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Discussion in 'Recruitment Zone' started by Wasabi, Oct 10, 2020.

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    Oct 9, 2020
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    eating ramen
    United States
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    It varies from day to day, maybe like 4-8 hours per day. (4 hours being on work days and 8 hours being on days off.)
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    English (Native Language, 100%) and SOME Spanish (I understand it way better than speaking it. 10%).
    Game Playing Experience:
    I've played Aion ever since early 2009. I know a lot about the game and have spent endless hours playing on Aion. I've played retail, Not Aion, Aion Epic, and some Gamez Aion back then. I applied for staff on Not Aion but I wasn't accepted since the server is basically dead.
    How can you help our server?:
    I really enjoy moderating or helping out gaming communities, be it discord servers or the actual game itself. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the response is to my form because I absolutely love Aion and I would love to work for this server in any way possible. I'm a rule follower, so I'm a person who enforces whatever rule it is (in a nice way obviously LOL) when needed. If I need to be strict because I'm told to, I will. Even though I haven't played on this server a lot in the past, I'm going to change that when I build my new PC in a month or so (staff member or not), because Gamez is really fun to me. Right now, my PC isn't the greatest so I'll be waiting until I get my new PC in November. :)

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