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[Update] 07/09/2018

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Updated EA Chanter starter gear with EP gear
    - (Open World) Heiron PvP now available
    - Mixfight temporarily disabled
    - Updated boss drops:
     - Wurg the Glacier Drops: Wurg the Glacier's Archdaeva Wings
     - Wrath Incarnate Drops: [Event] Vasharti Brigade General's Armor Box
     - Petrification Incarnate Drops: Dazzling Weapon Box of Dawn Light
     - Ereshkigal's Claw Drops: Honorable Armor Box of Conquest
    - AP/GP/Kills reset for new PvP Season
    - GP rewards can now be obtained in (Open World) PvP
    - TS and Omega rewards now obtainable only in (Open World) PvP and FFA
    - FFA maps updated:
     - Added Secret Munitions Factory FFA Battleground
     - Added Ashunatal Dredgion FFA Battleground
     - Added Kamar Battlefield Battleground
    - Fixed Bundles:
     - [Event] Angel Wings Chest
     - Kroban's Treasure Item
     - Kroban’s Weapon Box
     - Kroban's Armor Box
     - Blood Mark Bundle
     - Kroban's Conditioning Bundle
     - Kroban's Illusion Godstone Bundle
     - Legendary Noble Accessory Bundle
     - Sleek Hovercycle Chest
     - Woodkeeper Derion's Egg Bundle
     - Steel Narki's Egg Bundle
     - Level 2 Grand Invasion Reward Box
     - Fire Dragon's Weapon Bundle
     - Shugo's Special Reward Chest
     - Strong Wyvern Form Candy Bundle
     - Illusion Godstone Bundle
     - Generous Blessing Box
     - Noble Tidal Idian Bundle
    - Corrected Gladiator/Templar starter weapons
    - Fixed webshop item icon display
    - Added Enraged Apollon’s Weapon Remodels to webshop
    - Added new furniture to webshop
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