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Suggestions for custom content

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by KerubiaN, Mar 5, 2023.

  1. KerubiaN

    KerubiaN New Member

    Feb 7, 2023
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    I've heard you are up to implementing some custom content, so I have some ideas that might keep people interested on server. The problem obviously, is the implementation, as every custom content.. from a developer perspective I find some stuff easier to implement than others, but cant be sure about this because i dont know what leanguage is this client using.

    • Presets: The overall idea would be to easily swap between presets of stigma builds. The requirements would be the following:
      • New button 'Save Preset' in the stigma tab next to the Greater Stigma button. This button should trigger a function that should save the stigma ids and the character id inside a new table in the database.
      • New button 'Swap preset' somewhere in the interface which opens a window displaying a query of the new database table "presets" filtering for the character id, showing only the character presets. And by clicking at one of the presets, it should call a function to upload the stigma ids on the character. (This should have a cooldown).
    • Class Olympiads: This idea is based on LineageII Olympiad system. People used to play in l2 servers only for this feature, I know that for sure, and I think it could help the server keep people interested. The idea is to have an arena where only same class are called to fight in order to get points for a period of time, and at the end of that period, points can be exchanged for goodies and the winner of each class, should be rewarded with something cosmetic allowing them to demostrate they are the top of their class. Ofc this should dissappear when the title expires. Requirements:
      • New database table for olympiad_points
      • New NPC with some options on its dialog.
        • show list: show the list of classes, and each class should show the list of characters orederd by points
        • register: enter the queue for the class
        • cancel: leave queue.
      • Instanced zone for the olympiad arenas.
      • min points requirement to participate. If you loose too much, you cant enter untill next period (dependin duration of the periords, server could sum points to everyone each day-week)
      • winners get 1/3 enemy's points.

    I know this could represent a challenge but it could be a really long-term feature to keep ppl playing here.
  2. Darkeran

    Darkeran New Member

    Mar 5, 2023
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    I think this is too much to ask.
    Better improve the enchant system, there are so much fails tries.
    and one of the things people play aion is the sieges and the PVP that goes into it, but as the sieges are now, many people have no interest in making them.

    I suggest that the schedule changes:
    1. In the same day the 3 forts (krotan, Miren and Kysis) change to balaur and vulnerable, this will promote the PVPVE
    2. 1 day just Inggison forts and the next day Gelkmaros forts.

    The forts should be turn to balaur every 2 times these are vulnerable.

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