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Patch Notes [Update] 07/21/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jul 21, 2023.

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  1. Carl

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Implemented latest guild boss changes (stats/drop etc)
    - Implemented Refined Essence of Emotions item and extraction logic
    - Implemented Marni Sniper Rifle & Reliable Marni Sniper Rifle
    - Increased item maximum possible price by x100 at central market for material/consumable items (for all other items except enchantable and pearls items increased by x10)
    - Added Mysterious Powder to all sniper hunting monsters drop and to Rawr-Rawr field boss
    - Added Marni Sniper Rifle receipt (can be crafted at same with Master Matchlock houses)
    - Added Exalted alchemy stones and implemented upgrade mechanic for them
    - Added Mother's Warning/Tungrad School/A Gift for Papu quests with family stat rewards
    - Added a quest where you can obtain Trading EXP Artifacts at a low probability when selling items through Trading
    - Added [Gift] PEN: Undying Crow's Insignia quest
    - Added [Leap] Honor to the Trading Family quests
    - Added [Repeat] Sethra's Artifact is Important! quest (can be automatically received when doing simple trade)
    - Added [Weekly Subjugation] quests to Liana NPC
    - Added Old Moon Furniture Workshop to Eilton/Grána town houses and implemented new receipt's for them
    - Added some EXP scrolls to able to auto-use item list (example: Extra Mount EXP Scroll)
    - Implemented support for auto-save and auto-apply game settings from server side
    - Implemented support for receive Black Spirit Board game status (jumping dice at status widget)
    - Implemented premium 7 days grace period (in this 7 days expired premium can be prolongued without level lose)
    - Updated Barter/Special Barter items and Barter limits with latest retail data
    - Updated drop from fishing at Mountain of Eternal Winter region
    - Increased artifact drop chances obtained from Fishing Imperial Delivery
    - Fixed incorrect trash loot drop in Jade Startlight Forest
    - Reduced twice monster respawn time at monster zones: Tshira Ruins/Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)/Blood Wolf Settlement/Navarn Steppe/Tooth Fairy Forest/Manshaum Forest/Fadus Habitat/Protty Cave/Crescent Shrine/Cadry Ruins
    - The respawn time for monsters in the Vessel of Inquisition was reduced by 30%, allowing for faster combat
    - Increased the HP for the Vessel of Inquisition by 50% compared to before
    - Updated Oquilla's Eye Daily Sailing Quests conditions and rewards by latest retail changes
    - Now your initial attacks against the Mirumok Lookout and Mirumok Watcher will now deal less damage
    - Increased trash loot amount from monsters at Mirumok Ruins
    - Now Elvia guild quest's can appear only at Hadumsha channel
    - Added Extra All Special Attack Damage +10% to Blackstar\Godr-Ayed\Nouver\Kutum\Tuvala\Narchillan\Suppressed\Valks'\Arsha's sub weapon items
    - Added a recipe to mass process Cron and Marvelous Meals if you are at least Cooking Skilled 1 (Use Simple Cooking with 10 times the normal ingredients to cook Cron or Marvelous Meals with Nadia Rowen's Special Sauce to obtain 10 meals worth of food.)
