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Must Read How to gather quality proof for reports

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Ayaria, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. Ayaria

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    Oct 14, 2012
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    ~: How to gather Quality Proof for Reports :~

    In the majority of the cases, recording a video is the best way to prove what you're reporting. There are however few cases which some screenshots (print screens) are enough. Your proof MUST NOT be edited by any means. Upload your original evidence, there's no need to make red circles, arrows or write anything on it. Edited evidence will be automatically denied.​

    When submitting a player report, please, use the following format:
    1. Player's name:
    2. Server:
    3. Type of hack/scam:
    4. Proof(Screenshot/Video/Chat log):

    Rules for the report section:
    • Any reports that are lacking any of the above information will be ignored and/or deleted.
    • Reports containing inappropriate content (swearing etc.) will most likely be delayed or ignored depending on the severity.
    • The report section is for reporting hackers and scammers. Any other threads outside these guidelines will be deleted.
    • Making repeated threads to report the same person with the same evidence will result in infractions.

    Here are the basics of how to gather and record a good evidence of something to report it:

    Mostly, screenshots are enough as long as they can prove that the person being reported have extreme excessively amount of items (usually rare or hard to earn).


    A video is the best in this case. You can prove with several screenshots. It must contain the chat log, showing us the deal between the two traders and then the person trying to use another item to trade (trying to pass as the one accepted in the deal). Or vanishing/person log-out without giving any reason after trading half of the deal.

    Speed Hacking/No Animation Hacking/etc.:
    Video is required. There's no other way but to record the person in question.
    • Speed Hacking requires your Speed (from the profile status) to be showing in the video. You have to make a straight run; moving sideways doesn't count, as your directions are not the same thus making the person to have 'different' speed against yours. It needs at least 10 seconds of straight run/chase.
    • No Animation Hacking requires the combat log to be showing in the video. You have to record the person in question doing some sort of combo continuously.
    Teleport Hacking:
    There must be a video of the person in question to be your target, showing the meters between you both, and then the person suddenly appearing further away or in another spot without using any skills to do so, the combat log helps with that.

    In-Game Advertising:
    A screenshot is enough. Must have the person advertising on chat log, as well as your your mouse clicking on the person name or sending him/her a whisper. There must be more than just you and the person on the chat log/around you to make it valid.

    Harassment/Racism/Other Offensive Language:
    If it's the first offense, just block the person in the social -> block tab (Default V key) or with the command /block name. This will prevent any message from the person to reach you. Should the person persists and continuously offend you with other characters, get a screenshot of your block tab and report it. One of the GMs will have a "nice" talk with the person. Should they be insane to continue, the proper punishment will be given.

    GM Impersonators:
    Almost as same as in-game advertising, take a screenshot of the impersonator with your toon replying to it. There must be more than just you and the person on your chat log/around you to make it valid.

    RMT (Real-Money-Trading):
    A screenshot is enough as well. Must contain the chat log with the person trading items for real money. There must be more than just you and the person on the chat log/around you to make it valid.

    Bot Users:
    They are not often really, but must have a video of the person using a bot to farm alone. Must be a rather big video showing that the person kept doing the same move/actions over and over again. Trying to talk with the person helps to prove a bit.

    Flight at Non-Flying Zones:
    Requires a video/screenshots with the map/location showing and the person in question flying at any non-flying zones. This is a client modification, thus are not categorized as bug abuse, person caught doing so gets a permanent ban.

    Bug Abusing (Flight Bug Abusing, Wall Shooting, No Target, God Mode, etc.):
    Mostly, will do with few screenshots. The screenshots must show clearly what is being abused and reported. A video would be a much better proof, of course.
    • Wall Shooting requires a video of at least 30 seconds of the person in question to be your target, combat log of the already sent skills, and the currently skill being used through the wall.
    • God Mode requires a video of the person in question to be your target, receiving a lot of damage/skills. combat log is always useful.
    • PvP arena abuse (person leaving it spawn before the battle starts) requires few screenshots of the person in question outside the summoning circle from the PvP arena. Should contain the combat log to find out how the person got out of the circle.
    • Geo-data teleporting abuse requires a video of the person in question to be your target and using a teleport skill in a malicious way/to intentionally teleport directly to his target.
    • AP/GP Exploit/Abuse those are hard for common members to catch, but it requires a video of the person killing an enemy, which is either himself or a friend, over and over to obtain AP/GP. The one getting killed doesn't try to react, just res up and get near the enemy to get killed once again.

