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[Update] 29/6/2011

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Carl, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Admin

    Feb 22, 2010
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    - Item service rework (should fix exploits & bugs with items)
    - Added check to remove keys from player's inventory when exiting from krotan and kysis instances
    - Reworked portal templates. Now it is possible to make one portal with two exit points to teleport the players to different places, depending on their race.
    - Assassins runes must not be dispelled by DispelDebuffMentalEffect
    - Fixed Fear Bug , makes you run forever without pressing buttons
    - 2.5 Motion system implemented, have fun
    - Motion, Titles time limit
    - Fixed Magic Resist for stuns, silence, etc
    - Fixed some mobs on Taloc (low HP value increase)
    - Fixed 1 door on Taloc (now it must be opened only by system)
    - maxstat parameter on BufEffect to handle healing after maxhp/maxmp statups. This fixes more cleanly Avatar skills and Taloc's Fruit skills.
    - Fixed  Q25800, Q18500, Q4937, Q18500, Q2947
    - Added Q2289, Q18510, Q11276, Q29043
    - Aggrolist Code cleanup
    - Fixed some npc lvls and hp
    - Added decomposable items. (Gold Coin Chest) (Silver Coin finished) (Mithril Coin) (Gift-Wrapped)
    - Fixed Work Orders
    - Added 2.5 maps on ChatServer
    - Beshmundir Temple system rework & fix. Added few quests and conditions
    - All debuff skills generate aggro from npcs even if they dont deal damage
    - Sleep Root effects generate aggro from target
    - Fixed Enfeebling Burst skill
    - Fixed Stagger effect on Spiritmasters skills
    - Stagger effect on Dummy (dummy should not move)
    - Added some missing spawns
    - Added guide survey system
    - Hate notification fix
    - Add collision to skill, AI ranges.
    - Group Exp Exploit fix
    - Added Talloc Hollow support NPC
    - Exp exploit fix.
    - Added default min/max decay interval
    - Added spawns for BT and 2.5 siege spawns for empyrean entrance
    - Fixed "you have aquired emotiom message on login"
    - Deleted some double spawns from Sanctum(arena) and Dredgion
    - Added kromedesTrial AI
    - Added Engineer Lahulahu AI
    - Fixed ArenaService is in same group still is enemy
    - Fixed BeshmundirTemple Teleport & movies
    - Added some 2.5 npc titles and spawns
    - Added FireworksUseAction and ReadAction
    - Fixed some npc states and locations
    - Global ChatTypes rework
    - Added missing quest movies
    - Added DropDistributionService and improved DropService.
    - improve DarkPoetaInstance
    - Fixed op sorc damage
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