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Guide New Players Guide / FAQ

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by loboram, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. loboram

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    Jan 29, 2018
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    This is a guide for completely new players to this game and server
    I really hope it helps you out​

    I have recently added a "Quick Reference" at the very end of this rather long post, so if you aren't "into reading" (poor you by the way) you can check out the end section and Maybe find some useful information, otherwise you are doomed to reading, I know it sounds so hard :D

    *Updated 02/05/2022 - Still under REconstruction

    GamezBD Black Desert Online players; Here are a few really useful tips on how to get the most of the small amount of time you can or will spend online playing the game. Especially since real-life means everything, in comparison to just wasting time, playing computer games.

    Black Desert Online (BDO) is a Really Big, and complex game. The first thing you should know about the game, is that it is mainly very Gear oriented, which means that your Character's Gear (Weapons/Armor/Accessories), will dictate how powerful your character is, and not the character's level.

    Experience Types for the players who did not find out in any other way;
    Combat Experience = Leveling Experience
    Life Experience = Life Skills like gathering / farming / training and so on...
    Skill Experience = Combat Skills for the character

    Your First Character what to do, taking advantage of the Season channel;
    1. When you start the game for the first time, it is quite easy to get lost, in just the character creation page. SO many options, and things to tweak in the appearance of your character, not to mention the many different Classes, that are gender locked. I know, it took me the better part of an hour, the very first time I wanted to design, my very own individual character, that would look Nothing like any other's character. What I did not know, was that utilizing the Value Pack (item bought in the Pearlstore with in-game currency Pearls), you will get the option to change the looks of your character, just as much as you could possibly want. It also offers the ability to both colour, and set the materials, of your characters outfits/costumes. So you can actually skip this bit, unless of course you want your character to Start out, as individualistically as possible :)

    2. The thing to do, is to create a Season Character, which will only exist as a season character, for about 3 months. However the benefits of being a Season Character are numerous, as well as truly well worth it:
    https://grumpygreen.cricket/season/ (https://grumpygreen.cricket/category/black-desert-online/season-server/)

    3. Your first character should NOT spend all their time, looking at -and interacting with- everything. I know it sounds terribly counter-intuitive, since it is the first time you are playing the game. However it becomes really overwhelming, especially for first timers, if you do indulge your first time experience instincts. Black Desert Online (BDO) is an amazingly huge game, and if your online time is limited, you are much better off doing this; Just RUN through the Black Spirit Main Questline (BSMQ), focusing your limited time only on those quests, until your first character reaches the Valencia region.

    4. You see Pearl Abyss, the company that created BDO, made the game as a MMORPG. Adding great benefits to having multiple characters, and letting yourself get swept up, by the gameplay as well as graphics. Because of this, you are much better off, just running your first character through the main questline, which is explained in the next section.
    However your second, and consequent characters, are then free to explore the game-world, as you see fit. Taking their time, and trying out everything you missed out on, the first run through.

    Main questline's -offered by the Black Spirit (press , comma)- rewards;
    1. Some Black Stones (Weapon & Armor), which you need to enhance your gear later on.

    2. Some Inventory Space, which is extremely useful, but you can get some more, spending Pearls for Inventory Slots and the Value Pack (Pearls explained later).

    3. You get to go around a lot of the Game-World, which will really help you out, in getting a bunch of Knowledge, which you gain by interacting and talking (basically just pressing R by default) with Everything and Everyone you possibly can.
    Knowledge gets your entire Family Energy, that will be Most useful once you are further into the game.

    4. Completing as many quests as you possibly can, generates Contribution Points (CP), that is very useful a bit further into the game.

    5. The Main questline, will also reward you with a Horse, and a Pet (or two), and Finally, completing the Main questline up to the beginning of the Valencia region, enables your Entire Family, access to a Lot more game content, and more rewards.

    6. Remember that almost all quests, yield Contribution Points (CP) as a standard reward. So by just doing quests, you will automatically increase your whole family's CP score.

