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Guide Fixing Most Problems/Errors

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by loboram, Oct 16, 2021.

  1. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    So you've run into a game error, or your GamezBD won't start, or it crashes to desktop, or something like that?

    Make a search for the specific problem -you wish to post- FIRST, because chances are that the thread you are about to open, has already been answered.

    Alright...this is the most simple solution to most common problems:
    Check to see if you have a firewall exception for GamezBD, if your antivirus is blocking it, and if you are running the game as an Admin., or most importantly; Not being a part of the "insider/preview/beta" version of Windows
    Remember that GamezBD is NOT compatible, with the Pearl-Abyss (retail) game version, so you Need to install the GamezBD game version: https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/download-mirrors-client-v3588-community-provided.210022/
    DO NOT copy the GamezBD-game-client-version into the retail folder, or the other way around. They are two different game versions, and neither can be used to access the other's game-server.

    There is a "Common Errors and Solutions" section (https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/gamezbd-errors-and-solutions.210464/) which might help you out. Although it hasn't been updated for a while now :(

    Most GamezBD problems can be solved in the following manner:
    1. Close game and Launcher
    2. Go to Username\Appdata\Local\GamezBDO and delete the files and folders in there
    3. Go to the folder where you installed the GamezBD version of the game, and delete the Cache folder, and the version file in the main folder
    4. Open Launcher, WAIT for it to update, and then run a Force-Filecheck, in Settings top right corner
    5. WAIT for it to finish completely, then close Launcher and reopen it, and launch game as normal
    6. IF ALL of the above fails, then you should find the Smartguard folder, GamezBD\black desert online\bin64\Smartguard, and delete the files in there, THEN run a force-filecheck
    7. In case you end up here, without any idea of what to do next, please check using the ping command, if your network is reaching the GamezBD servers:
    Open your command prompt and ping the appropriate server ip there.
    NA IP:
    EU IP:
    For example, type ping for NA server.
    If you can reach the servers, you might have a very high ping, which means that your connection will be "unstable". This will be a problem, and you will disconnect often.
    The best way to deal with connection problems, is to use a VPN service, or to ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if it is blocking the GamezBD servers, and then ask them to unblock them.
    8. IF by any chance you end up in a situation, where your GamezBD Launcher stops working, then you can redownload it here: https://play.gamezbd.com/launcher/GamezBDO.exe , BUT it is important that you delete the files in 2. and 3.
    That should force the Launcher to run a force-file-check.

    This is the most simple problems solve mode I can give you, however IF your game is still not working, then it might be something is actually wrong, and you will have to send the startup log to the developers, but firstly you should start a Conversation with the GamezBD Staff: mouse-over your forum username and select Conversation, can also be accessed through your profile, the main GamezBD developer is Kolka.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2022
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