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[Update] 10/01/2012

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Fix chest drop level exploit. little improve chest ai
    - Fixed avoiding real nickname using chat server and flooding more than 30 sec
    - Improvements to abyss ranking update
    - Improvements to isbariya instance
    - Esoterrace Quests (ALL DONE)
    - Fix cancel duel when (example Asmo vs Asmo in duel and elyos kill asmo)
    - Fix enemy for instance pvp zone (problem with apply abnormal effects).
    - Healing boost should not be based on the healing boost value of the target
    - Fixed Chatisment of Darkness skill effect
    - Spawn rework Gelkmaros, Inggison, Alquimia Research Center, Heiron, Morheim, Eltnen, Theobomos, Beluslan, Draupnir Cave - added lots of missing spawns
    - Fix Exploit: Manastone level check for Fusioned weapons
    - Silentera Canyon Quests : 30054/30055/30056/30057/30154/30155/30156/30157/30158
    - Empyrean crucible Quests : 18209/18210/18215/28209/28210/28215
    - Fix: pet mood check
    - Added Relics Ai
    - AntiaircraftGun AI + now in solo Arena can be Asmodians vs Elyos
    - Updated Heiron npcs templates lvl/hp/titleid
    - Empyrean crucible quests : 18200/18201/18205/18203/18204/18205/28200/28201/28202/28203/28204/28205
    - Random startposition for dredgion
    - Implement FFAPvParena
    - Arena of Chaos 51-55 gatherable spawns added
    - Retail entry Haramel Asmo
    - Fixed 2 bug on dredgion enter.
    - Fix for Summon Divine Mirror and Summon Divine Mirror
    - Fix for skill 826,1523 (it properly removes open aerial now)
    - Fix for Shields - subeffect is not launched if damage is fully absorbed
    - Training Arena Deiscipline npc level/title/hp http://pastebin.com/YCE2JfwC
    - Added 3 rounds spawns for Training Crucible
    - Fix for Flame Cage not to share a cooldown with Erosion
    - Updated BT HM npc titles/hp http://pastebin.com/3A7tavJr
    - Implementation of Instance Rifts:
    - Added Draupnir Cave Abyss Gate(Heiron) and Indratu Legion Abyss Gate(Beluslan) (30% chance to Rift appears every 1 hour)
    - Dots should completly ignore shields and inflict damage
    - Fixed dredgion icon
    - Castle Gates and Kisks dodge every single attack skills fixed
    - Fixed asmo portal to padmas cave
    - Added decomposable for Daemon Reward Chests
    - Padmarashka's Cave Asmo side spawn added
    - Rework Rift System: Now Rift System is more Retail Like
    - Fixed Eltnen Rifts
    - Added level/hp/titles to Padmarashka Cave instance http://pastebin.com/iiyV2ccc
    - Added some walkers to Tolbas Village, fixed Nier's spawn point in Poeta
    - Update group packet for autoinstance
    - Silentera Canyon spawn rework
    - Updated Silentera Canyon hp/titles http://pastebin.com/HW9H8KTg
    - Fully reworked spawns in Lower Udase Temple (more than 200 fixes)
    - Fix for EffectTemplate.calculate( have to count dodge rate for effector and effected)
    - Updated Lower Udas hp/lvl/titles http://pastebin.com/jfJYvrbp
    - Small fix for DispelEffect
    - Updated some Gelkmaros titles http://pastebin.com/RzErMCtY
    - Fixed macro issue. now you can have macros as long as you want
    - Udas Temple stats/lvl/titles update
    - Fixed off hand weapon effect to main hand
    - Added 7 (fly rings) in Eltnen (Eracus)
    - Update some dredgion ships
    - A dead group member should still be able to loot the boss, but a whole dead group shouldn't
    - Some essential walkers in Verteron Citadel added
    - Minimal implementation for walkers formations (linear positioning)
    - Fix for subeffects spellStatus handling
    - Fix for Remove Shock
    - Fix for skills with fixed casted time
    - Fixed isbariya skills handled by AI
    - Update steel rake instance
    - Fix for dual wield( pvp attack should stack)
    - Possible fix for SimpleRootEffect ( target should not be lifted into air)
    - Mentor XP cape error fix
    - Fix setRouteStep for NpcMoveController
    - Add Walkers in Ishalgen (Test and 100% Finish)
    - Fix for SimpleRootEffect ( UD and similar effects will resists KnockBack)
    - Fix for offhand weapon attack
    - Add Walkers in Poeta (100%)
    - Small fix for Book,Orb users (adding bonus attack according to retail)
    - Implementation of BackCondition (example skillId: 1987, Venomous Strike I: should only apply poison if attacker is behind target)
    - Fix for damage formula 
    - Fix for EvadeEffect (it doesnt send SM_CASTSPELL, SM_CASTSPELL_RESULT on retail)
    - Fix for DispelEffect (too long processing time due to String functions)
    - Fix for shield effects, they should resist dots, not SpellAttackInstantEffect
    - Added Theobomos walkers
    - Add some Walker in Kromede's Trial
    - Now players can't use emotions using chat if they don't have it in emotion list.
    - Walker Add (Inggison)
    - Better random damage handling
    - Implementation of probability of carving a rune for CarveSignetEffect
    - Implementation of resistchance for FearEffect
    - Fix for DispelEffect - effecttype
    - Small fix for resistchance RootEffect
    - Improved rankingupdate process (now also calculated in core not in database)
    - Added all Pandaemonium walkers, plus new walker Rillard
    - Fix for hp potions (those should not be adjusted by heal boost)
    - Fixed Respawn time for Weathered Objects and Quest Mob
    - Basic implementation of IsbariyaTheResolute AI
    - Added some dispel power values to buff skills. Some debuffs missing
    - Small fix for DispelBuffCounterAtk and SimpleRootEffect
    - Implementation of power of effects
    - Added many missing attributes to skill templates
    - Fixed for WeaponDualEffect
    - Fixed ascension quest (u will be ported out of instance)
    - Fortress shield visual fix
    - Energy of Repose/Salvation msg fix
    - Player's flood checker
    - Fixed exploit with siege
    - Fixed Guards buff players in duel
    - Improve npc walkers
    - Prevent exploit for players that try to use private store name to speak with enemy players
    - Fixed chat exploit: players cannot speak to enemy players using translation tools
    - Fixed wrong condition for the quest item use
    - Add Q21253, Q21270, Q21255, Q21252, Q21257, 21259, Q21254, Q21261, Q21263, Q21265, Q21233 Q21234, Q21235, Q21236
    - Fixed Q2013, Q2373, Q10001, Q20001, Q11041, Q11216, Q11002, Q47109, Q1057
    - Fixed 4 bugs on Auto Group system.
    - Improve Auto Group
    - Added target slot level (fixes abyss xform being removed by SM)
    - Update spawn helpers
    - Rework OmegaAi. Improve SummonerAI.
    - Remove Protection state if player use attack
    - Now players in prison can't open private store
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  2. Alente

    Alente Legend Forum Legend

    May 31, 2010
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    New Zealand
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