    Gearing your characters, and Pearls explained;
    1. Unless you have chosen to create a Season Character (link in first section second paragraph), then a good start is to get gear with the bonuses, that You want for your character. Don't let Anyone tell you that there is such a thing, as the best/ultimate armour/weapon Set in this game, don't be fooled by the mainstream ideology: "One-Way-To-Play". You are supposed to enjoy your down-time, whether you want to spend it playing computer games or not. This means that it is Always Your choice, what to do in-game, and how to spend your online time. I know it might not be that helpful, but you Can look up the Gear Sets here: https://bdoplanner.com/classes
    After choosing the Class, you can click the item slot, and mouse-over the different items availble to the right. Remember that Green grade items, are the ones that you should be looking at, because in the beginning, that is what you are going to get, for your second character. Unless of course you choose to wait, until the beginning of the next Season, so that you can take advantage of yet another Season Character, or use the Fughar's Timepiece to create a second Season character during the same Season.

    2. Your character will level insanely quickly, here on the GamezBD server which means, that your character will be inferiorly geared, for most of the game, but you will not feel challenged. This Will change when you get to the Mediah region, where the monsters Will become powerful enough, to actually provide you with a challenge. Which means that by then, you will need to have enhanced your chosen Armour Set, and both Weapons, to at least +15.
    Talk to the Black Spirit (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-enhancement/), and DO NOT waste Silver, by buying Black Stones on the Central Market. Main questline and just having a +2-5 Luck stat (Character page press P), will get you plenty of Black Stones in the long run, which monsters drop as loot, and will be offered as quest rewards.

    3. I chose Agerian the first run-through, but I have learned that the Luck of Fortuna Armour Set, which adds +2 Luck and +3 Movement Speed, is very good for a newly started character. First up only three parts of this Armour Set is needed for the full Set bonus, but Luck bonus influences how loot is dropped. This means that you will already be getting a small leg-up, in how many Black Stones will drop, which in-turn will result in more gear progression.

    4. Pearls are an in-game special currency, that can be bought with real-world money, by donating to the GamezBD website:
    https://gamezbd.net/ However by just being online here on GamezBD, you will automatically get Pearls every 30 minutes. Which you can find in the "Black Spirit Vault", down lower right hand side of the screen, looks like a box with a tiny circle on top. With Pearls you can buy various items, and upgrades for your whole Family (account), or individual characters, here is a link: https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-pearl-price/

    5. One thing I can really recommend doing, is buying a Value Pack in the GamezBD Pearlstore, since it gives you an all important +1,000 Weight capacity (GamezBD special content), and also adds other useful buffs. The Value Pack only costs 1,500 Pearls for 30 days, and if you can get ahold of 4,500 Pearls, I can highly recommend the 90 day Value Pack, due to the Increased Item Drop scrolls you get, which you should save for when you are level 60, and start "Item Grinding".

    6. To earn more Pearls, you could leave your character logged into the server, for some hours or even better overnight. Leveling up a Horse is a double win, because you gain Pearls and get a 30th level Horse in the process. You can do this by opening the Map (M), and selecting an area, preferably away from very populated (lots of players) cities/towns. Then you right click a bit futher down the road, that your character is on while mounted, then a box will appear: Set Looped Autopath and Save Location. The blue line will turn green when you choose Looped Autopath, this will set the route for your character, and now you just need to press your Auto-move key (T), and verify that your mounted character can move from point A to B , without being stopped by an obstacle. Also remember to buy about 50 carrots (at the Stables or CentralMarket), and check the autofeed carrots checkbox, that appears after you have pressed the Auto-move button.

    7. Leaving the computer on overnight, will get you a level 30 Horse, which you can then breed for more Horses. If you spend some Pearls, you can buy some Mount Change Skill Coupons (https://bdocodex.com/us/item/17559/), and convert the Horses into Courser horses. This means that they are now, about two to tree times more vaulable in Silver, and will be the best breeding horses as well. Your character gains Training Skill, which is quite useful, as well as your account gains Pearls for free. You can buy beginner horses at the Stables NPC, and when you got more Silver, the player Horse Market.
    Just remember that it is difficult to sell Horses here on GamezBD, on the Players Horse Market, so it is often much better to just sell them directly to the Imperial Horse Trade, after you have converted them to Courser, for the extra Silver, and Tokens gained that way.

