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Patch Notes [Update] 06/27/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jun 27, 2023.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Now auto-use item function fully supports non-premium accounts
    - Implemented Artifacts equip set from Gear Bag
    - Implemented Debuff Resistance Against Monsters effect from buffs
    - Implemented Blessed Alchemy stone's upgrade
    - Fixed can't auto-use items from family inventory
    - Fixed can't complete gathering guild mission's
    - Fixed can't buy trade items from some Trade Managers (example: Bollona)
    - Fixed God-Ayred weapon bid's/sell's isn't display at Central Market
    - Fixed bug allowing to install fort even if 10 guild member's isn't online
    - Fixed lightstone Central Market prices isn't updating sometimes
    - Fixed character glitch when falling with active Tiger Blade buff
    - Fixed copied item didn't save caphras level at tagged character
    - Fixed client crash when trying to ride some ship's with too low sailing level
    - Fixed stamina regeneration display when Courser's Spirit skill used
    - Fixed incorrect premium display and level detect when Gamez Blessing just activated
    - Fixed alchemy Exp obtained from Elixir of Destruction/Elixir of Lethal Destruction crafting is too low
    - Fixed Lesha's Artifact - Monster Damage Reduction incorrect bonus apply
    - Fixed the issue where certain debuff effects were incorrectly being applied to the following monsters of Atoraxxion Sycrakea: Berurah, Serpen, Apocros, Maleficent Centilutos
    - Reworked Agris Fever consuming for Gathering Objects to become more retail like
    - Disabled boss optimization zone for Red Nose boss to avoid character's hide\unhide at Kolka Boss GvG's
    - Increased twice despawn timer for Nouver/Garmoth/Black Shadow world bosses due events
    - Changed Olympiad 3x3 matchmaking logic: now players join this mode one-by-one and when match started they will be balanced between two parties (in test mode, must be completed before next Olympiad season starts)
    - Changed Olympiad classed/normal matchmaking to be more random
    - Added [Event] potions to auto-use allowed list (example: [Event] Verdure Draught)
    - Some minor internal server performance and QoL improvements
    - Implemented possibility to access Central Market from web site for authorized users (test mode, can be disabled for additional fixes)
    - Implemented possibility to access Central Market from Telegram WebApp (test mode, can be disabled for additional fixes)
    - To access Central Market from Telegram bot you need to link your in-game account to your Telegram account (click Link button at telegram bot and enter code you got in Esc -> Premium Config -> Telegram)
    - How to link your accounts: Click Link button at Telegram bot, enter displayed code in game client Esc -> Premium Config -> Telegram section and in this window click Link button
    - After your account's linked you can access Central Market via EU/NA bot by clicking Central Market button and even open market in external browser by clicking "www" icon in bot Central Market page
    - https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/amass-the-power-of-the-lost-dragon-seals.244208/
    - https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/a-special-promise-with-the-black-spirit.244206/
    - https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/daily-rewards-from-the-dragons-hoard.244205/
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