    - Added missed manufacture receipt for Old Moon Censer item
    - Added challenge with Fughar's Riding Crop reward for season characters
    - Implemented correct endurance/max endurance transfer when reform item to item with greater endurance (example: Marni Sniper Rifle)
    - Fixed mass scroll summons incorretly calculate drop for parties (now all party members receive reward)
    - Fixed Siege Defense Tower incorrect deinstallation at Conquest Wars
    - Fixed Elizabeth Gardner NPC can disappear sometimes
    - Fixed can't play Yacht Game with Shakatu NPC
    - Fixed can't park Epheria Cog at Outpost Supply Port
    - Fixed monster's can't select target for attack if somebody in party reached premium aggro limit
    - Fixed can't interact with Hexe Maria Witch at Behr to obtain knowledge
    - Fixed problem when client download game settings from retail with client crash as result
    - Fixed can't complete [Daily] Under Similar Circumstances quest
    - Fixed Agris point can consumed twice if monster has two different trash item in drop
    - Fixed the issue where the [Violent Soul] Altar Imp Trainer & Altar Imp Fighter of Elvia would suddenly stop pursuing adventurers and turn back in certain situations
    - Fixed lightstones didn't change prices at Central Market after accumulated trade count
    - Improved to be able to learn the level III version of all the Shai skills: Sun, Moon, Stars, Shout to the Sky, Time to Shine!, Summer Rain
    - Decreased cooldown from 5 min to 3 min for Shai skill Play Dead
    - Combat EXP rate effect have been added to the Undying Crow's Insignia, which can be obtained from the Pit of the Undying
    - Increased the number of Seals of the Undying rewarded for completing PRI-PEN Duel of the Undying
    - Increased the number of Crow's Black Jewels rewarded when victorious during the final duel
    - Chorpy, the Pit of the Undying Keeper and member of the Crow Merchants Guild has begun exchanging Patrigio's Seals of the Undying
    - Patrigio of Crow's Nest has begun exchanging different goods for Seals of the Undying
    - You no longer need Black Jewels or Crow's Sealed Promotion Scrolls to attempt Pit of the Undying promotion quests
    - Reduced Yulho, Crow's Warrior that duels at Pit of the Undying HP by 40-59% and AP by 19-30% depend on duel level
    - Decreased HP and AP all other Crow's Warriors that duel at Pit of the Undying
    - Updated quest recommendation tab with missed quests (example: [Season] [Life 101] quests)
    - Changed the wait time for characters to be deleted for normal characters from Lv. 46 or higher: from 1 day to 5 minutes
    - Reduced monster attack power at hard Sycraia instance dungeon
    - Updated all craftable trade pack's item prices
    - Added all missed knowledge's for new items and creatures
    - Replaced Moles Mutant Plant, Premature Fruit, Seed Half Eaten by a Bird, Plant with Rotting Roots, Unusual Fruit items you can obtain through Plant Breeding via Farming and defeating with Blush Leaf item
    - Added a Simple Alchemy (L) recipe using the Origin of Margoria to process the Margoria Crystal that is used to craft the Margoria Sea Crystal
    - A method of obtaining Magical Seeds (Hypha) using Special Seeds (Hypha) has been added, so now you can easily cultivate your garden when you need to change your crops or need additional crops imbued with magic
    - Increased the slots for Shaking from 2 to 3 slots with the addition of the new crafting recipe
    - Added all missed knowledges obtainable from NPC for 10 energy (example: trade/smuggler items knowledges)
    - Decreased by x10 number of needed to kill monsters for weekly season quests (example: [Weekly] Hordes of Bandits)
    - Added possibility to exchange green grade Defense Gear Boxes to materials via Blacksmith (example: Rocaba Defense Gear Box)
    - Added Stained Silk/Discarded Glass Bottle/Blush Leaf/Witch's Delicacy/Wildspark item exchanges to Liana NPC
    - Now Altar Imp Habitat [Boss] Dastard Bheg spawn [Unstable Soul] Altar Imps when appears and defeated
    - Increased the quantity of Predator's Roots obtainable from daily quests in the Elvia Realm of Serendia (2 → 5 / 6 → 15)
    - Now when selling trade items in each major city, Stained Silk can be obtained based on a set probability depending on the type of trade item
    - Reduced the worker promotion test duration from 24h to 8h
    - Reduced the worker required EXP for one skill change from 50% to 20%
    - The amount of Contribution Points required for connecting the some nodes and Production Nodes has been reduced
    - Speed up the respawn timer of "Ghost of Ash Forest" which is a target monster for certain quests, by 10 times
    - Increased Protty Fin item trash price from 2100 to 10500 silver
    - Increased Destroyed Ancient Weapon Power Stone item trash price from 2350 to 6110 silver
    - Increased the drop rate of Ancient Seal - Red Shard from enemies in Protty Cave by 20%
    - Improved so that you always obtain exactly 150 "Piece of Image" items upon performing Simple Alchemy on Piece of Image crafting materials
    - Added Blush Leaf exchanges to Camellia Loggia NPC at Loggia Farm
    - Added Furniture Crafting Permit to Furniture Dealer shop's
    - Added missed dialogs for all NPC's at Eilton town
    - The number of Truffle Mushroom spawning points have been increased at all territories except Mountains of Eternal Winter region
    - Reduced the respawn time of Truffle Mushrooms by 33%
    - Reduced the respawn time for Mythril Ore by an average of 60%
    - Increased the amount of Mythril Ore obtained from gathering by an average of 50%
    - Increased Mythril Ore production rate by 3 times in the Mining Nodes
    - Increased [Weekly] Fly Like the Wind/[Weekly] [Training] Horse Taming quest reward Royal Fern Root from 30 to 50
    - Increased Vell despawn time from 30 mins to 2 hours
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