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Patch Notes [Update] 12/22/2023

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Dec 22, 2023.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    NOTE: Need restart launcher to apply client update
    - Added possibility to move Remnants of Burnt Spirits/Abyssal Essence/Thick Turo Blood/Turo Heart to Central Market warehouse
    - Now items bought from new ingame cash shop will be tax free same like bought from web shop
    - Fixed family inventory weight bonus didn't apply after complete some quests
    - Fixed can't place seeds to Abundance/Sturdy Abundance fences
    - Fixed client crash when interating with any part of cash shop (searching/but proposals/etc)
    - Fixed chance of obtaining Cloud of Romance from selling Palm Forest Boy Collection
    - Fixed Black Tiger Pouch of Fortune x2 from Black Tiger Pouch of Marvelous Fortune
    - Fixed can't sell some exchange coupouns from cash shop at Central Market
    - Fixed premium didn't apply sometimes when gifting from another player in grace period
    - Fixed some Family Weight bonuses didn't apply after relogin
    - Fixed damage reduction negative buff from Elixir of Indignation
    - Implemented Sunset Glow Crystal Manufacture recipe
    - Restored Marni Sniper Rifle craft recipe to Tool Workshops
    - Now Conquest War fort HP will be restored to 100% after siege ends
    - Now Fence of Abundance and Sturdy Fence of Abundance to be exchangeable with the Old Moon Managers in all regions
    - Added new titles for killing sea creatures
    - Implemented Manos/Srulk/Loggia Sailing Log items
    - Added Siren Song Aura item for craft Manos Sailing Log added to Vell drop
    - Added Happy Crimson Accident/[Weekly] Gotta Frame It  can be taken from Kukao at Garmoth Nest
    - Increased the amount of Intact Nouver's Reverse Scale that can be obtained by defeating Nouver and Bloodstorm Nouver x2-3 -> x5-7
    - Changed the objectives of the following quests that can be accepted via 'Black Eyeroot' in the Crypt of Resting Thoughts: [Chapter 5] Perfect Darkness/[Chapter 6] Breath of Nature
    - Simplified Blackstar Gear Crafting Quest: Once you've completed the previous Blackstar gear crafting quest for each part, you can accept the [Blackstar] All About Blackstar quest per part
    - Updated entire Blackstar related with latest retail changes
    - Updated completion rewards for Ravikel quests: [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Candidum Hunter, [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Nineshark Hunter, [Daily] Old Moon Guild's Black Rust Hunter
    - Added new weekly quests to Ravikel: Old Moon Guild's Candidum Hunter/Old Moon Guild's Nineshark Hunter/Old Moon Guild's Black Rust Hunter
    - Changed the accumulated number of trade requirements for the appearance of Brilliant Rock Salt Ingot (3000->1000) and Brilliant Pearl Shard (5111->1500)
    - Decreased the HP of the below monsters by 80%: Hekaru, Ocean Stalker, Young Candidum, Young Black Rust, Young Nineshark, Young Hekaru, Young Ocean Stalker
    - Added new Oquilla Coin, which can be obtained through quests at Oquilla's Eye, can be exchanged for additional types of goods with fewer quantities
    - Added new Old Moon Grand Prix Weekly Quests that can be accepted from Jetina, the Old Moon Manager
    - Increased Old Moon Grand Prix Coin count from Old Moon Grand Prix ranking rewards
    - Changed the Old Moon Grand Prix related item exchange NPCs from Gula in Stonetail Horse Ranch to Jetina
    - Updated [Daily] No Worries for the Prepared quest's conditions and rewards
    - Now transfusion window will be open when right click on Lightstone at inventory
    - Replaced Agris Set Farming Time -2s effect with Gathering Item Drop Rate +10% due client internal issues with original effect
    - Fixed bunch of client errors providing to client crash
    - Updated can't open some boxes
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