. What’s going on in here?”

    “What’s going on is no one will play with me!”
    “For Christ’s sake, no one’s flying a kite at night,” Douglas shouted. “Give it up!”

    The ghost boy began to cry.
    “Now you made him cry, Douglas,” Ellen chided.

    “Sorry if I’m a little on edge because you let a killer into the house,” Douglas said.
    “First of all, I didn’t let him in, he busted in,” Ellen said.

    “It’s true, I did,” the drifter said.
    “Second of all, you’re also a killer, Douglas.”

    “Touché,” the drifter said.

    “And third of all, don’t say sorry to me, say sorry to the dead kid.”

    “O.K., O.K. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you,” Douglas said.

    The ghost boy smiled. Everyone seemed to calm down a bit, until the doorbell rang again. Ellen walked toward the door.

    “DON’T!” the three others shouted.

    She opened it and peered outside. There was no one there, just a large wooden box on the front step.

    “There’s a box out here,” Ellen said. “There’s no label or anything,”

    “I have a bad feeling about this box,” the drifter said.

    “I hate this box,” the ghost boy said.

    Ellen ignored them and carried it inside. She turned to the drifter. “May I?” He wiped his machete on his pants and handed it to her. She popped open the top, reached in, and pulled out a tattered clown doll with a sinister grin.

    “What is it? What is it?” Douglas yelled, through the phone.
    “Some sort of clown doll,” Ellen said.
    “I don’t want to play with a clown doll,” the ghost boy said, beginning to cry.
    “Why don’t we just put this thing back in the box before it gives us all nightmares, O.K.?” the drifter said.

    “Look, there’s a string,” Ellen said, pulling it before anyone could object. The clown began to wheeze, its eyes shifted from side to side, and an eerily cheerful song emanated from its open mouth.
    Welcome to my circus,
    My circus of fun.
    There’s nowhere to hide.
    There’s nowhere to run.
    You’re all my guests inside the Big Top.
    I’m going to kill you all, basically.
    The clown let out a terrible cackle.

    “Really psyched you pulled the string, Ellen,” Douglas said. “I mean, come on_!_”
    “What does the clown mean?” the ghost boy asked.

    “I think he was pretty clear,” the drifter said, wringing his hands. “He’s going to kill us all . . . basically.”
    “How’s a doll going to kill us?” Ellen asked.

    Each of them silently surveyed the room in anticipation. Suddenly, the lights went out.
    “What happened? Who did that?” the ghost boy screamed.

    “I can’t see anything!” the drifter said, “I literally can’t see anything because it’s too dark now!”
    Through the darkness, Ellen let out a cry, “Oh no!”

    “Ellen?” Douglas screamed, “What is it?”
    “It’s the clown! It killed her,” said the drifter, his voice shaking. “And we’re next!”

    “He killed Ellen!” the ghost boy sobbed.
    Seconds later, the lights flashed back on. Ellen’s hands were raised to her face.

    “My stupid contact lens slid out of place,” she said, spreading her eyelids apart, and poking at her pupil. “So annoying.”
    “Oh, please don’t do that,” the drifter said, squirming.

    “What’s she doing?” Douglas asked, with dread.
    “Touching her actual eyeball with her actual finger,” the ghost boy said, wincing.

    “It’s a real slippery one,” Ellen said, maneuvering deeper into her eye. “Can’t get a grip on it.”
    Douglas gagged. “Oh my god, that’s so vile.”
    The drifter raised his fist to his mouth with a grimace, as Ellen pressed her thumb against her wet, quivering eyeball for leverage.
    “Ugh, now I think it’s folded up under my lid,” said Ellen, stretching her lid out. “Can someone look and tell me if they can see it?”

    There was a click from the phone.
    “Douglas? Was that a real click?”
    The ghost boy faded into the wall, saying, “I’m out.”
    “Ghost boy?”
    She heard the front door opening behind her. “Drifter? You, too?”
    The drifter turned to her with a dazed look, “I hate this place so much,” he said, then dropped the machete from his limp hand and walked into the darkness.

    :D:DHappy Halloween to all :D:D
  16. Mema

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    IGN: Krebskulmsama
    Words Count: 606
    Story Title: Halloween

    It was last 6 years in November 2 on 1968 on Halloween, when I remember about the murder happened near at the park, there was a girl a high school student. Who was killed by unknown murderer who’s not been arrested for a years. The girl’s face was unidentified, no one knows who was the Victim even the police investigated the murder about the high school student, Still they haven’t solve the case, until they stop the investigation and close the case.

