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Guide GameZBD Sheriff System

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Jujuba, Nov 30, 2021.

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  1. Jujuba

    Jujuba Legendary Member Forum Legend

    Aug 5, 2019
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    GameZBD Sheriff System

    Sheriff System - is an unlocked content released on GamezBD, this content is not present in Retail BDO at this moment.
    This System is also known as Bounty Hunting; Players who attack/kill “Good Players” becomes “Bad” (Red Family) and the Killed Player can hire other players (Sheriffs) to take revenge and punish the aggressor.

    All players have special Fame parameter (by default is 0 - same like karma).
    If player attack other positive karma player, he will lose part of Fame. And if Fame becomes less than 0, then the Family Name of player become red.
    If you compare to Karma - Karma makes Characters Name red, Fame - makes Family Name red.​


    * Killed blue player can come to a special NPC in Velia (use .rescue - and you will be teleported near NPC) to hire a Sheriff for revenge. Player sets a bounty (in silver) and order kill of attacker by sheriffs. After this, sheriffs can kill attacker player (even in safe zones) and send them to jail for 30min.

    If you have negative Fame but nobody hired a Sheriff - then you just risking being killed in safe zone, but no any other penalties are applied.
    Even if a blue player hired a sheriff and ordered the revenge - your equipments won't lose enchantment levels if you die. Enchantment can be lost only by negative Karma. Fame does not affect this.

    Every player who has Neutral or Positive Fame can become Sheriff. Just summon Black Spirit and you will see the questline needed. After complete this questline player become Sheriff and may kill other players with negative Fame and obtain Fame for kills.​


    All Sheriffs participate in Top and gets Rewards based on their Rank. The Top resets every Month and Rewards are sent to ingame mail.

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