    8. A great investment in the beginning, is to save up enough Pearls, so that you can buy some Pets, and Pets pick-up loot automatically. The bird Pets are especially good, since they give monster knowledge easier. The higher the monster knowledge, the better the loot drops as well. After Pets, you can start thinking about Expanding Inventory Slots. Just remember that you get some Inv. slots through questing, and not to increase the Storage space, in cities/towns to absolutely maximum, as some quests ask you to purchase a "property/house" with Storage in it. More on City/Town Properties later on, in the life-skills section.

    Combat system, and Boss Gear;
    1. First up, Pearl Abyss did create something wonderful here, I must admit that. The flow of the combat animations, and the graphics, control, as well as speed, is truly amazing. So despite all the terrible choices, the game creators/publishers also made, in regards to the horrible gambling addiction like loot, enhancement, and everything-else, the Combat system is quite remarkable: https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-combat/

    2. At some point, you will eventually end up, with a Character at level 56 or more, who has completed their Awakening or Succession Quests (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-skills/). Once you have your gear to at least PRI, then it is time to get better Boss gear, and where better to do this, but the World Bosses.

    3. There is a Boss Timers functions, in the main menu, in the Adventurer Support section, where you can instantly see the world boss timers. The times displayed there, indicate when the Boss will spawn/appear, and if you click the Navigate button to the right, you will get a Travel Route plotted, so you can see where the Boss spawns.

    4. The World Bosses drop some very nice stuff, only sometimes it will drop a Weapon/Armour Box. So do not despair if you have defeated the same Boss 5 times, without receiving one of the Boxes yet, because it will happen eventually. Read more about World Boss Gear here: https://grumpygreen.cricket/boss-gear/ However, Remember that if you Just Buy the gear, the Central Market will eventually dry up, because then ALL players will stop doing the Bosses, and enhancing the gear.

    Family Energy/Contribution Points, and Life Skills;
    1. Energy you gain with knowledge, which you collect from talking to all the NPCs, that have an exclamation symbol (!) over their head, as well as from killing all forms of monsters, because you will gain Knowledge of the monsters, and that will start showing you their Hit Point Bar amount, and not just the different colours. Using the Amity-game (https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/story-exchange-guide/) where you talk to NPCs, in order to gain a certain amount of Amity with them, and they give you a specific knowledge or NPC-shop offer. It is Really important to create more than one Character, around four or more if you can manage, because even if they all stay in the starting levels, they will all have the same amount of Contribution Points, But the Family Energy can be spent by Each character individually.

    2. The idea behind this is to really enjoy, everything the game has to offer. With more than one character, you will have plenty of time to do ALL the things, that are available in this huge game. The energy you spend on getting Amity with the various NPCs, are necessary because you will get the needed specific knowledge, which in turn increases the overall Energy for the whole Family. There are even some quests that different NPCs offer, if you gain a certain amount of Amity. There is a pair of special NPCs named Patrigio (Blackmarket/NightVendor/Specialstore), and Morco (DayVendor/DayTrader), where you spend 25-50 energy, and get a chance at getting a nice item, or just an item at a discount.

    3. Life Skills, these are the ones at the bottom of you Character Sheet/Page named:
    Gathering, Processing, Cooking, Alchemy, Training, Fishing, Hunting, Trading, Farming, Sailing, Barter

    These skills are passively progressed, you just have to do what is associated with the skills. Some quests add experience to the Life Skill in question. You do have to use the correct life-tools, bought from the Materials Vendor/Shop;
    Pickaxe for Mining, Hoe for gathering Herbs for Alchemy and vegetables/grains for Cooking, Fluid collector for Blood from dead opponents and Sap from trees for Alchemy, Lumbering Axe for chopping trees, Buchering Knife for gathering Meat from dead animals, Tanning Knife for skinning dead animals, Empty Bottles to collect riverwater using Processing to Filter and getting Purified Water for Alchemy, ALL add Gathering skill levels.
    Using the Fishing Rod will add Fishing (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-fishing-guide-eminent/), the Matchlocks (Hunting Rifles) for Hunting https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-hunting-guide-eminent/ .
    For more about Life Skills you can use this wonderfully helpful Guide on all the craftable lifeskills (top left dropdown menu): https://incendar.com/bdo_pearl_abyss_coupon_codes.php

