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[Update] 11/12/2011

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Artifacts dot skills fix
    - Fixed spiritmaster remove debuff
    - Added lots of heiron quest
    - Fix for HideEffect: hide is removed on any item action, hide is removed when interacting with any npc
    - Alquimia Research Center drop group fix
    - Trap of Clairvoyance has range 12m (even on retail) although  description claims 30m
    - Trap of Slowing has range 5m (even on retail) although description claims 10m
    - Fixed artifact protectors not attacking
    - Fixed for fall damage showing positive value instead of negative
    - Mobs should not use skills if in sleep or root state
    - Player enter to world map, remove all buffs. (dredgion, new pvp instance)
    - Players in prison cannot use Chat
    - Mobs in dredgion aggro does not reset unless you kill them
    - Added missing kromedes trial entry quests
    - Added Q21251, Q21240, Q21224, Q21124, Q21077, Q21288, Q21287, Q21460, Q21286, Q21285, Q21284, Q21283
    - Fixed Q1036 (item is now removed correctly at the end), Q1032, Q21460, Q11460
    - Added 2.7 zones to chatserver
    - Fixed some issues with dark poeta instance score
    - Fixed hp/lvl added new titles for balaurena fortress guards
    - Fixed skill not ready when using ranger skill chain
    - Added missing instance drops for bt, steelrake, firetemple, kromedes trial, adam stronghold, draupnir cave
    - Removed instance cooldown on some instances
    - Eltnen Quests (Add) : 1336/1345/1354/1373/3328/3329/3330/3331/3332/3333/3334/3335/3336/3337/3338/3339/80003
    - Verteron Quests (Add) : 1222/1223/1224/1225
    - Update to fix many skill log messages (ex. Apply Lethal Venom, all absorb skills, etc)
    - Added MonolithicAmbusher AI
    - Beluslan Quests (Add) : 2513/2533/2538/2620/2646/4501
    - Fixed wrong respawn position of a marabata controller (700446)
    - Altgard Quests (add) : 2144/2145/2146/2147/2239/2247/2252/2266/2278/2279
    - Implementation of race condition for ShieldEffect
    - Implementation of TargetStatusProperty to prevent exploits
    - Implementation of resistchance for RootEffect (chance that root will remain after being attacked)
    - Implementation of DispelType EFFECTIDRANGE
    - Implementation of RevisionDistanceProperty
    - Implementation of counterskills
    - Fixed for dead creatures being affected by non-target AOE skills
    - Fixed for percent skill damage (fixes Break Power)
    - Implementation of ChainCondition and CounterSkill
    - Fixed Sanctum PVP Arena
    - Mass ingisson title/hp/lvl/stateId updates
    - Balaurea siege reward's update (http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Patch+Notes+2.7#hd97814)
    - Fixed Pet: Headstrong Poroco - not give items after feeding
    - Implementation of reseting pet mod if another pet is used
    - Reset pet mod if despawned for longer than 10 mins
    - Faster update of stats in team
    - Gelkmaros many title ids, staticIds, hp/lvl fixes
    - Titles,lvl,hp for 2.7 chaos arens npcs
    - Added Missing Morheim trader titles, fixed Morheim hp/lvl
    - Added all Kaisinel Academy titles, updated hp/level in Kaisinel Academy
    - Added 15+ new titles, many fixes in Pandaemonium HP/levels
    - Implementation of transforms effects
    - all flyable, non flyable transforms resolved
    - can return to previous transformmodel (example if you are in Mau and get feared, after fear ends, you will return to mau)
    - No drop items from chests for groups with mentor
    - Added proper log message for protect effect
    - Added missing min/max range for reflector effect
    - Added radius check for ProvokerEffect
    - Small fix for AuraEffect
    - Fixed summon stats / skills with sm summons
    - Fixed BT quest movies
    - Fixed Firetemple & steel rake portal
    - Fixed trial kromede transform
    - Updated new tradelists for 2.7 accessory traders
    - Full rework all Marchutan Priory npcs, added all 2.7 new npcs in Marchutan Priory
    - Full rework all Kaisinel Academy npcs, added all 2.7 new npcs in Kaisinel academy
    - Fixed fake morheim ely traders , fixed coordinates for some traders in Morheim
    - Fixed kinah exploit
    - Added sales time to goodslist, Rework limited items
    - Added system msg for static doors
    - Added Padmarashkas Cave entrance
    - Final fix for root being removed by dots
    - Crucible npc stats update
    - Now pets can fly and teleport
    - Zones reparsed with PVP type
    - Fixed possible vulnerability attack in gs
    - Fixed concentration stat 
    - Fixed for Skill usage during Transformations
    - Esoterrace npc stats update
    - Removed gliding in animal form (Worg/Karnif)
    - Fixed for fear effect being removed by some effects with SnareEffect
    - Update dialog for 2.7 instance portal
    - Fixed for Manastone: Healing Boost +3
    - Corrected Self-Resurrection Skills in Instances
    - Fixed ArtifactOfProtection
    - Prevent phx speed inject
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