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Patch Notes [Update] 08/25/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Aug 25, 2023.

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  1. Carl

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    Feb 22, 2010
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    NOTE: Need restart launcher to apply client update
    - Adjusted trash loot base count at [Elvia] Rhutum Outstation/Primal Giant Post/Quint Hill/Gyfin Rhasia Temple (Underground)/Olun's Valley by latest retail changes
    - Adjusted Agris Fever consumed when defeating monsters at  [Elvia] Primal Giant Post by latest retail changes
    - Now Ornette's/Odore's Spirit Essence's can be moved and used by Fairy to/from Family Inventory
    - Now Ornette's/Odore's Spirit Essence's can be registered at Central Market
    - Implemented NPC worker auto feed logic: just place beer or another feed item into warehouse and worker will be consume it when hungry
    - Reduced the respawn time of monsters in [Elvia] Primal Giant Post by approximately 21% compared to before, allowing them to respawn faster
    - Changed the Central Market Warehouse Capacity increase obtained from the Blessing of Kamasylve from +2000 VT to +4000 VT
    - Fixed can't complete [King's Key] Nova questline due missed NPC spawns and dialogs
    - Fixed can't obtain Org Champion/Red Orc Legend (now can be obtained from 2-nd Serendia crossroad Org Boss)
    - Fixed crossroad UI isn't display in some cases
    - Added missed models and animation for world NPC's
    - Reduced Apprentice Guild Member period from 14 to 7 days
    - Increased x2 drop count of Hunter's Seal/Boss's Latent Aura/Offin Tett's Light Fragment item from boss
    - Fixed can't complete [Manor] Shakatu's Trader quest
    - Fixed can't complete [Farming Leap Skilled 10] The Best Wheat Farm due changed Special Wheat Crate item ID
    - Increased maximum node level from 10 to 20
    - Reduced amount of energy required to reach node level 10
    - Now each node level guaranteed to add 1% item droprate instead old 10% chance to get 50% boost per monster kill at max node level
    - The sales plan of Patrigio's Secret Shop now includes Mythical Feathers
    - Added Mythical Feather item to World Boss drops
    - Added Jewel of Illusion to Olun Golems drop table with low chance
    - Separated the cooldown for the Archaeologist's Map and Traveler's Map
    - Fixed x10 max price modified isn't apply for some items at Central Market (example: Khan's Heart's)
    - You will now only need to feed a wild horse 1 lump of raw sugar to tame it successfully
    - Increased base Family Inventory weight limit from 100Lt to 350Lt
    - Added Family Inventory weight limit +250Lt and Family Inventory +8 Slot's bonuses to Gamez Blessing buff
    - Disabled T9+ horse registration at market and adjusted silver profit when selling to NPC based on material price at Central Market
    - Changed the Central Market Warehouse Capacity increase obtained from the Blessing of Kamasylve from +2000 VT to +4000 VT
    - Added quest [Repeat] New Treasure Map Piece where you can obtain Torn Treasure Map Pieces
    - Fixed can't open Titium Reward Bundle box
    - Fixed can't open Cron Stone Bundle box reward from Pit of Undying
    - Fixed escape/chase logic broken after last update for some monsters (example: Sycrakea Boss Apocros Lahtron's)
    - Increased twice chance to craft Inextinguishable Stone
    - Season characters now able to ride T9+ horses
    - Increased chance to obtain knowledge when defeating Rekra Brahma boss
    - Added possibility to restore some new items removed by trash bin (example: Blessed Alchemy Stone's)
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