    It happened again in November 2 on 1970, there were 5 students who were camping at the old park. There were two boys named James And Carlo and girls names were Kalista, Katarina, and Janine.

    James: “ You sure guys that this is the place that we were told to be here? “

    Katarina: “ I’m sure this is the place that Kalista told us”

    Kalista: “ Well… this is the place that is written on the map. Maybe we should check the location in the GPS if it is right.”

    James: “ Wait I’ll double check the location if we were at the right place.” ‘James show the GPS locator to everyone.’ “our location is right, maybe we should get started build our camp.”

    All of them agreed and they start to build their own tents. Carlo was the one who’s done his work first, so he ask permission to his Friends to get some sticks so they may able to start having a camp fire.

    Janine: “ Should I come with you? “ Carlo Replied, “ Yeah Sure”

    Carlo and Janine left the camp to pick up some sticks, while the others were preparing their food. Mean while Carlo and Janine were talking about each other, suddenly the temperature was getting cold. Janine feels uncomfortable, so she run towards Carlo. While Janine runs toward Carlo, Carlo was Stunned .

    Janine: “ I felt so strange, maybe we should go back to our camps.”

    Janine notice that Carlo seems to be scared by something. Carlo sweated so much and starts to panic.

    Janine: “ What is it? What did you saw?”
    Carlo: “ Don’t move Janine, don’t even think to turn around!” Carlo cried.

    Janine was confused. Carlo took his hand and starts to walk back ward slowly, then Janine suddenly turned around Shockingly both of them saw the same human figure that is covered with black. They starts to get panic and separately runs to their camps.

    James:” What took them so long? “

    Katarina:” Maybe we should look for them”
    Kalista : " Katarina is right we should find them immediately."
    Kalista separated looking with them , an hour later James saw Janine laying near the old gate park covered with blood, James Cried when he saw Janine’s arm were torn apart and her digestive system scattered around the ground.

    James scream and saw Carlo and Kalista Soaked with blood, James runs towards them. Carlo was in deep pain he was stab in his stomach seven times and his back two times, he was running out of blood. Kalista is also in a bad condition because on a stab on her abdomen Kalista scream’s for help, suddenly Katarina Showed herself holding knives covered with blood then Katarina rushed towards Kalista try to stab her, James jump in front of Katarina and ended up stab in his neck. The blood were sprouting all over the ground, then Kalista starts to stand and laughed and choked Katarina until she died.

    Kalista tears dropping while she’s smiling, She returns into the camp burn all the things that they had so no one will know who is the true killer.
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    Ubec Ytic
    IGN: Codebreakerf
    Word Count: 970

    Story: "Left Hanging"

