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Guide [Item] Sculpture of Dolmen Crab

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by loboram, May 19, 2022.

  1. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    Just in case you have found this item, and have NO idea what it is about, also No wonder why nobody can figure it out, when there is NO information, to gain on various Search Engines :(
    ID: 45902
    Stone Crab Shell Pieces
    EN name: Shell Piece of Dolmen Crab
    icon General
    Weight: 0.10 LT
    Bound when obtained
    – Personal Transaction Unavailable – Description:
    It is a piece of the shell of a Dolmen crab with an intact shape. It feels strangely cool to the touch of a hard surface.

    - Usage #1 : Dolmen Crab Essence Crafting

    - Recipe: Alchemy

    - Crafting Materials
    Energy of Life x5 *(AURA of Life)
    Stone Crab Shell Piece x1 *(Sculpture of Dolmen Crab)

    - Usage #2 : a Dolmen Crab Disguise Crafting

    - Recipe: Processing (L) - Simple Alchemy

    - Crafting Materials
    Unfinished Lesser Transformation Book x1
    Dolmen Crab Essence x10

    ※ You can exchange the unfinished Lesser Transformation Book at Grandiha's Ben's Yuren.

    - obtain : Can be obtained by hunting Buy price: -
    Sell price: -
    Repair price: -
    " English Translation (https://bdocodex.com/gl/item/45902/?sl=1)
    Unfortunately the description on these items, here on GamezBD, are completely useless as well as wrong.
    It would be GREAT, if the developers (@Kolka) would double check, and change the item descriptions, as well as make sure, that the whole thing actually works :D

    Last modified date: 2020.07.27 02:39
    hello! is your desert guide ' Police Azoshi ' ! !cow! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know wanted there was,
    no one It informs you of various contents that
    about the police know Azosi useful to is mysterious black ! That first time! [Dollmen Crab Disguise] !


    The Dolmen Crab Disguise on land anywhere is an item that can transform into a Dolmen crab
    When you ride a Dolmen Crab using the Dolmen Crab , changes its appearance to a Dolmen Crab not only
    The best insider item in Black Desert that can do a variety of actions ! Want! Want!

    Now, let's go make it together!
    First of all, you need the supplies!
    Preparation 1. cute Shai !
    , the material for [Energy of Life] Dolmen Crab Disguise, can be obtained by hunting Dolmen Crab.
    Here high level, , if you hunt Dolmen Crab through a character with a [Aura of Life] the drop rate of significantly reduced .
    Also , [Dollmen Crab Shell Pieces] can be obtained by gathering Dolmen Crabs with a pickaxe.
    We need to catch Dolmen Crab with a character with low level and attack power.
    For this, there is no better character than the cute Shai !


    From level 1, Shai is Gathering and Alchemy are Professional Lv.1 .
    It is the best character for hunting and gathering Dolmen crab at the same time!
    Preparation 2. dig up the stone crab pickaxe ! Dollmen In Crab Shell Fragments] order to obtain
    Dolmen Crab, you hunting After pickaxe with gather must
    pickaxe ways to obtain a exchange in each town material merchant .


    A shabby pickaxe is enough *o*
    (In my experience, it is better than using a pickaxe imbued with magic with a character with a low gathering level.
    with a shabby pickaxe [Dollmen Crab Shell Pieces] seems to have worked better
    Now let's go catch the Dolmen crabs! Dolmen crabs mainly village vicinity of Iliya Island inhabit the
    it is easy to find Dolmen Crabs Iliya Island ! (applause!)
    Iliya Island How to get to
    1. Let's go by boat!
    2. liner Let's go by
    3. Gryphon Taxi !
    4. the traveler's map Let's ride
    There is.


    In Velia village, Griffon taxi bound for Iliya to liner wait
    near the village of Velia, traveler's map If you use a
    Iliya Island You can go directly to
    Then Iliya Island !
    on Iliya Island There is a concentration of Dolmen Crabs I've been researching ahead of time for you guys! ''cow''


    Here it is!


    oh! A wild dolmen guy has appeared!
    Let's catch it hard. with a low-level character, hunting there is a high chance of Life] of
    pickaxe , gathering there is a chance [Dollmen Crab Shell Fragments] .
    ( [Dollmen Crab Shell Pieces] the nearby meadow can also be obtained by gathering Stonemen Crabs in


    pick up..
    [Energy of Life] requires 50 pcs , and [ Dolmen Crab Shell Fragment] requires 10 pcs . An hour is enough to farm.
    (We have low level, so PVP is disabled.
    If my character doesn't come out well, let's farm the energy of life in Arsha . )
    Are you all ready? (Yeah!)
    Now you need to make the next step, [Essence of Dolmen Crab] .
    [Essence of Dolmen Crab] is obtained by installing an alchemy tool in the residence to receive [Aura of Life] 5 ,
    Crab Shell Fragment 1 .


    braided! [Dollmen Crab Essence] !

    Now the [Unfinished Lesser Transformation Book] .
    But where do you get it? Do not worry! [Unfinished Minor Transformation Book] for Lamute Wandering Group 's Coin] at You can exchange
    (The Lamute Wanderer's Vence Coin can be obtained through the Lamute Wanderer's Adventure Log and Grandiha Daily Quests.)


    Now you have all the necessary ingredients. Processing (L) - into Essence of Dolmen Crab 10 [Unfinished Minor Reformation Book] and 1 Simple Alchemy and start Simple Alchemy.



    Voila! As a reward, we will give you a nice stone man crab. ''cow''
    [Dollmen Crab Transformation Book] can only be boarded by the user himself, a duration of 5 minutes and a waiting time of 10 minutes.
    disguised Q to hide, press E to hide,
    arrow keys (reverse cannot be reversed, move quickly with the SHIFT arrow keys),
    left by You can


    Why don't you raise a cute dolmen crab ''ㅅ''?!
    first strategy [Dollmen crab disguise book] !

    Did you have fun? /)/)

    Please leave your questions and content recommendations in the comments! (#cow#)
    " English Translation (https://www.kr.playblackdesert.com/ko-KR/Forum/ForumTopic/Detail?_topicNo=23869)

    Hopefully ALL players here on GamezBD, will give it a try, just to say that they have tried it out :D

    I have not been able to test this yet, as I simply haven't dropped enough AURA of Life yet. I need at least 50 of them, to create 10 "Dolmen Crab Essence", that will be what I need to make the Disguise with the book.
    Last edited: May 19, 2022
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  2. ShadoweCZ

    ShadoweCZ Loner by choice

    Nov 24, 2018
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    Czech Republic
    so what is this item ? is it like the papu transformation scrolls ?
    can you use it anywhere ?
    what is it good for ? like can you "mask yourself" in GvG and be a "stone scout" ?

    in regards of translations, if its not on EU/US retail then it wont have good translation here ingame on GameZ
    we may be getting content early from KR but we get good (official) translations ony after EU/US release and
    next update for us
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  3. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    I am going to test this, but just wanted to post it, because I had NO idea what it was :D

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