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Patch Notes [Update] 05/18/2024

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, May 18, 2024.

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  1. Carl

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    NOTE: Need restart launcher to apply client update
    - Now any magic crystal can be inserted to any equip slot (with max count by crystal type)
    - Now magic crystal will be sent to trash bin instead delete when player died and inserted magic crystal affected
    - Now no need extraction tool to extract magic crystal and lightstone from item (testing)
    - Life Skill levels, which were previously character based, are now Family based (merged by maximium life skill level from players at account)
    - Changed Life Skill Leap quest to now be Family based following the Life Skill Family integration
    - Now J's Hammer's didn't allow to drop item enchant level
    - Now player can't graduate character with season equipment in warehouses to avoid "graduate by mistake"
    - Added missed enchant bonuses for some items (example: Ator's Shoes Movement Speed +1)
    - Added Deboreka Ring exchange option to Kolka for Kolcoins
    - Fixed incorrect item color palette saving incorrectly when coloring parts not in order (example: slots 1-3-5)
    - Fixed can't open season pass from inventory black spirit icon
    - Fixed the issue where you could not accept the quest "[Manor] Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain"
    - Fixed Black Spirit dialog for season pass quest Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 6 didn't appear sometimes for Tuvala Armor PEN condition
    - Fixed can't sell barter items from warehouse
    - Fixed can't complete some quests after item/magic crystal's unified changes (example: [Alchemy] The Final Test)
    - Fixed can't complete Producing a Lumbering Axe quest (now need to craft Magic Lumbering Axe)
    - Fixed can't complete [Daily] Save the Earth quest due changed item
    - Fixed can't exchange Atanis' Element for fruits via Merindora NPC
    - Fixed some items at central market can't be registerd with max allowed register count
    - Fixed Perfume of Charm buff removing after character dead
    - Added Novice and Returnee guild attendances
    - Added new furniture Kzarka Statue/Karanda Statue (crafts from Kzarka's Bloodstone and Karanda's Talon dropping by bosses)
    - Added possibility to upgrage Boss Statues to Breath-imbued versions via quests from Red Tarantula in O'dyllita
    - Now blacksmiths in each region have started selling Fused Crystal of Emotions
    - Changed the crafting methods for Refined Essence of Emotions as follows: Forest Fury/Magical Shard/Fused Crystal of Emotions
    - Unified Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) and Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) to Concentrated Magical Black Stone
    - Unified Hard Black Crystal Shard and Sharp Black Crystal Shard to Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    - Unified Black Stone (Armor) and Black Stone (Weapon) to Black Stone
    - Now all equipment will be enhanced with new Black Stone instead Black Stone (Armor/Weapon)
    - Updated all manufacture receipts to match enchantment material changes
    - Added replaced unified items exchange function to Black Spirit
    - Now the enhancement success rate for +6 to +7 has been changed to 100%
    - You can now obtain Blush Leaf x1-2 when Killing Pests or Pruning in the garden.
    - You can no longer obtain Female Kermes when Killing Pests in the garden
    - Increased the Farming EXP obtained when gathering Caterpillars via Killing Pests by 1.5 times
    - Updated quests to match Black Stone unification changes (example: [Combat Promotion] Supporting Porio)
    - Improved all horses to now learn Sprint as an inherent skill
    - Changed the objective of the [Select One] [Weekly Training] Capture a Horse for Imperial Horse Delivery quests from Complete the Imperial Horse Delivery to just a Capture a Horse
    - Changed so that you can exchange 30 energy for the Northern Heidel Gothic Fountain after completing the [Manor] Northern Heidel Gothic quest
    - Changed titles and Knowledge that can no longer be obtained due enchant material changes to be obtainable from Annolisa Rosie, the Calpheon College Librarian
    - Increased overall Fairy Breath item drop chance
    - Improved so you can now acquire the Garmoth Knowledge from looting Garmoth after defeating the world boss herself
    - Increased product result count for some guild manufacture reciepts (example: Cloudy Timber/Sandy Ingot/Tough Silk Thread/Stormy Rope)
    - Simplified all weapon reform stones to Resplendent Boss Weapon Reform Stone I-V
    - Simplified all armor reform stones to Resplendent Boss Armor Reform Stone I-V
    - Changed the formula for upgrading Boss gear through reform stones
    - Added [Guild] prefix to some guild items for future Find Item feature
    - Improved enhancement failure when using Cron Stones to add 1 stack to Enhancement Chance
    - Updated Herald's Journal - Volume 1-3 journal quest conditions to latest retail changes
    - Updated Igor Bartali's Adventures Volume journal quest conditions to latest retail changes
    - Made the quests to obtain a Miniature Elephant easier
    - Added Fairy Breath into Gray Wolfs drop list
    - Reduced the weight of [Guild] Pledge of the Blood to 0.0001 LT (for upoming guild skills changes)
    - Changed the following guild skills that used [Guild] Covenant of Blood to now use [Guild] Pledge of the Blood x2000: Guru's Touch/Blessing of Fortuna/State of Nothingness
    - Added possibility to register Hearts of Karanda and Kutum at Central Market
    - Added a Processing recipe to allow Heating Sealed Black Magic Crystal x10 at once with x1 Black Stone Powder to obtain Magical Shard
    - Replaced the [Daily] Gargoyles Gone Wild quest with new [Daily] Beings with Dark Powers at Crypt of Resting Thoughts quest
    - Increased drop rate of Black Distortion Earring by x2 at Quint Hill/Hexe Sanctuary at Hadum channel
    - Increased trash drop quantity at Quint Hill/Hexe Sanctuary at Hadum channel
    - Simplified Cooking Bonus quests you can accept while cooking at residences from 9 to 1: [Bonus] Cooking for Heidelian Soldiers (Pickled Vegetables)
    - Changed the Complete Now function for Workshops on the World Map (M) to consume Silver instead of Pearls.
    - The number of Pearls required for the Worker Instant Promotion has been adjusted according to the remaining time after worker promotion test duration changes from 24 hours to 8 hours
    - Changed so that you can acquire boss knowledge through NPCs upon completion of the following quests: Fogan Prince Titium/Saunil Siege Captain/Ancient Power, Moghulis/The Heart of Kamasylve/A Hero's Return
    - Improved so that you can acquire Agrakhan knowledge from NPC Anne Laker at the Cadry Ruins
    - Significantly increased the probability of acquiring knowledge when defeating Hexe Marie in the Hexe Sanctuary [Elvia]
    - Improved so that you can acquire their knowledge when defeating bosses from Dark Rifts
    - Added Garmoth's Bloodstone -> Garmoth's Scale exchange to NPC Kukao
    - Added the feature to obtain designated items based on contribution when defeating the Crimson Dragon Garmoth: Garmoth's Bloodstone, Garmoth's Scale, and Gold Bars
    - Updated quest conditions for quests related to Golden Seal/Dark Spirit's Greed items
    - Added possibility to obtain J's Hammer of Precision from challenges
    - Updated alchemy byproducts to latest retail changes
    - Adjusted drop chances from lightstone boxes to be more retail-like
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