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[Update] 02/08/2011

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Fixed Trap of Clairvoyance I skill: now correctly dispels Hide effects on target when explode.
    - Fixed Call Gryphu skill: Gryphu is a servant which use a particular skill to slow down an enemy within 25m range.
    - Trap's PVP Damage fix
    - Optimization of abnormal effects iterator for better performance
    - Fixed some issues with Arena
    - Fixed gmlist command
    - XpBoost buffs are never canceled on DC/Death and obviously cannot be dispelled
    - Fixed Q1994, Q2994, Q2947, Q11111, Q1075, Q20020, Q2022
    - Support for Dispellable Buffs implemented
    - Unerring Arrow I skill never misses the target
    - Any debuff carried from a physical skill, can be resisted by MR
    - Correct some npc levels and skills
    - Triniel underground arena should be an instance
    - Fixed possible revive exploit, should only be received by dead players
    - BT door fix
    - Added some quests for "Fortuneers" npc faction
    - Added all daily quests for "Alabaster Order" npc faction
    - Added TamerAnikikiAI and fix for SteelRakePortalAI
    - Fixed healing servant
    - Added some quest movies to beluslan quests
    - Implemented retail random damage also on Stunning Shot and Rupture Arrow skills.
    - Added MarbataAI and MarbataControllerAI
    - Don't allow entering talloc in group (quest side)
    - Added guide for asmo level 46.
    - Dual weapon critical rate fixed
    - Stumble, Stagger rate fixed
    - You have max of 4 Mantra buffs, chanters on same group/ally must deal with it and make sure they dont overwrite their mantra's
    - Fixed Interactions with summon and spiritmaster
    - Added all Siel's weapons quests for asmodians too (Improved weapons)
    - Some fixes with magical AOE skills: if the first target resists the skill's effect, all the other targets in area will resist as well
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