    7. Processing is a special life-skill (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-processing-guide-t2/), because you can use it while out in the field. You can use Processing, to melt Weapons/Armor/Accessories, as well as Refine various Gathered Resources. This will reduce the overall number of items, and therefore the amount of weight you are carrying. Just remeber that there is a maximum weight allowance, where you are unable to use Processing, if you pass the limit.
    When you melt items, you get the basic Resources, that they are made of, which in turn lets you create new things, or use the Resources for other Life-Skills. Alternatively, you can earn some more Silver by melting items, and then selling the Resources on the Central Market.
    This is a great processing guide as it includes the special Processing quests that will enable your Characters to make even better and higher leveled Processing: https://saarith.com/bdo-processing-guide/

    8. Farming is also a very useful life skill, to make various materials, used in both Cooking and Alchemy. You have to rent fences (for Contribution Points), from the Material NPC's. Then you find a place to put your fence, and then plant some seeds to start farming. Now there are some aspects, here on GamezBD, that are very different than on the retail-server. Such as the specifics for a good farming plot (Humidity, Moisture, Temperature), are actually much better on the GamezBD server, making most land (if not all) perfect for farming.
    When you tend to your fenced farm, you will see some red attention things appear, and if you go and interact with the plants/animals, you can either remove bugs/parasites/infestations, and prune/crop the things growing. When you do this, the character gains Farming Experience, in fact as far as I know, it is the best way to get Farming Experience. You also gain special Farming drops, that sometimes also give you Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shards (used when you get gear to +15 and up). You can also improve breed of things in your fences, gaining High quality or Special quality, as well as more of the specific seeds/hypha/animals. This is a good link and description for farming, just remember that it is a lot easier to farm on our server: https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-farming-guide-eminent/

    9. For more on Trading, please follow this link: https://grumpygreen.cricket/category/black-desert-online/life-skills/trading/

    10. For more on Sailing and Bartering, please check this link: https://grumpygreen.cricket/category/black-desert-online/life-skills/sailing/

    11. Creating a Node network, and Worker Empire. This is where things get a bit tricky, but it is an incredible option to have available. Basically, while you are online, you can have workers running around the world, working Nodes and getting Resources for you. Linking the Nodes on the Main Map, will eventually lead to linking all the Cities and Towns. The inbetween points that dot the Main Map landscape, are the ones that will yield various Resources. To find specific Resource Nodes, or where to gather all manner of Materials, please visit this lovely site: https://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/
    When you click a City, you will notice a lot of Houses/Properties that are available to you, and they are shown in Blue (https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/housing/). There are a few types of properties, split between Residences (where your Family lives maximum of three in total), Storages, Worker Lodgings, and lastly Horse Ranches. All the remaining property types are for Crafting, or Processing Materials/Items/Tools/Wagons/Ships/MountGear...not sure if I missed something, but there is a LOT of things you can get built, just by hiring Workers (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-worker-guide/).

