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Should we have increased Vell enhancement rates on GameZ?

Discussion in 'Black Desert Discussion' started by Chartos, Jun 18, 2021.


Should we have increased Vell enhancement rates on GameZ?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. What is Vell Enhancment?

  1. Chartos

    Chartos New Member

    Oct 7, 2018
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    So as some of you may know you can enhance a vells heart with khan's heart to obtain either 1-3AP or 2-15DP more.
    With recent changes to khan and the way he's killed the prices of khan's hearts started to skyrocket, currently at 10 bil a piece on market with none in stock.

    When enhancing with AP you usually get 1, sometimes 2 AP more, 3 is almost unobitainable but most people enhance with DP.
    When enhancing with DP the gain ranges at 4-7 DP most often, upper numbers and double digits being almost nonexistent (i have seen 9 DP only once with 32 tries so far)

    Would you like to see GameZ include an increased Vells heart enhancement rates??
    Or at least an even %chance of obtaining any number between lets say in DP case 2-15 DP.
    I do think that would be a great addition to premium, it will alleviate some of the demand for the item in the long run because you can get a good number of DP or AP Faster, while also making Khan's hearts very desireable to obtain and sell due to 10bil pricepoint, at least short term.
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  2. McConnel

    McConnel New Member

    Oct 20, 2020
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    This or repair khan HP pool because its not retail like at all, it is way harder to kill than on retail.
    Look mr @Kolka

    How fast they do it on retail, on gamez its a lot harder to kill, impossible with that number of people.
    We tried to do khan the same way as above, we only been able to take him around 20-25% of his health before he despawn.
    DMG or his hp or his deffenses are bugged and need to be looked at.

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