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Open The Summer Party!

Discussion in 'Aion Events' started by Noyah, Apr 2, 2022.

  1. Noyah

    Noyah ᴄᴀʀᴇ ʙᴇᴀʀ Forum Legend

    May 30, 2015
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    Summer is coming and Atreia is hot. Elyos and Asmodians want to throw a cocktail party to cool off a bit – but oh no, they are all out of ice cubes! Now the Daeva need to search a few instances for ice to save the party.

    Give them a hand: help Callubriz the innkeep or Rezar collect ice and look forward to rewards such as skins, godstones, furniture, wings and more.
    Collect Bag of Ice from the instances below (the drop isn't one for each party member):
    Aetherogenetics Lab (РМ-78c)
    Azoturan Fortress (Betrayer Icaronix)
    Steel Rake, Steel Rake Cabin (Brass-Eye Grogget, Engineer Lahulahu)
    Draupnir Cave (Commander Bakarma)
    Alquimia Research Center (High Priest Esras)
    Indratu Fortress (Brigadier Indratu)
    Dark Poeta (Chramati Firetail, Asaratu Bloodshade, Vanuka Infernus, Calindi Flamelord, Tahabata Pyrelord)
    Esoterrace (Warden Surama)
    Udas Temple (Nexus)
    Lower Udas Temple (Debilkarim the Maker)
    Beshmundir Temple (Stormwing)
    Adma Stronghold (Lord Lannok)
    Theobomos Lab (Unstable Triroan)
    Rentus Base (Brigade General Vasharti)
    Raksang(Raksha, Raksha Boilheart)
    Tiamat Stronghold (Tahabata's Treasure Chest)
    Ophidan Bridge (Artillery)
    Steel Rose Cargo (group) (Maintenance Officer Notakiki)
    Steel Rose Quarters (group) (Kanerunerk the Accountant)
    Steel Rose Deck (group) (Captain Rumakiki)
    Danuar Reliquary (Furious Grendal the Witch)
    Sauro Supply Base (Guard Leader Achradim, Brigade General Sita of the 40th Army)
    Danuar Sanctuary (Staff Officer Syaroka, Supreme Healer Tagnu)
    Void Room (Furious Barukan)
    Infinity Shard (Hyperion)
    Abyssal Splinter (Abyssal Treasure Box, Shining Treasure Chest of the Abyss)
    Satra Treasure Hoard (Muzzled Punisher, Punisher Unleashed)
    Tiamat's Shelter (Calindi Flamelord, Large Tiamat Treasure Chest)
    Illuminary Obelisk (Dynatum Prototype)

    The Bag of Ice contains:
    [​IMG] Ice Block
    [​IMG] Ice Pick

    By combining both you will get the [Event] Ice-hot Box and by opening you will get a random reward such as:
    [​IMG] [Event] Ancient Spirit's Headgear Skin
    [​IMG] [Event] Dragon Lord's Wing Box
    [​IMG] [Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle I
    [​IMG] [Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle II
    [​IMG] [Event] Icy Idian Box
    [​IMG] [Event] Ophidan Headgear Skin
    [​IMG] [Event] Sensible Summer Gear
    [​IMG] Cool Enchantment Stone Bundle
    [​IMG] Floral Vine Cabinet
    [​IMG] Leader's Recovery Scroll
    [​IMG] Lucky Vinna
    [​IMG] Power Shard: +50
    [​IMG] Shiny Vinna
    [​IMG] [Event] Tempering Solutions

    You can also get the [Event] Ice-hot Box from quests in the main cities by giving the party hosts some Ice Blocks and getting in return the Shugo Warranty and exchanging them by talking to the Shugo Credit Assurance Agent and getting the [Event] Ice-hot Box

    Callubriz and Rezar will also have some other quests for you to get some Cocktail Shakers, the first one is always free!
    You can exchange a few Ice Blocks and get a Cocktail Shaker which contains a few drinks such as:
    [​IMG] [Event] Blue Atreia
    [​IMG] [Event] Manduri Sour
    [​IMG] [Event] Ribbit Sunrise
    [​IMG] [Event] Brommeltini

    You can obtain Scorching Heat by being online (unlimited, every 20 minutes you get 1) or in world drop and exchange them for [Event] Cold Box or [Event] Frozen Box

    [Event] Cold Box give you a random reward and contains:

    [​IMG] Beach Hat
    [​IMG] Blue Balaur Scale
    [​IMG] Cute Swim Hat
    [​IMG] Diving Helmet/Summer Headwrap
    [​IMG] Gold Coin
    [​IMG] Platinum Coin
    [​IMG] Power Shard: +50
    [​IMG] Scorching Heat
    [​IMG] Silver Coin
    [​IMG] Summer-Loving Inquin Form Candy
    [​IMG] Blood Marks

    [Event] Frozen Box give you a random reward and contains:
    [​IMG] Beach Hat
    [​IMG] Blue Balaur Scale
    [​IMG] Cool Swimsuit
    [​IMG] Cute Swim Hat
    [​IMG] Cute Swimsuit
    [​IMG] Diving Helmet/Summer Headwrap
    [​IMG] Dye: True Black
    [​IMG] Dye: True White
    [​IMG] Goggles
    [​IMG] Gold Coin
    [​IMG] Hot Swimsuit
    [​IMG] Platinum Medal
    [​IMG] Platinum Coin
    [​IMG] Power Shard: +50
    [​IMG] Scorching Heat
    [​IMG] Silver Coin
    [​IMG] Summer Sunglasses
    [​IMG] Summer-Loving Inquin Form Candy
    [​IMG] L190 Enchantment Stones
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  2. Schindlersky

    Schindlersky New Member

    Mar 24, 2022
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    Why not add cera medals as event rewards or AP relics rather than giving silver,gold, platinum coins
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