    Making Silver by Grinding or other means;
    1. Making Silver can be difficult in the beginning;
    First option I myself had some limited progress with, was gathering Trash loot (grey items), but while it is an income source, it still depends on your character's bonuses, and of course where you "grind".
    Second option, is mainly for busy people, with real-lives to live. Leaving the computer on overnight, using the same character to Train Horses, gaining Pearls, and leveling horses up to level 30, Breeding them, and so on. End results, after breeding them twice, by resetting their breeding count (check the Pearlstore), is that you can sell them to the Imperial Horse Delivery. Tier 7 horses will get you around 130 million, after having been bred twice (Stallions four times), and T8's will get you around 320 million per horse. If you use a Wagon, perhaps a Merchant Wagon (which you can build), that can hold up to 4 horses, you can end up making quite a lot of Silver, just by Training and Breeding horses while AFK'ing (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-horse-breeding/).
    Here is a very useful site for how to Tame horses where to find them and what to look for: http://violetastray.com/category/bdo-horse-guides/
    The Third option, is when you have established a node connection empire (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-node-guide/). The linked Resources you want and need, to Cities and Towns with workers in them. Then just by spending all your Contribution Points, you can have a steady income, so long as you are online mind you. However this option pairs incredibly well, when combined with the option above. Having limited time to play computer games, and not "needing" to play every day.
    The last option is to gang up, use the Find-Party/Platoon fuction, in the Main Menu Community section. Place a short ad, and set the parameters. Party-Looting used to be an excellent way, to gather a lot of Silver, in a somewhat short amount of time. There are only a few detractors though; First up, all the items normally looted will be Instantly turned into Silver, using a mere 30% of the current (or mean) Central Market Price. , and as long as the players stay close (within "wifi"-reception distance in party window) the Leader can then choose to make the looted items go directly to the Central Market, where it will be sold immediately for a small amount roughly equal to the item's listed price divided by 3 (around 30% CM value).
    Party-Looting is a great way to have fun and be social if done right, and NOT like the mainstreamers do; just running for it and killing whatever is in the path, not stopping and waiting for the other party-members, or for the loot to be picked up, or being social at all, which is the opposite of what gaming is really all about, Especially in a Massively-Multiplayer-Online (MMO) game like this one.

    10a. I will have to add one last thing though, and that is: there is NO such thing as "one-way-to-play" (which the mainstreamers want to believe), which basically means that grinding is the most effectively use of your limited online-gaming-time, but where for how long, what exactly to kill for loot, and how to get the most possible out of the time, is really up to SO many different factors, that it will change for every player depending on play-style and gear limitations.

    The list of things that influence loot drops in general in Black Desert Online is as follows:
    Luck Stat, Node Investment Level, ANY loot drop bonuses added by Pets, Potions, Food, Scrolls, or donation buffs.

    This means that there is no place in the open-world where there ALWAYS will be better loot than other places, although there are some places such as the Crescent Shrine where (there is a small chance to drop a Crescent Ring) there are many players around pretty much all the time, and since it is a REALLY big place (as well as having four channels AND a PvP-encouraged Arsha channel) there really in no need to hoard the place, which is why there should be little troubles (unless you are dealing with pricks) with players trying to kill you, the place is really big enough to share more than 20 players on each channel can easily divide the place and still get enough monsters to kill without having to wait for more than a few seconds for the respawn. HOWEVER, there are plenty of these places in-game, where there is a chance to drop the most important items for end-game-play, THE ACCESSORIES!

    So do not despair, there are plenty of places with a small chance of getting some very valuable accessories, and to boot you can melt the Valencia Accessories down, and use a workshop in Altinova to make a different Accessory with the melted outcome.

    Quick Reference
    Much more In Depth Beginners Guide





    Making Silver

    Crafting Your Own Outfits

    the end​
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  2. loboram

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    Jan 29, 2018
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    I have been asked about this an incredibly high amount of times now, so I thought that it is about time that this was made available.

    1. To install GamezBD, you will have to download the entire game from the GamezBD Launcher (http://gamezbd.net/launcher/GamezBDO.exe), or a downloading alternative: https://forum.gameznetwork.com/threads/download-mirrors-client-v3589-community-provided.210022/
    BUT NO! You cannot just copy GamezBD into another version of the bdo-game which isn't the GamezBD-version.
    Nor can you use anything in the folder of another bdo-game version, so no, you cannot just download the little update and copy that into your "retail"-bdo-game-version.
    You have to download the FULL game from GamezBD, otherwise you cannot play on the GamezBD servers.
    You also cannot use the same folder as another bdo-game, to install the game into, they are in fact two completely different games, coding-wise.