    In the middle of November 2015. Everyone were busy decorating the house, preparing for the most awaited day of the year.
    Putting some traditional decorations like bells, garlands, candles, angels, stars and other stuffs for the most awaited and wonderful day of the year. I can see how happy they are and here’s me.. sitting and waiting for food cooked by my Mom for our dinner. I’m a silent type of guy and as cold as you can imagine. I checked the time and it’s already 5:57 PM. I dont have nothing to do, so I opened my facebook account. As usual, scrolling and scrolling the feeds. There’s this post that captured my attention. It’s actually about a teenage girl who commited suicide.
    “Uhh as usual, it’s a common issue nowadays” — Me, whispering myself. And then I realized.. before we celebrate Christmas every year since 2015, we first celebrate the death anniversary of my cousin, named Yoro. He is my closest cousin, we grew up together and shares many memories. He committed suicide because of depression. Yoro is depressed about his school stuffs and family matters. His family are strict when it comes to school, they valued grades and family’s reputation. My cousin was bulldozed. His parents want him to become one of the CumLaude in his prestigious school. They have high standards when it comes to that matter and they dishonored Yoro for disappointing them for not getting high grades in high school years up until
    college. He’s impulsive and psychotic that he didnt even talked to his friends even to us, his relatives. Maybe commiting suicide was the only idea for him to escape reality and being hopeless. It kills me inside for not trying my best to talk to him. But we respect Yoro’/ decision. People dont attempt suicide solely because of pain, it’s because they dont believe there is a reason to live and the world would be better off without them.. And yes, by the way.. My cousin push the chair away to dangle from a rope tied to the ceiling.
    After reminiscing everything, I realized that it’s time for dinner. When I’m about to go to dining area, my attention was focused outside our house to be specific beyond the main door. I saw a shadow of a man and felt the cool night breeze. Suddenly, I heard someone whispired softly , blowing lightly through my hair. Anxious and weary, I rubbed my eyes and convinced myself that I’m hallucinating . And asked myself “What’s this weird feeling I have?”
    After what happened, I’m afraid being alone in our home. Few days later, on the month of December to be exact, Yoro’s 2nd anniversary. We prepared some food for a feast. It is a big deal to the family because we valued Yoro so much. The old members of the family had a 9 day prayer prior to the day of the date that Yoro died. We ate, laugh, made conversations with relatives and also.. we took a pictures together. I also grabbed the opportunity to use my phone in taking pictures on that day because for me, it’s also like a family gathering and to celebrate that Yoro is already in god’s hand. Prior to that day, while I’m checking the photos.. There’s this someone or should I say, there’s a shadow of a man behind me. I mean, behind us with my relatives. The height and body postures when taking pictures is like Yoro’s. After I discovered the horrifying photos, I then called my mother. Im shouting and quickly went to her room. But I then again saw a shadow of a man. He called me “Itian!” .. the voice is familiar and I’m sure that it’s Yoro’s voice.
    It cant be. This is the first time that this incident happened. I took the opportunity to talk to him but he hold my left hand and didnt say anything. It feels weird because in my mind, he grabbed me and took me into a dark and endless road but I couldnt feel that my body is moving.
    Then I heard my mother screaming my name “”itian! itian! itian wake up!!!! Oh god my son!!! Wake up please!!”” . Later I realized that I’m inside my own dream and it’s like a reality for me after my cousin held my hand. I tried my best to wake up.
    I woke up unconcious.. feeling lightheaded and weak. My mother told me that she tried to wake me up to take dinner but I’m not responding and keeps on sleeping. My mother said that I experienced sleep paralysis. I pictured out that when I waited for dinner, I fall asleep in our living room. It feels creepy when I puzzled eveything. The time that we celebrated Yoro’s 2nd anniversary is only a dream, also about the scary photos with a shadow of a man, and also when Yoro held my hand. I cried after realizing everything. I missed my cousin so much and maybe he missed me too that’s why he entered in my dream. Since that day, we light candles every monday in the nearest cementery to evoke spirits and in this coming All Souls Day, I will surely go to his grave and bring his favorites food and our favorite liquor. I was left hanging about this dream from Yoro. I’m hoping that he will enter in my dream again and left good memories just for a very last time.

    Thank you so much for reading my story

    Always remember to treasure every moments with your loveones (calm)(angel)
    PS: Yoro is not the real name of my cousin Thanks (pray)
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    You have been disqualified and receiving a Black Strike for plagiarism. Proof
    The story has to be written by you.
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  19. Ahas

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    IGN: Tugpapud
    Word count: 736

    Story: "LAST BREATH"

    It was the time where all the workers in a construction site are done and fixed their things, packed up and ready to go. but unfortunately one of the worker named JUAN was left alone maybe because he was very tired of his job and don't even know what is happening and fell asleep. by the time he woke up he is not aware that his co-workers locked the door in a storeroom where he slept. JUAN is now on the move to make escape in the said room.

    JUAN: "what is going on? why am I the only one in this so cold dark room? "

    (a rat crawling under his toes)

    JUAN: what was that?

    when he tried to find out what was under his toes he touch a small thing, a small object, not a round but a square one with no tail on it.

    JUAN: "Oh, I found a match. Now I am be able to see and find a way to get out of here."

    tsk tsk... (The sound of a ticking match) After the fire put a light on the place JUAN saw a black man. he was so scared and did not move. and the said black man also did not move. a moment later JUAN realize that the black man was his own shadow. His sweat came back to its pores cause of a shameful reaction.

    JUAN: "What am i doing? why am I afraid of my own shadow?" (slapping his face)

    JUAN:"My honeybunch is waiting for me. I must get out of here as quick as possible."