    Theft (Ninja-Looting):

    Requires few screenshots (a video is the best). These must contain the person in question looting all the items and leaving/kicking the party members or the chat log of that situation. If it didn't happen, it must show the chat log with the deal made between the party members about the loot policy, and the members agreeing with it.

    Obelisk Camping (Excessively):
    Video is required
    . It must show the person or people in question excessively camping the obelisk, killing the people bound on it as soon as they are available and multiple times, leaving them no option/way to get out/leave.

    Regarding Battle Grounds (BGs):
    In these instances where player names are tagged out with 'Fighter'. It is required to show who the player is so that we are able to take action.
    To do this please use /inspect it will display either 'so and so' is not allowing view details. This will, in the system messages display the player name for us.
    Proof that does not include /inspect or if you do end up dying the player who killed you (as long as the one being reported with adequate proof killed you) will be invalid.
    • FFA (Free-For-All) Specific
      • When it comes to FFA teaming is an issue, and also dissolves the fun of the in-game event.
      • The following will be required for proof to verify FFA teaming.
      • /inspect on the suspected teams members (Suggested to use a macro command)
      • Proof they are teaming which must include more than one instance of said teaming.
      • Visible combat log, which is completely required.
      • More than 30 seconds of unedited video. Screenshots will not be accepted.
      • Multiple videos are permissible however, must be with in the same BG instance.
      • Please use /time to verify the instance as it will show us the exact time of incidents.
      • Videos must not end at character death.
      • They must show the suspected groups actions after player death else the video will not be accepted as proof.

    • Impending Game-play / Fair-play
    • Death Abuse (when users stay dead to avoid changing the score of the game for too long):
      • Requires a long video with the combat log showing what kills have been made so far, until the end of the timer of the Battleground. Players will only be punished if the abuse is excessive meaning that they stay dead for a long time and not for a short time.
    • Skill Abuse (ranger skill buffs in the past, spirit's empowerment etc):
      • Spirit's Empowerment:
        • Requires a fully visible combat log and preferably a screenshot of you hovering over the player's Empowerment buff to show its remaining time, or (less preferred proof) a screenshot with a fully visible combat log showing the user casted Empowerment and what skills they used after Empowerment. /time command is also necessary.
    • (Excessive) Hide Abuse (staying in hide forever in 1v1 to make the other player leave):
      • If one of the two players has been killed:
        • Requires a long video showing that the user is staying in hide, until the end of the timer, after having killed you/having been killed. A combat log including the kill that has been made to confirm the name of the user in hide is needed.
      • If none of the players have been killed:
        • Requires a long video showing that the user is persisting in using hide to make the other player leave. If you decide to leave the battleground and have the player win a short while before the timer ends, his name will pop up to have won the 1v1 and he might be confirmed to have been the abuser. If the player gets out of hide during the battleground, immediately /inspect him and continue recording until the end of the battleground to confirm he abused hide.
    • Mount Abuse (using your mount to take advantage of buggy terrain in Race event):
      • Requires a long video of the duration of the race to show that the player won the race much faster than usual by abusing the terrain, and /inspect in the beginning to confirm his name.

    How to get video/screenshot proof and upload it:
    The several programs you can use to gather in-game video proof, for example Fraps, Bandicam, Nvidia Shadow Walk and xFire. Most prefer xFire over Fraps as Fraps requires you to convert most videos done into a format that will help decrease the size of the video file making the upload process faster.

    Images and Videos uploading to social networking sites will not be accepted.

    Should you want to report something that is not on the list, feel free to ask and send a private message about it to any S.AM or H.AM!
    And also do try to contact any online GM (by using '.gmlist') to investigate anyone you may think that it's not playing in a legitimate way.​

    Special thanks to @Alente and @Camila, as they were the one gathering all this information for our users and made a quick overview
    which are the requirements for reporting someone and how to report him/her proper by following some simple rules.​
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  2. Dimitra

    Dimitra 安心。 Forum Legend

    Oct 22, 2010
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    Update 3/5
    • "Impending Game-play / Fair-play" section added.
      • Death Abuse, Hide Abuse and Mount Abuse in battlegrounds are now bannable. Read their short descriptions to understand what each of them are.
      • Instructions on how to gather proof for Death Abuse, Skill Abuse (Spirit's Empowerment), Hide Abuse and Mount Abuse were added.
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