    2. When you encounter problems with the Launcher not being able to find the game files, then it might be because you installed the game into a "system-folder". In any case, moving the Game-folder away from the System-Drive, or just out of the folder-tree it is currently in, can have a possitive effect, and let you run the game properly.
    The best configuration for PCs, is to have one drive for the Operating System, and another for games and backup files.
    Luckily you can with only one physical SSD/HDD, create logical drives with a Partition Tool, which already exists in Windows10, in "Disk Management". You can always read more about this on the web.

    3. If you run into any trouble while installing, or afterwards, please check these useful links:
    Then if after trying some of the solutions, you are still unable to make the game work, please make a forum search for the specific problem, and only after that make a new forum thread; describe your problem, what you did to try and fix it, and what you think might be the problem, or anything else that might be helpful :)

    4. One of the most frequent errors reported, are about not being able to to play, due to game closing itself after starting to load, or right after you try to launch it from the Launcher. This Could be because you are using a third-party-anti-virus, in most cases it is not enough to just "disable" the anti-virus, but to uninstall it altogether, but do not worry because the Windows Defender on Windows 10, is automatically part of the software, and works just fine to detect problems as well as keep your computer "bug-free".

    5. Second most reported error, is when you have been able to play, But suddenly cannot anymore for No reason what so ever. Sometimes you are simply unable to download the game through the Launcher at all, nor through the torrent file alternate download. This Could be because your Internet Service Provider (ISP), is blocking and not allowing you to use the Torrent Peer-To-Peer system for downloading the GamezBD game. You can check that with a link that @Kolka provided here: http://forum.gameznetwork.com/threa...plication-is-terminating.233686/#post-2195664
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the GamezBD-game-version work on Mac, or Linux?
    I am sorry to say that it doesn't, it only works for Windows.

    What version of Windows do I have to have in order for the game to work?
    Version number 22H2 at the moment is supported.

    Why can I not see the Server-chat?
    Try Resetting the game settings, there is an option in the settings window.

    Differences between the Retail-game-version and the GamezBD-game-version?

    If I run into any problems while trying to download, or Install, or just trying to play the game, what do I do?

    Well the first and foremost thing would be, to make a quick forum search for the "key" word, such as; "blank screen", "loading", "Processing", "download", "blocked", "error code"...and so on. Make it short but precise, and make sure you are searching in the GamezBD-section of the forum, which you can also make even more precise if you are getting too many results, by adding the option to only search of thread titles.

    The second thing you should do is to check the list of "Common Errors and Solutions" provided by the staff, which you can find a link for in the Problems Section (the banner above the list of threads), or at the bottom in my signature.Third thing you can do, and ONLY after having tried out the two first things, is to make a thread about your specific problem, in the Problems Section, BUT be sure to figure out whether it is a problem or a bug before you make a post though (If it is a bug then it should be posted as a Bug Report instead). Also it works wonders for the staff, if you add what you have done already to figure things out, what solutions you have tried, and add that to the thread, which makes it SO much easier to help you out in the end.

    While playing I have come across something in GamezBD that doesn't work as it should, based on how things work on the western-retail-BDO-game-version, what do I do about that?

    There is a Bug Report Section in the GamezBD-forum, where you have to provide some sort of proof, meaning that you just have to make a simple quick video (pressing Win-key+G opens windows own screen-recording application), or take some screenshots depending on the situation, of what is happening on GamezBD, and then add a why that shouldn't be happening. Really simple, and most of the time the errors are solved quite quickly, although in some cases the coding might be stubborn and resist fixing, in which case you just have to be patient and hope that other players add their "Confirmed" to your Bug Report thread.

    more to come
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  4. loboram

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    Just trying to update this as soon as I have a bit more time...but I will.
  5. loboram

    loboram Respected Member Forum Legend

    Jan 29, 2018
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    An incredibly useful information tool, that I literally had No idea, even existed until now :eek:


    On this page, you can find ALL the Boss Timers, also for Whales and more, as well as Central Market data, and an Enhancing Calculator. On top of that, you will also find a Server Timer, that indicates when it is Day/Night-time, AND when the Trading resets :happy::joyful::singing::woot:

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