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Info Tuvala Materials Drops Comparison

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Morthar, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. Morthar

    Morthar New Member

    Oct 19, 2020
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    I've commented already in some topics about best places to grind tuvala materials But I knew it wasn't cover the question entirely and my tips could stay superficial. So, I decided to show you guys the results of grinding in three different spots with three different ap brackets so you all can have a good idea of how drop may vary from area to area, and decide where you should grind to obtain the most items you may be looking for.

    1) Each place was grinded for 15 minutes, the sufficient to have a general idea of the amount of common drops on the area;
    2) All places were grinded with loot scroll up;
    3) All places were grinded with premium loot filter up (which I highly suggest for all) to avoid my pets picking up:
    - trash loot;
    - green equipment below +15 enhancement;
    4) I grinded with my seasonal succession ninja, which in full PEN tuvala has exactly 245 ap.

    cresc x basi.jpg

    As we can see, the materials don't drop equally on proportion from place to place. While you can gather 390 of time filled stones from crescents and 227 from pilaku, you can gather 73 ores and 23 jade with cracks from pilaku comparing to the 38 ores and 10 jades from crescents. Much of that difference comes from the fact that the monsters from lower regions tend to be more stacked and come in greater number, and since your pets won't be losing time picking up trash, the amount of good quality drops they will pick will be a lot greater.

    Another important thing to notice is the money. While Pilaku shows 90 million of raw money in meres 15 minutes, Basilisks and Crescents will drop more valuable items such as basilisk belts and crescent rings, and they even drop a lot of lesser materials that may become the accessories, Crescents based on RNG (I dropped 19 soiled rings in 15 minutes and from them I got only 1 crescent, but then again, RNG) and Basilisks guaranteed crafting with the Snake Skin Belt + Alignment Pin + Basilisk Ring.

    One interesting thing this shows us is something we're been denouncing from quite some time, and that is the unbalanced profit we make from drops. While the increased custom drop rate favored weaker spots a lot, it made too little for harder spots like 210+ ap (such as pilaku, aakman, hystria, star's end, etc) since their base drop from retail were exceedingly low. That came to the point where a lot of 300+ ap people are coming to grind in Crescents for that place being so much profitable than end game areas, and that should never, in any possible case, happen.
    It would be opportune to the staff to consider ways of making those harder spots more worth to grind, and I lay here some suggestions:
    1) Make the trash loot more valuable,
    2) Custom raise the drop chance only from end game areas, for example, raise pilaku overall drop chance in 300%, star's end overall drop chance by 500%, Sycraia overall drop chance by 600%, etc.
    Those measures would make endgame grinding a lot more worth and even a lot more rewarding.

    Thank you all very much.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2020

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