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[Update] 01/11/2011

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Implemented 2.7 Core and datapack
    - Pet mood saving implemented
    - Fixed decorations for pets
    - Initial packet handling for pet buff, bags and autoloot
    - Added World Drops
    - Added Q11286, Q11285, Q30355, Q11284, Q4725, Q3725, Q21076, Q11283, Q30361, Q21081, Q11077, Q21054, Q2759, Q21053, Q21052
    - Fixed Q4078, Q4944
    - Fix for Artifact of Protection
    - Fixed boss spawning in Abyssal Splinter
    - Adapt DarkPoeta to instance reward system & support gather collect.
    - Fixed spawn position of some spawns
    - Added the following missing spawn: Yaminerk, Captain Mituna, Makarah Adjutant
    - Alliance fix captain logout when some vicecaptains online
    - Updated alliance_info packet
    - Added validation for max 4 vice captains
    - Alliance vicecaptain will not loose its rights after relog
    - Improve instance reward system
    - You should not loose key after activating door
    - ActionItem retail. Now abort action, skill, dmg, move, etc
    - Updated npc titles, stats
    - Reworked Abyssal Splinter Instance
    - Npc coordinates and drops fixing for Abyssal Splinter
    - Added Abyssal Quests: Q30263, Q30264, Q30265, Q30363, Q30364, Q30365
    - Fixed possible skill exploits
    - Retail reward formula for crucible
    - Improve relic quest engine. support relic count
    - Scrolls will not interrupt chain skills
    - Better implementation for food/drink conflicts
    - Dredgion service reworked
    - Implemented pvp race modifier
    - Lupukin in Beshmundir Tempple tradelist
    - Fixed godstone probability for left hand
    - Trade in trade shop support
    - Removed abyss shields (better pvp)
    - Correct display of accuracy in summon stats
    - Servant hp consume fix
    - retail message "You cannot discard %0"
    - Added extended selectable reward. Now extended reward works properly.
    - Fixed possible item exploit
    - Added New Instance Reward System
    - Update Auto Groups System
    - Fix for DoT's damage
    - Skill out of range fix
    - Npc Magic res stat fix
    - Some fixes to Bt instance
    - Added mentor quests, The Circle quests, Orichalcum Key quests
    - Faction quest selection fix
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