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Patch Notes [Update] 06/19/2024

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jun 19, 2024.

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  1. Carl

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    NOTE: Need restart launcher to apply client update
    - Increased possible magic crystal slots for Main/Sub weapon from 1-2 to 3 to match current maximum 16 slots at retail
    - Implemented Deboreka 5 items set effect
    - Implemented Reforming/Upgrading & Extracting Gear copying for tagged characters
    - Implemented Tungrad Accessory set effect (3 and 5 parts)
    - Added possibility to enchant Manos life tools with Cron's
    - Now Blackstar ↔ Godr-Ayed Weapon exchange can be done with Scorching Sun Crystal via Black Spirit Reform functional (old quests was been removed as deprecated)
    - Fixed incorrect error message when player has season items in warehouse
    - Fixed can't accept [Weekly] Lara's Truly Great Discovery and Bread quest due quest id changed with last update
    - Fixed incorrect recipe name when crafting Makgeolli
    - Fixed can't buy Design for amity at Merv NPC shop
    - Fixed can't start quest Survival Guru due Hexe Maria quest chain changes
    - Fixed Pit-A-Mole didn't drop anything after disappear
    - Fixed incorrect reward for [Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings quest (Mythical Feather count x1 -> x2)
    - Shai +30 cooking/alchemy level bonus now ignored when life ranks calculated
    - Added missed Misplaced Journal's NPC spawn's for quest Suspiciously Sound Clues
    - Unified Trace's/Fruit's/Essence's items to Trace of Nature/Fruit of Nature/Essence of Nature accordingly
    - Updated all related recipes with Trace's/Fruit's/Essence's items as ingredient
    - Replaced Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) with unified item version at custom world boss drop list
    - Increased Ocean Haze Ring drop chance from <Mutant Loah Flower Addict> monsters
    - Changed Dark Knight at Crypt of Resting Thoughts remains hidden in the darkness for a certain period (6 min) before revealing itself after detecting an Adventurer nearby (hides again in the darkness 3 min after being out of combat/Changed the time remains before dying from 20 min to 30 min)
    - Changed the quest [Gathering] Cheetah Dragon Blood to [Gathering] Wolf Blood to allow better quest progression
    - Updated Deve's Encyclopedia quests following the simplification of Traces, Fruits, and Essences
    - Simplified completion requirements for the quest [Manor] [Daily] For Future Musicians
    - Changed the quest requirement for "[Season Quest] Day 30, The Mighty Moghulis", as below: Hand over Latent Boss Aura x1 to Fughar
    - Fixed character can't move after interact with Odelphin NPC
    - Fixed incorrect Valks Cry amount in [Event] Enhancement Help Kit III box
    - Fixed [Guild] Drill Fuel recipe from guild manufacture didn't work cause Black Stone item consolidated
    - Fixed can't complete quest [Atoraxxion] Archive: Sycrakea and Everfrost
    - Fixed can't start Crow Merchants' Records - Reading Season quest for Pavino Greko’s Collection Journal
    - Fixed client showing incorrect bonuses for life mastery 2000+
    - Changed Barnas, Volkras, and Gairas at Ash Forest to return to their original positions when they have moved far away from their combat target
    - Added some missed manufacture recipes after las item's consolidation (Black Stone's for example)
    - Added possibility to insert Cup's into Deboreka Ring
    - Updated [Guild] Drill Fuel guild manufacture recipe
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