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Patch Notes [Update] 08/16/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Aug 16, 2023.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Removed world announce for some items gathered from monsters (example: Stuffed Animals from Butchering)
    - Reduced Garmoth Guild Boss attack power to be more like other guild bosses
    - Updated Garmoth Guild Boss drop (added lightstones/artifacts/goldbars etc)
    - Fixed servant totem receive EXP amount not depended on catch fish grade
    - Increased PEN (V) Manos Clothes max price at Central Market to 60kkk
    - Increased PEN (V) Manos Accessories max price at Central Market to 150kkk
    - Increased +9 and +10 Krogdalo's Horse Gear - Earth/Wind/Sea max price at Central Market to 2.5kk and 5kk
    - Replaced the Enchanted Scroll (+20, +30) in guild boss drop with Advice of Valks (+30, +40)
    - Increased chance to obtain 1000G gold bar from guild bosses, rescaled 100G/10G bars count
    - Fixed can't interact with dungeon exit NPC by the quest [Labreska’s Helmet] Entangled in Erasure
    - Fixed can't complete [Daily] Gargoyles Gone Wild quest due Crypt Of Resting Thoughts spawn changes
    - Implemented hourly guild silver payout depend on guild members online count and their levels
    - Fixed can't change worker skill if EXP less than 50%
    - Now 9+ tier horses obtained in game (not from web shop) can be sold (old horses not included)
    - Changed the cost of transporting a mount from one stable to another from 1 million Silver to 100,000 Silver
    - Added missed life EXP for items when fishing/processing/cooking etc
    - Added 2 new female class hairstyles and 1 male class hairstyle
    - Increased the chances of a high-level Protty or rare monster appearing significantly when attacking "Parasitic" Sid Protty
    - Increased Caphras Stone drop rate at Protty Cave (x2-x5)
    - Changed all Sid Protty's HP and defense (Decreased the HP by ~93%/Increased the defense by ~160%)
    - Increased the chances of "Parasitic" Sid Protty appearing by 1.6 times when attacking Protty Ootheca
    - Changed the Protty Ootheca's HP and defense (Decreased the HP by ~50%/Increased the defense by ~140%)
    - Changed to summon the a high-level Protty from those with the most HP remaining when you target all Sid Protty and Protty Ootheca
    - Added guaranteed Turo Heart drop to Ulutuka
    - Increased the reward amount that can be obtained when you complete the Tunkuta daily quests
    - Adjusted reward and drop rate of loot that can be obtained from world bosses Quint and Muraka (Added Gold Bars/Increased Mutant Enhancer drop amount/Guaranteed to obtain a Dim Ogre Ring from Muraka/etc)
    - Reduced Quint & Muraka world bosses respawn cooldown to 48~72h
    - Increased shop selling price of Shultz Guard junk items from 4,520 to 11,050 silver
    - Increased Shultz Guard zone combat EXP by approx. 400%, and Skill EXP by approx. 250%
    - Updated agris fever points consume at Shultz Guard (15 -> 8 for general monsters, disabled for elites)
    - Increased Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder reward count for [Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request quests (x2-x4)
    - Increased Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder reward count for [Daily] Restocking Supplies quests (x1-x2)
    - Changed so that Kvariak goes into hiding if you don't engage it within 5 minutes of it making its presence known
    - Increased Mount EXP gains from Training Mastery from up to 40% to up to 75%
    - Improved so that you can invite players/renew their contracts even from different channels
    - Added a success rate increase system to the Mythical Horse Awakening: every time the awakening fails, the success rate increases by 0.2%
    - Increased Remnants of Burnt Spirits item drop chance and count when gathering
    - Updated Herald's Journal Vol. 3 quests complete conditions
    - Updated Venomous Night Fang item incorrect description (Simple Alchemy instead combining)
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