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Patch Notes [Update] 06/07/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jun 7, 2023.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Additional fixes for Tranan Underfore Cannon, Lynch Cannon for sieges, Monsterbane Cannon for Khan installation due siege NPC template changes
    - Added [Hunting] Master Matchlock & [Hunting] Gauche Master Matchlock items and recipes/reform data for them
    - Added missed spawn for quest [Manor] Highest Spot in Port Epheria
    - Added missed spawn for NPC's: Darak, Liana, Eil and many other's like Knowledge/Ghosts etc
    - Fixed [Exceed] Self-obtainable Black Spirit's Rage +20% effect from lightstones combo
    - Fixed Secret Book of Florin item give +20 mastery buff instead +100
    - Fixed Rawr-Rawr hunting Field boss has too much evasion
    - Fixed Fossil Hard mode Breukia too tanky
    - Fixed incorrect extra human buffs (must be ains) for some lightstone/artifact buffs
    - Fixed Purified Lightstone of Flora manufacture recipe
    - Fixed incorrect Ancient Spirit Dust drop count from Glorious Box of Spoils
    - Removed old processing stones from market (will be compensated automatically by mail, items in inventory will be replaced at next restart)
    - Now spawn protection time will be applied to short teleports too (except PvP games to avoid abuse)
    - Added family check support between NA and EU servers to avoid false-positive "Family name is available"
    - Added support for opening New Year Hanbok Outfit Set and Glorious Shudad Premium Set boxes for Sage & Corsair
    - Update Epheria Galleon stats (Cannon balls increased to 2000, durability increased to 3kk. WIP, animations & skills coming soon)
    - Temporally enabled Loggia/Izaro/Manos Riding Crop equip until season crop integrated to client
    - Server stabilization fixes and minor performance changes
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