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Info GameZBD Sever Info

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Jujuba, May 4, 2021.

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  1. Jujuba

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    Aug 5, 2019
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    Server Info

    • Version 3428
    • NA | EU Worldwide Servers
    • Free to Download and Play
    • Up to Date Working Retail Content
    • Free Pearls Every 30 mins

    Server Rates
    • Monster Exp: 10x
    • Monster Drop: 10x
    • Life Exp: 5x
    • Horse Exp: 3x
    • Contribution Exp: 5x
    • Tendency Exp: 5x
    • Fitness Exp: 5x
    • Guild Skill Exp: 5x
    • Skill Exp: 5x
    • Fishing Drop Amount: 2x
    • Collection Drop: 10x
    • Steal Drop: 10x

    Custom Commands
    GamezBD offers a few Chat Commands. Make sure you switch to General Chat before using it.
    • ".rescue" - You can use this command if your character is stuck. You will be teleported to Velia. Cooldown 5min.
    • ".loc" - This command will type your real coordinates in world in system chat. Can be useful for report bugs.
    • ".drop reset filter" - Command for Reset settings of custom Drop Filter System.

    GameZ Blessing (Premium)
    • Combat/Skill/Life/Horse Exp +30%
    • Karma Exp Gain +100%
    • Reduced Karma Loss by 50%
    • Luck +1
    • Inventory/Storage Expansion +8
    • Marketplace Collection +20% (Excluding Pearl Items)
    • Weight Limit +500LT
    • Enhancement (FS) Chance Rates +30%
    • Reduced Horse Mating Time to 36min
    • Greatly Increased T9/T10 Horse Acquisition Rate
    • Increased Pearls to 100 every 30min
    • Access to Drop Filter
    • Required Parley for Barter -20%
    • Exclusive Titles:
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Free Pearls
    Every 30 minutes of gameplay on GamezBD you will obtain 80 Pearls.
    Pearls can be used in Pearl Shop to buy useful items like Outfits, Pets, Boost items and many others.
    To receieve Pearls you need open Black Spirit Safe (bottom right corner of screen have this icon).
    Premium users obtain Extra Bonus to Pearls incoming:
    • +20 Pearls - Active Premium.
    • +25 Pearls - Active Premium during 1 Month.
    • +30 Pearls - Active Premium during 3 Months.
    • +35 Pearls - Active Premium during 6 Months.
    • +40 Pearls - Active Premium during 1 Year.
    If player take a break in Premium prolongation, then he will start from the first level when activating a Premium again.

    Custom/Changed NPC Locations
    • Kolka - that NPC located near Marketplaces in main Territory Capitals.
      Can exchange Cartian Spell, Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll, Pila Fe Scroll to 3-4x Memory Fragments.
      Additionally can exchange Artisan's Memory to 10x Caphras Stone.
    • Ottavio Ferre - NPC for Cleanse Gear stays in 2 places in Velia.
      Second place is custom - near blacksmith Tranan Underfoe for more comfortable enchanting.
    • Juana Teron - Altar of Blood investigator, needed for Chapter 18 of Bartali's Adventure Log.
      Located in Velia, right from Marketplace director.

    Limits and Caps
    • Character Level: 70 - there is a Maximum Level which player can reach on current GamezBD version.
    • Contribution Points: 1000 - there is a Maximum Cap for Contribution Points that player can have in GamezBD.
    • Character Limit: 24 and 3 - you're allowed to create a total of 24 Normal Characters and 3 Trial.
    • Barter Limit: 2b/day - you're allowed to sell Barter items up to a profit limit of 2 billions silver per day.
    • Trade Limit: 400m/day - you're allowed to deal with Trade Managers up to a profit limit of 400 millions silver per day.

    Telegram is the main GameZBD communication channel, it has a lot of useful informations and Bots for players to use.
    Check below how to download and links to connect to our channels!
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