    JUAN quickly run on the door and slammed his head and knocked out together with the fire on the match that was blown away by the wind. (back to dark mode) Because of the strong force a big sound was produced and called somebody. and this somebody is unknown because it has no name. A voice shouted fiercely saying "tomorrow morning we have no electricity from 9am till dawn."

    JUAN: "I know that voice. That's the brgy. Police of our town." (JUAN did not waste his voice calling for help because he knows that the police has a poor hearing problem)

    beep beep!!! The sound of JUAN's watch. It's already 3:00 am in the morning. JUAN was still waiting for the door to open.

    JUAN: "why is it the door is still closed? Oh i see, It is locked outside." (JUAN has now a bright idea he pick up something in his pocket and this something is his cellphone)

    When he look at his cell it has 10% left in the battery. JUAN is very worried but his cellphone is not Iphone it is android so it will still work even it has 10% battery(correct me if I'm wrong). So JUAN turned on the flashlight. He is now has a great chance to unlock the door.

    JUAN: "This is it I am near to 600 words of my story and I will tell this story to my honeybunch when I get home."

    Because JUAN is in a construction site he saw many tools, boxes, pipes, woods, cement and of course the one he is looking for the one that could open the door. He found the duplicate key left in the table.

    JUAN: "Thank God. I can now open this door go home and finish this."

    ennnggkk!!! The sound of the old door JUAN opened. While JUAN was on his way home he felt someone is scratching at his back. His knees was shaking because of the high blood pressure rising in his veins slowly turning his head around and guess what. It is his honeybunch a big black cat scratching his back and can't talk because of a dead rat in his mouth.

    The joy that spread on JUAN's face when he saw his beloved cat can not be drawn.

    JUAN: "Is that a dead rat? gently asked his honeybunch."

    JUAN:"hmmm.... It looks like a tail of a rat. let me smell it." (The cat opened his mouth)

    By the time JUAN smell the mouth of his honeybunch he took his last breath and smashed his head on a rock near his home and died. His honeybunch didn't cry even a single drop of a tear never comes out.

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    Hi just hide my name tin and I live at Naga city Philippines. I'm now 30 years old living with my husband. Anyway, this is a real story that actually happened to me when I was staying in our house at the province. This experience happened to me when I was 12 years old right after my grandfather died. My grandfather died of a heart attack and the whole family was in shock. Well, as for me I was only 12 and I didn't actually have a close bond with my grand dad back when he was alive so I never actually paid too much attention to his death. Well, before his funeral we offered a mass and a small gathering to pay our respects. We celebrated it in a small chapel with his casket opened in the front of the chapel. Each one of the family members would come up to the casket to see my grandfather for the last time and say their goodbyes. Everyone had come to the casket so it was my turn (Filipino children are not actually scared of dead bodies). I had this habit of knocking into every wooden surfaces that had touched my hands. Anyway, while I was looking at my grand dad while I was up at the casket I was knocking at it with a beat like 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.Then after like 3 minutes my aunt had noticed what I was doing. So she shouted at me and pinched me and told me this old Filipino superstition that when you knock at the casket of a dead body he will come at your doorstep and knock at your door. Well, I never actually paid too much attention to what my aunt had said and continued playing. When we got back to our house with one of my cousins and my parents it was already around 10 PM. My parents had go to sleep early because they were so tired. So my cousin and I decided to watch TV. And that's when things started to happen.At first we were hearing loud sounds coming from outside, but we didn't pay much attention to it so we just continued watching. Then I got really scared when the lights and TV went on and off. And freaky thing is that it had a pattern, like my knock 1-2-3,1-2-3. For about three minutes this continued and I felt really scared and so did my cousin. And the scariest was after the flickering stopped someone knocked on our door with the sound exactly as what my knocks at the casket sound... 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Though I was really scared I got the courage to stand up and look out the window to see who it was. With my cousin next to me we slowly went to the window and checked. Then what I saw was something I will never forget. It was an old man wearing a black suit. His back was turned so I didn't actually see his face, but I knew this wasn't my grand father. So I was scared and when I pushed my face at the window the man vanished right in front of me. My cousin and I cried and ran to my parents room and told them what happened. Well, they didn't believe us and just told us to go to sleep. After that night I prayed and asked that whoever that guy was I hope he would leave me alone. Could it be possible that other spirits heard me knocking back at the burial?

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