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<Imaginary Friends> - Asmo EU community legion

Discussion in 'Asmodian' started by alexander1st, Apr 3, 2022.

  1. alexander1st

    alexander1st onetwothree Top Notch Youtuber

    Dec 6, 2017
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    [​IMG] <Imaginary Friends> [​IMG]
    Asmodian Legion
    - community for people with EU timezone -

    [​IMG] Who is this legion for?
    This legion is mainly recruiting players that are living in Europe or in countries with similar timezones as those of Europe. Any player is welcome but then you may risk not playing with too many people, if you do not match their timezone.​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] What is our focus going to be on?
    Our common goal will be creating a friendly english-speaking european community on the asmodian race, to enable our players to run group dungeons, Alliance dungeons like Eternal Bastion and maybe even fort sieges in the future. All these in EU timezone.​

    [​IMG] How do you apply?
    Just look for a Deputy or Centurion ingame or leave a reply here if you weren't able to find any. I will invite you myself.​



    Last edited: Apr 3, 2022
  2. akusaiko

    akusaiko New Member

    Aug 17, 2022
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    hey are you still playing, and can i join?

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