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Patch Notes [Update] 09/08/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Sep 8, 2023.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    NOTE: Need restart launcher to apply client update
    - Now worker quick upgrade for pearl has static 50% chance instead chance calculation based on worker stats
    - Now already collected guild boss spawn points will remain unchanged after weekly reset
    - Improved so you won't disembark from any ships you're currently aboard when the Margoria Phantom Ship appears.
    - Increased cash shop purchase limit for Captain's Medallion from 14 to 30
    - Fixed incorrect buff duration from some new house installations (example: animal heads etc)
    - Changed so that defeating the Rare Monster, Kvariak, which appears in Tshira Ruins, will guarantee obtaining Katzvariak’s Venom
    - Garmoth mechanic of staying in the air to absorb souls for a powerful attack has been removed, as the world boss will no longer summon the Kagtums to her aid
    - Fixed can't complete quest Sow Hungry
    - Added Golden Seal [Imperial Training] -> Stonetail Wind's Meal/Stonetail Tonic item exchanges to Breesman NPC
    - Fixed incorrect time for some item buffs (example: [Party] Elixir of Improved Mastery/[Party] Elixir of Rough Labor)
    - Adjusted combat EXP obtained from exchanging vehicles to retail values
    - Now Training EXP acquiring proportional to EXP gained by mount instead only from mount level up
    - Increased slightly the amount of Training EXP that can be obtained when moving on mount
    - Changed so that Training EXP can be continuously acquired even for mounts of tier 7 or lower, which can no longer level up after reaching the maximum level of 30
    - Added a feature where characters can acquire Combat EXP whenever the mount gains experience while moving
    - Fixed can't complete [Farming Leap Skilled 10] The Best Wheat Farm quest due crate item changed
    - Increased the junkloot base drop count when defeating Ash Forest monsters by approx. x1.36
    - Changed the level requirement for the "[Weekly] I, Too, Wish for Wings" quest from 55+ to 49+
    - Improved the icons for Fallen God's Armor & Labreska's Helmetto better discern the enhancement levels
    - The selling price of Gahaz Seal Junk loot has been changed from 16,100 Silver to 20,930 Silver
    - The selling price of Aakman Temple Junk loot has been changed from 7,500 Silver to 13,120 Silver
    - The selling price of Hystria Ruins Fragment Junk loot has been changed from 15,000 Silver to 20,370 Silver
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