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Patch Notes [Update] 07/27/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jul 27, 2023.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Added [Cleansed Cup] quest as alternative way to remove Essence of Emotions from accessories
    - Added Floramos accessory (TRI Manos analogue) quest to Liana NPC
    - The promotion test according to the worker's rank has been increased to have the same probability of success regardless of level (Skilled: 90%, Professional: 70%, Artisan: 50%)
    - The basic Luck applied to Human workers and other special Human-type workers has been increased by +3.
    - The standard sales price registered in the Worker Exchange for each level of workers has been added/raised
    - Reduced the worker promotion test duration from 24h to 8h
    - Reduced the worker required EXP for one skill change from 50% to 20%
    - Increased the number of Concentrated Crystal rewards for the [Weekly] Imperfect Beings quests from Old Moon Guild Manager Jetina from 115 to 155
    - Increased the probability and quantity of obtaining Concentrated Crystal as the loot from daily and weekly summon scrolls
    - Added possibility for Spongy Teff Bread/Sweet Fig Pie/Mild Date Palm Wine items to recovery ship ration
    - Increased the maximum number of slots available upon using the Family Inventory Expansion Coupon from 50 to 70
    - Added Old Moon Furniture Workshop to Calpheon/Valencia City/Keplan/Port Epheria/Heidel/Iliya Island
    - Now Oquilla's Eye island is safe zone, Herrad Romsen now is storage keeper of the island
    - Greatly increased wagons' weight limit
    - Added Hasrah Ancient Device spawn at Hasrah Ancient Ruins (for now will stay without despawn timer)
    - Added exchange Golden Seals - [Imperial Training] x12 for Powder of Ascension x1 to Variel NPC at the Old Wisdom Tree
    - Changed [Combat Reward] Faster and Stronger I to VI challenge player maximum level requirement from 59 to 60
    - Added a new questline through which you can obtain a Fence without using Contribution Points (The Best Beer Comes from the Best Wheat)
    - Added/changed that can be obtained at every node at a set probability when Luck is activated: Farmer's/Miner's/Archaeologist's/Fisher's Sack
    - Fixed some items obtaining trigger worlds notify (example: Everlasting Herb)
    - Implemented correct NPC worker EXP reward for work (based on work type and load)
    - Increased Combat EXP by x1.5-x2.2 at Bashim Base/Fadus Habitat and Polly's Forest monster zones
    - Added missed drop for [Glorious] Rhutum Elite Warrior/Rhutum Elite Archer/Rhutum Fighter at Rhutum Outstation
    - Added Wildspark item drop to Rawr-rawr Field Boss
    - Now Wildspark item can be obtained at a fixed probability when butchering hunting monsters with a Hunting Mastery of 250 or higher
    - Added all new trade item to server (not available yet for buy/sell at Trade Managers)
    - Updated all item max repair materials
    - Fixed client crash when player try to open guild quests at channel where guild quests didn't exist (example: Siege Channel)
    - Fixed Central Market display issue in Telegram after TG internal API changes
    - Reimplemented broken Black Spirit Adventure Board available dice request due retail latest changes
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