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[Update] 16/07/2011

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Kromedes Trial exploit fix.  (If player reloging in boss rom, boss respawning)
    - [Skill] Fear Shriek - doesn't limit the number of people. 
    - Fix Asmodian Individuals in abyss rank list
    - Fixed Zikel's Pride and Nezekan's Valiance Godstones 
    - Gatherable expoit fix. Range, Fly state.
    - Enchant stone sack fix
    - Implemented 2.5 instance Esoterrace (drops not done)
    - Imported dredgion part of SM_INSTANCE_POINTS and Fixed onReviveEvent
    - Added groupleave before associating to new dredgiongroup to avoid problems
    - Implemented required weapons for skill effects
    - Fixed Steel Wall - Defense doesn't cancel on weapon switch
    - Fixed Quests where need use some skills 5-10 etc. times
    - Complete rework of specific resistances (Stun/Stumble/Spin/etc. Resists) (Should fixed UD and other similar skills)
    - Fixed quest loot from useitem objects for group members
    - fully reworked dredgion-registration
    - Added guide for asmo level 55 and asmo level 38
    - KromedesTrial remove item fix. Now retail. items only useable in instance.
    - Cansee geo data enabled again
    - Fixed ranger geo data (wallshooting) and range bug
    - unique drop announce can show item detail
    - Added Warden Surama Ai
    - Added Kexkra Prototype Ai
    - Fixed load fail in Q2076 on teleportation into arena
    - Fixed Avatar visual effect after using candy
    - Fixed ASMO Abyss enter quest stuck
    - Correctly implemented Point skills range coordinates, so now the center of the area of damage is exactly the point where you summon the skill 
    - Added lower udas temple quest
    - Fixed some players with full mail cannot login
    - Fixed magical critical damage reduce calculation
    - Fixed damage reduce from enchants
    - Shieldburst should not miss fixed
    - Fixed Shining slash and punishment skill random damage
    - Repurchase fixed
    - Kromede`s Trial exit portal fix
    - Fixed load fail on finishing to use a quest object
    - Guards should not attack towers
    - 3d Range fix. (xp, mantra exploit)
    - Implemented pushback effect on Beast Swipe 
    - Blind leap / Ambush / Time & Space Jump lose target of your opponent fixed
    - Ranger Traps activation fixed: Traps must trigger instantly after respawn or as soon as an enemy gets in range
    - Kisk rework (retail packet's sequence / refresh Return skill info)
    - Added Q1949, Q30238, Q28511, Q1948, Q1950
    - Fixed Fortress chest
    - Fixed reflect damage
    - Added Kromedes Trial instance system
    - Fixed Boost Enemity calculation
    - Fixed equipped time or limited items
    - Fixed Severe Precision Cut range bug
    - Fixed HP/MP Recovery of all Abyss Transformation Skills
    - Fixed Taloc item permissions such as taloc tear
    - Fixed Q20020 (repeatable reward), Q30005 (spawns), Q2221, Q1563, Q10024, Q28504, Q4942, Q3938
    - Fixed reversestat calculation
    - Items reparsed with proper damage reduce stat (rate)
    - Siege and Artifact refractor (should now be functional and more retail like)
    - Fixed BlindEffect for correct chance (which is NOT 100% always)
    - StunCondition and StunEffects implemented (should fix templar stumble)
    - Fixed Templar Stumble 
    - update InventoryPacket for stigma write
    - Added guide for asmo level 36
    - Added some decomposable items
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