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Information about Bug Report prefixes

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Puddles, Feb 7, 2017.

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  1. Puddles

    Puddles Tͮh͌̀ͩe̅̋̔̓ͣ̎͟ ̔ͫ̈́̾ͩG͗́̓o͐̍d̊̊̄d͑̔̎͑ ̋̾͏e ̏̏ͬ͌s̶s͛ Forum Legend

    Dec 29, 2010
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    Behind You
    Hello Guys and Girls.

    This thread is just to let you know how we use the Bug Report forum, and the tags that are with in it.

    There are a total of three (3) different prefixes for this section and all are quite important.

    A Bug Report that has not been checked out yet will not have any prefix and will just show up as the following 'Bug Report'

    The available prefixes are as follows.

    Means that we have been able to replicate the issue as presented and have passed it on to the Devs​
    Unable to recreate the issue, and or after testing have found that things are working as intended​
    It was fixed (yay!)
    Very simple things in all reality. This will help us keep on top of the issues that are reported, as well as keep all of you informed as to what we have gotten to, and what the developers have been made aware of to fix.

    Thanks for reading and stuff what nots.
Thread Status:
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